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Alfred Does it All

Home Security Camera

Motion Detection
Get instant notification when your
Camera Phone picks up on any movement.

Pet Cam

Two-way Talk
Deter thieves, interact with visitors,
sooth babies, correct behavioral problems

Baby Monitor

Night Vision
Observe sleeping babies, reinforce security
when it's dark, monitor your pets' night life
Put away your credit cards and take out your gadgets.
Join 7 million families in hiring Alfred to guard your home!

What People Are Saying

  • Review from Gary Roush

    Great app! Can view with phone or on website. Motion detector works! Or you can check what's going on on the fly. Now I can see what the dogs are up to when no one is home! Going to be fun and catch them in the act lol. For the free version, it's also great! Ads can simply be clicked on X to cancel. Not annoying. more Am using the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone to use as the viewer. Using Wi-Fi only. It was easy to install. The ad-free version gives you all the other options. Even turns on the phone's light to show anyone who's there you're being watched! Haha. Seriously this works like a charm. I have another phone not using and I can put that to use in another area as well if I wanted to. I hope others who get this will find this useful. Works great on my phone and I'm using Sprint LTE when not on Wi-fi.
  • Review from Kimberly Burton

    Freaking Awesome!!!! So easy to install, set up, and use. Alfred hasn't missed a beat or lagged any at all!! Love it!!!
  • Review from Mark Leblanc

    SUPER AWESOME APP!!! This has been one of the best applications I have ever used! One thing is for sure ALFRED NEVER SLEEPS when on duty! And ALFRED always takes really good notes as to what's going down! Good or bad! ALFRED'S videos NEVER lie. Thanks ALFRED!
  • Review from Mario Max

    Better than lots of expensive options! It works flawlessly with 2 older Android phones that I have set up on my WiFi. I always recommend it to my friends. I have tried others but this is no doubt the best. Keep up the great work Alfred Labs!
  • Review from Ricardo Souza

    Very good! Perfect application. I can speak to the Camera end and hear everything in real time. I would give it the highest score. In my opinion it is 10/10.

    Muito bom! Perfeito aplicativo. Função de comunicação com a câmera através da fala em tempo real, bip tipo rádio...enfim! tivesse nota maior seria. Minha opinião nota 10.
  • Review from Marco Moretti

    Alfred is the next big thing!! Excellent. You can get real-time notification and good video streaming. With only one account Alfred supports many Cameras!!! OK, little tip: you can use a tablet as a photo-frame and camouflage Alfred 😉 more Would be useful to see all the camera settings (motion detection, notifications etc.) in the bar below the preview and to light a LED spotlight attached to the device's audio jack. Definitely worth the € 5.49 for removing ads. I did it to reward the developers!

    Grande! !! Ottima. Possibilità di notifiche in tempo reale e buono streaming video. Con un solo account colleghi quante webcam vuoi!!! OK. Piccolo suggerimento: si può usare un tablet come foto-frame e camuffare Alfred 😉 Sarebbe utile vedere tutte le impostazioni della fotocamera (rilevazione movimento, notifiche ecc.) nella barra sotto l'anteprima e poter accendere un faretto LED collegato al jack audio del dispositivo. Merita sicuramente i 5,49€ della rimozione ads, io l'ho fatto x premiare gli sviluppatori!
  • Review from GIULIA ALFONSO

    Outstanding ♡♡ For family reasons I had to come back to Italy for two months. I live in South Korea, where I left my puppy and my husband! With Alfred I can see my puppy in real time, even at night with Night Vision! I can also speak through the microphone! Excellent!!!! more

    Eccezionale ♡♡ Per motivi familiari sono dovuta ritornare per 2 mesi in abito in corea del sud dove ho lasciato il mio cucciolo e mio marito! Con questa camera posso controllare il cucciolo a distanza e vedere in tempo reale tutto! Anche di notte con la visibilità notturna! Posso pure parlare direttamente tramite il microfono! Ottima!!!!
  • Review from Alain Kaivers

    Super! Very well done and at least one former smartphone is used rather than staying in a drawer waiting to be thrown! 👍

    Super Très bien fait et au moins un ancien smartphone est utilisé plutôt que de rester dans un tiroir en attente d'être jeté ! 👍
  • Review from Bryan Kahng

    It's the best thing for dog separation anxiety! I can see what my puppies are doing when I am not home. I can also hear them and speak to them. When I use Two-Way Talk, my puppies come in front of the Camera! I like it a lot. It has eased my dogs' separation anxiety. Thank you so much! more

    강아지 분리불안증에 최고에요! 집을 비우는 동안 강아지들이 뭘 하는지 보는 꿀잼에다가 간혹 내 목소리를 들려주면 눈을 똥그라게 뜨고 카메라 앞에 와서 갸우뚱~ㅎ 덕분에 애들의 분리불안증이 많이 좋아졌어요! 정말 감사해요!
  • Review from Bonnie Ma

    Alfred is so easy to use! As long as you have an old phone, you can check what is going on at home anytime. Motion Detection is Alfred's best feature!


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