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Find out how you can save money, improve home security, and give new life to your old smartphone with the best security camera apps available on the market.

“These days, phones age like milk. As consumer technology advances at an accelerated rate, it’s pretty hard for the average Joe to keep up. But there’s no use having your phone gather dust in the drawer, either.”

Liam McRedmond

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From security camera buyer guides to top home security tips, here is everything you can’t miss on AlfredCamera Blog.

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If you’re unsure how to make this day exceptional for your mom, we have several Mother’s Day ideas for you, from gifts, activities, meals, to DIY crafts, you name it!

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To hide a key successfully takes a little thinking outside the box. Burglars and home invaders know every trick in the book—and the very first chapter of that book is ‘under the doormat’. 

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Have security cameras succeeded in making people’s lives more secure? If so, are ‘fake’ cameras worth the money?  These are the questions homeowners might ask themselves when considering ‘dummy’ cameras.

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With all kinds of security cameras out there, learn how to choose the best one for your home and business.

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Customer Stories

I have been using alfred for a few years now and I am really pleased with it. I use it for security and as a wild game cam.

AlfredCamera User

We connected all our old and new cell phones and are now able know who’s snooping around our home. This app gives us a feeling of real security, and the ability to know who is a genuine friend and who is a thief.

AlfredCamera User

It was very easy to set up. I used 2 old phones for the security camera and the phone I currently use for the viewer. It records automatically when it detects movement which is amazing!

AlfredCamera User