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Unboxing AlfredCam: Brilliant Security on a Budget

AlfredCamera has taken its first steps into the world of hardware camera releases with AlfredCam, a remarkably affordable and thoughtfully-designed security option that gets the basics just right. Get to know AlfredCam in our overview below.

Main Features

  • 1080p HD with color night vision
  • 130° field of view
  • 3.8×2.3×1.5 inch (97x58x38 mm)
  • 68g 
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection & continuous recording
The AlfredCam packaging


All outer packaging is 100% recyclable, made entirely from cardboard. Like the camera itself, the box is small.

Inside, you’ll find the camera, micro USB cable, charging adapter, alignment stickers, screws, and wall anchors.

The contents included with AlfredCam: the camera, micro USB cable, charger, Quick Start guide, two screws with wall mounts, and alignment/mounting stickers.

There’s also a handy quick start guide that demonstrates how to pair the device to the AlfredCamera app. The guide for the US release is written in English and Spanish.

Credit: Austin


AlfredCam is a breeze to set up thanks to the AlfredCamera app, which makes security simple and approachable for everyone.

After plugging in the device, a voice from the camera will let you know that it is ‘ready to pair’. 

Once it does, it’s just a matter of tapping ‘Add a Camera’ from the AlfredCamera app’s main menu. A QR code will appear on the mobile device’s screen, which is then held up to the camera’s lens. It automatically pairs, and the camera is ready for use.

An alignment sticker makes it very simple to position AlfredCam with precision, and since it comes with wall anchors and screws, all that’s required is a drill. You can also mount the camera on a ceiling, since the app allows you to rotate the image captured by the camera. 


AlfredCam is made from a lightweight matte plastic casing. The device clocks in at just 3.8×2.3×1.5 inch and weighs about 68g. 

The base keeps the camera upright for easy desktop viewing if wall-mounting isn’t an option.

AlfredCam on a glass table

AlfredCam supports microSD cards up to 265 GB *, so users can choose between physical and cloud storage based on their preferences. The camera head sits on a ball joint that’s sturdy and smooth, allowing for swift 360-degree rotation.

It’s easy to tilt into an impressive array of positions to obtain the best viewing angles. 

AlfredCam's microSD card slot and reset button

It is powered by a Micro USB cable.

AlfredCam tilted upwards


The AlfredCamera app boasts some 70 million downloads, and has positive ratings on both the App Store and Google Play.

Wi-Fi?LTE Data (3G, 4G, 5G)?Bluetooth?Wired?
✅ Recommended 1.5 Mbps for upload, 3 Mbps for cloud recording❎ Camera must be connected to Wi-Fi, but the viewing device can be connected to mobile data✅ Micro USB cable

Users can add an unlimited number of camera devices to the app, including phones, tablets, desktop computers, and now AlfredCam. These are displayed in one easy-access menu. 

Name the cameras, tap to view them live, trigger a siren, speak through the camera in real time, and activate motion detection, all at a moment’s notice.

AlfredCamera livestream interface using AlfredCam

While mobile devices can support low-light mode using AlfredCamera’s software filters, AlfredCam adds superior infrared night vision, so that you don’t miss a beat, even in total darkness.


The live feed supports up to 1080p HD video, observing large spaces in crisp detail thanks to the 130-degree field of view.

Choose between three quality modes: standard, full HD, and supreme (available with a Premium subscription) to get the most out of the camera without overwhelming Wi-Fi routers.

Motion detection let’s Alfred do what it’s best at—keeping an eye on things for you. Instant push notifications keep you in the know only when necessary.

Three different sensitivity levels help increase or decrease the likelihood of notifications based on where the camera is; reducing the sensitivity at the front door, for instance, keeps notifications relevant.

Want more control over motion detection? Get AI-based person detection with AlfredCamera Premium for smarter, more efficient security, and allocate detection zones and schedules to make push notifications more relevant for personal needs.

activity notification sent by AlfredCamera app

There are two types of notification—one for viewing what’s happening live, and another for viewing a just recorded event.

motion detections notification sent by AlfredCamera app


Communication is enabled by the user tapping the microphone icon on the live feed menu.

The camera’s built-in siren, which is also triggered via the app, comes through the same speaker as the two-way audio, loud enough to draw significant attention to itself when activated.


While the microSD card slot provides the option to record purely to local storage either instead of or in addition to cloud storage, Premium subscriptions double the amount of time clips are stored to the cloud (14 days in total). Free users get access to 7 days of rolling cloud storage.

The back of AlfredCam, with the speaker, micro SD card slot, and USB cable visible