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2022 Review: The Best Wireless Security Cameras Without Subscription

If you’ve ever researched wireless security cameras without subscription, you’ll have quickly realized that you’d be hard pressed to actually find a security camera without subscription. Most options have most of their internet-enabled features behind monthly fee paywalls, including those from leading retailers like Google and Arlo.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some of the best options and reviewed them, so you can easily find what works best for you without bullying your wallet for monthly fees. So, what is the best security camera without a subscription in 2022?

Top 5 No Monthly Fee Wireless Cameras

1. Best wireless outdoor security camera with no subscription – eufy SoloCam E40

2. Cheapest security camera without subscription – AlfredCamera

3. Best storage security camera without subscription – Blink XT

4. Best design security camera no subscription – Abode iota

5. Best doorbell camera without subscription – eufy Video Doorbell

eufy SoloCam E40

Best wireless outdoor security camera with no subscription

From $129.99, available on eufy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Image via eufy

eufy’s SoloCam E40 is a wi-fi enabled security camera that’s weatherproofed, meaning it’s perfect for using outside. Supporting up to 2K resolution and boasting both infrared night vision and person detection, the SoloCam E40 is a fantastic and, at $129.99, affordable choice for those looking to monitor outside the home without having to fork out monthly fees.

Alexa and Google Assistant compatibilityNo floodlight
Recharges via a USBAssigning motion detection zones can be finicky
IP65 weatherproofNo expandable physical storage


Cheapest security camera without subscription

Free, with the option for premium. Available on Google Play Store and the App store.

Free, with the option for affordable Premium upgradesRequires a spare smart device
No hardware requiredFunctionality will depend on the phone itself
Motion detection, two-way talk, and continuous recording.Mounting the device may require additional accessories

Best storage security camera without subscription

From $74.99, available on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Image via Amazon

The streamlined Blink Outdoor is still a great, simple camera, recording in up to 1080p HD, supporting USB drive local storage (you have to buy an add-on peripheral—thankfully, the camera itself is on the more affordable side), and boasting infrared motion detection. It functions via AA batteries, so you can have a truly wire-free system. As it’s name suggests, it is also weatherproof. 

You might have a hard time with the bracket, which is cheap and poorly made. Though there is a microphone on it, there’s unfortunately no option for two-way audio.

Supports up to 265GB flash drive storage with the Sync Module 2No two-way audio
 Two-year battery lifePoor quality bracket
IP65 weatherproofRecordings are short

Abode iota

Best design security camera no subscription

From $245, available on abode and Amazon.

Image via Amazon

It’s hard to argue with the fact that many security cameras are, well, unattractive. This is all well and good if you’re recording a store or office, but when it comes to the home, they can prove to be a real eyesore. Thankfully, Abode has come up with an option for those of us that are both more aesthetically inclined and averse to subscription fees.

Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri-compatible, the iota system records at 1080p HD and has excellent infrared night vision. Catch up with burglars via two-way audio or scare them off with an alarm. 

All of this can be controlled with a sleek fob, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you realize everything can be saved to an SD card. As always, Cloud storage is an additional option, but Abode does provide 90 days of it for free if you want to try before you buy.

Attractive designNo facial recognition or person detection
Super cross-compatible with Google, Alexa, Siri, and many other automated devicesExpensive
SD card storageNo multi-factor authentication required for its apps

eufy Video Doorbell

Best doorbell camera without subscription

From $199.99, available on eufy, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Image via Amazon

Video doorbells are easy to spot on most streets these days. Unfortunately, they are also highly likely to require monthly fees to run. Unlike its main competitors, eufy’s doorbell comes with a nondescript white ‘HomeBase’ that plugs into your Wi-Fi router; it’s the doorbell chime, as well as a 16GB hard drive that stores what the camera records. No fees!

Expect unusually high quality from a doorbell cam thanks to the speedy HomeBase, with the camera capable of picking up 2K video. It records in 4:3, which makes it much easier to catch facial details of those approaching the door. It’s rechargeable, which means you can expect some down-time, though thankfully the battery life is up to 180 days. Let the mailman know where to leave a package with two-way audio and preset messages.

High quality and fastExpensive upfront cost
No subscription feesSacrifices an ethernet port for the HomeBase
Easy setup2K video will quickly consume local storage

Our pick for best security camera without subscription: eufy Video Doorbell

Though a doorbell cam may seem like a niche choice, eufy’s Video Doorbell is by far the best video doorbell on the market, and the best choice for a no subscription option. 

The HomeBase comes with 16GB of memory (which will eventually be expandable) and is cross compatible with eufy’s other products. In other words, everything can be saved to it, so if you wanted to install a SoloCam or another doorbell elsewhere, all your footage would be found in one convenient place.

For more options, take a look at the top picks by the security.org team.

Credit: Security.org


What security cameras do not require a subscription?

Unfortunately, not many in this day and age! Check out the above list for our best picks for subscription free security cameras. Many brands are deliberately obtuse in their branding, so even if the product features onboard storage, you may have to pay a fee to access footage or most of the features you’d expect to find upfront.

Do wireless security cameras require a subscription?

Many wireless security cameras allow for additional features via a subscription, and some will even require it in order to access footage—in effect, meaning you have to pay fees in addition to the upfront cost of the product itself. All our options listed can be ran without the need to pay additional fees.

For the most part, the subscriptions offered by brands allow access to Cloud storage. Cloud storage can be, in theory, infinite, so it is a really useful way to store lots of footage.


Though the options are becoming increasingly scarce, wi-fi enabled security cameras without subscription are available on the market. Not only that, many of them rival some of the bestsellers that require regular fees to run.