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Build Your Own Free Home Security System in 8 Easy Steps with AlfredCamera

Conventional security systems are costly. For a lot of people, it’s totally unfeasible to purchase one outright, let alone pay for the upkeep of it year-on-year.

But that doesn’t mean anyone should be deprived of a sense of security in their home. 

AlfredCamera home security system

Step 1: Map Out Where Surveillance is Needed

Some places in and outside the home are more vulnerable than others, and where surveillance is positioned should be mindful of this. More importantly, it should focus on the most advantageous viewpoints that maximize visibility. Any entry points should have a camera monitoring them. 

The top three places AlfredCamera users place their devices in view of are:

1The front yard
2The garden
3The driveway

Hallways should be prioritized because they can allow for clear views of entry points. It’s also easy to keep the camera high off the ground in a hallway, which helps maximize as much observable space as possible. Aim for at least 7 feet off the ground.

Private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms should be avoided for the sake of privacy. They also are not especially vulnerable spaces for burglaries compared to main living areas, hallways, and entryways.  

Having a camera look out of a window is a good idea for monitoring the exterior views of entryways, as well as yard and driveway spaces. Make sure the lens is pushed right up against the glass to avoid glare from the sun or other shifting sources of light obscuring footage. 

Step 2: Get Everything Ready and Check Existing Equipment

Once aware of where devices will be placed, check any existing devices around the home to make sure they still function and are placed appropriately. This might include security cameras, but more likely alarms. 

Electrician fitting a fire alarm

All devices will need to be charged, and the devices being used as cameras will need to be close to sockets so that they can be charged either 24/7 or semi-regularly with ease.

AlfredCam plugged into a USB socket

Step 3: Download the App on All Devices

AlfredCamera will need to be installed on any old devices that are to be used as cameras, as well as installed to any devices being used as the ‘control panel’.

To create a system, consider deploying at least three devices, prioritizing a view of the main entry point and the exterior of the home. This can be a mixture of any number of old phones, tablets, and the dedicated AlfredCam hardware camera. 

Step 4: Connect All Devices to the App

Connecting devices is done easily by generating a QR code to be scanned on the main viewing device (i.e. the user’s current phone). 

Open AlfredCamera on the main viewing device. Immediately, the user will notice a ‘+ Add Camera’ prompt in the middle of display. Tap the prompt, and select either a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), computer (uses the webcam) or AlfredCam from the menu.

AlfredCamera app

Alfred can generate a unique QR code to be scanned by the corresponding viewing device. All connected devices will be stacked on the main menu of the app. Tap them to view the live feed.

The seventh step of AlfredCamera APP onboarding process, scan the qrcode

Step 5: Enhance Account Security Using App Lock

App lock is one of Alfred’s unique features designed to keep user data protected. When activated, the app will automatically lock itself when running in the background for more than 30 seconds or after a minute of inactivity. 

Users must enter a PIN code in order to gain access to the app. It’s a simple and effective way to keep data private should someone else gain access to the device.

Step 6: Conduct a Test of Live Feeds/Motions

Before getting out the power tools, cellotape, or magnets, take a moment to test out the feeds of the connected devices from their proposed locations. 

It might become clear that some feeds lag more than others, in which case, try moving the devices gradually closer towards the Wi-Fi router.

AlfredCamera live footage in Supreme
AlfredCamera’s Livefeed

Some might also want to test it out at different times of the day, as internet connections can become stronger and weaker at specific points of the day as traffic increases or decreases.

Step 7: Mounting Cameras

With app lock enabled, a PIN code set up, and all the devices working, it’s time to start mounting. 

Old phones will require some ingenuity to mount, and our users always impress us with the unique ways they get their Alfred-enabled devices up and running.

As a dedicated hardware, AlfredCam is a breeze to mount. It can be positioned tabletop without any additional mounting tools, or users can use the included screws and wall plugs to attach it to the side of a wall or the top of a ceiling. A mounting guide sticker is included to make sure that the right spots are drilled into; simply drill where illustrated. 

Step 8: Share Access with Necessary Parties

A system of security cameras goes a lot further when multiple users are able to monitor them. That’s why it’s a great idea for families and roommates to share access to the system via the ‘Trust Circle’ feature.

No, this doesn’t amount to giving out passwords—we’d strongly advise against that. 

1. Have the person download AlfredCamera to a compatible device and sign up for an account.

2. Tap on the settings wheel of the camera feed to be shared.

3. From the ‘General’ options, tap ‘Trust Circle’.

4. Tap add account and enter the email address of the person being given access. They will receive an email with a link to get access.

Bonus: Upgrade to Access More Powerful Features

For those enjoying the app and wanting even more control over their DIY home surveillance system, a premium subscription offers a bunch of other great features, including…

– HD viewing for better performance of recording
– Zoom feature to focus on the things of interest
– Extended cloud storage that enables you to save events for up to 14 days
– Longer clips of motion detection videos
– No ads

Alfred Premium is available at just $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Sign up via the ‘Premium’ tab in the app.


Can you make your own home security system?

It is possible to create a robust home security system using AlfredCamera. All that’s required is a viewing device and old spare smartphones, tablets, a desktop computer, or the AlfredCam indoor security camera. Download the app and in minutes a system of cameras can be placed around the home.

Which is the best DIY home security system?

With over 50 million downloads and consistently high ratings, AlfredCamera has proven itself to be the most popular DIY home security system, empowering people to gain access to robust home surveillance for free. By setting up DIY surveillance with AlfredCamera, homeowners can add smoke, CO, and motion detection alarms as required to create a well-rounded home security system on a budget.

How do you build a home security camera system?

Using AlfredCamera, it’s possible to build a home security camera system using a mixture of old smart devices, computers, and the dedicated AlfredCam indoor security camera.

How much does DIY home security cost?

DIY home security can cost as little as nothing. AlfredCamera is free to download and allows for old devices to be used as security cameras free of charge. The addition of alarms is also inexpensive.

What is the easiest security system to install?

A DIY home security system that combines internet-enabled surveillance and alarms is easiest to install. By using IP cameras or even old smartphones alongside AlfredCamera, nothing will need to be hardwired, making installation painless and efficient. 

Is a home security system worth it?

Dedicated home security systems are definitely ‘worth it’, insofar as they provide peace of mind and effective protection against burglaries, arson attacks, and trespassing. But they are also expensive, especially when 24/7 monitoring is involved. Whether a person chooses to invest in a monitored system or to create a DIY system on a budget, it’s always worth paying attention to the security of the home in whatever capacity possible.