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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Security Cameras

This would be a mistake, of course, and small businesses aren’t excluded from this. Luckily, business surveillance can be achieved on a budget.

Read on to find out why your business needs security cameras, and what other security measures should be considered for small and big businesses alike.

Why You Need Security Cameras for Your Business

All businesses can benefit from visual surveillance, but with lower profit margins, smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of merchandising behind plexiglass or hiring security and undercover staff.

That’s what makes security cameras perhaps even more important in the context of a small business.

Here’s five reasons why all businesses should consider security cameras sooner rather than later.

1. Protect staff

Business owners are obligated to look out for the people they hire, and visual surveillance is an important means of honoring that. Much like in the home, it provides peace of mind. When thefts occur, employees should never be expected to take matters into their own hands and apprehend the thief. A recording of the theft is therefore the crucial means of resolving a theft that occurs.

2. Protect valuables

Visual surveillance plays an important role in protecting valuable goods, whether they are being sold or not. Security cameras can be positioned to view particular valuables, so that they are viewed 24/7. When business hours are over, turning motion detection on means the owner can be notified as soon as any motion is detected by the camera.

3. Evidence in the event of theft

By considering some of the other preventative measures explained in the section below, business owners can put in place practical ways to reduce the chance of theft. If a theft did occur, however, a security camera is able to provide invaluable evidence of it taking place and indisputable proof of it taking place.

4. Visual deterrence

Although statistical evidence is limited, security cameras are often considered a deterrent to crime, at least by way of anecdotes. The idea is that having a security camera be highly visible in a space discourages potential thieves from targeting the premises. 

5. Auditory deterrence 

Small Business Security Essentials

For small business owners and complete newcomers to the world of business, knowing where to begin with security can be more than a little daunting. Here’s the essentials for small business security.

AlfredCamera home security system

Safes – A failsafe (pun totally intended) way of protecting merchandise is to simply hide it in a safe. This is essential for valuables like jewelry. Displaying stock is necessary for sales, but particularly expensive items should be hidden away. 

Big Business Security Essentials

Larger-scale businesses have a larger budget to play with when it comes to security; and, presumably, more at stake to be secured. Here’s the essentials.

Security System – Big offices, warehouses, and other spaces need big security, which is why a fully-fledged security system is recommended if the budget permits it. These contain surveillance, alarm, and sensor type products, as well as professional monitoring.

Plexiglass – Instead of having expensive goods on display in the open or behind glass, consider using Plexiglass (spoiler: it’s not actually glass, but acrylic). If the valuable in question is extremely expensive, Lexan, which is made of polycarbonate and is totally bulletproof might be more appropriate.

Security Tags – A mainstay of big retail, security tags are great both as a deterrent to theft and as a way to catch it before sustaining profit loss. Some tags spill a substance onto the product, but the most useful is a generic anti-theft type that trips an alarm. This allows security staff to then apprehend the suspect.

DIY Small Business Security, Fast

Independent business owners might be tempted to put security needs aside for the sake of cutting down on spending. In reality, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to have effective surveillance in place.

the front rear of AlfredCam

Two-way audio, built-in sirens, and the option to switch between continuous and motion detected recording provide small business owners with plenty to play around with. Get to grips with the features fast and adjust as needed, without paying a dime.


While small business owners can breathe a sigh of relief that they probably don’t need to bankrupt themselves by hiring full-time security staff, security concerns still need to be addressed in smaller business places; whether that’s an office at home or an independent store.

Visual surveillance is essential for all businesses, and an adequate system can be created on even the smallest of budgets thanks to AlfredCamera.