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How to Use a Webcam as Security Camera in 5 Steps

Sometimes, we need surveillance. Fast. 

Whether that’s because you’re staying in an unfamiliar place or leaving belongings unattended during a quick work break, a webcam security camera app is the fastest way to set up surveillance and protect your things using a laptop.

How to Turn Your Webcam into a Wireless Camera in 5 Steps

1. Visit AlfredCamera WebViewer

Alfred WebViewer interface

2. Click ‘WebCamera’

After logging in or signing up, you can easily allow the webcam of the device you are using to act as a camera. Head to ‘WebCamera’ in the top right corner to be taken to the webcam security camera app online.

3. Turn camera on

Activate the webcam via the ‘On/Off’ switch.

Alfred WebCamera turn on switch

4. Allow access to the camera and microphone

To enable the camera to be used, accept the web browser’s prompt to allow your camera and mic to be used by AlfredCamera.

camera access
microphone access

Motion Detection also needs to be turned on to make use of the camera. Click in the bottom right corner of the camera feed to activate it.

turn on motion detection

5. Check your phone

If you already logged in to an existing account in step 1 and have the app downloaded, check AlfredCamera—motion detection notifications should already start appearing.

connect to phone

5 Brilliant Ways to Use a Webcam as a Security Camera

While webcams might be overlooked as a viable security option, they are really handy in a number of circumstances. 

1. Working in a public space

Cafes, libraries, and shared office spaces are great for getting work done. 

But if frequenting these spaces alone, bathroom breaks mean leaving your stuff under the watch of a total stranger or having to pack it away completely. Neither is ideal.

Use Alfred WebCamera to monitor your things from your laptop if you have to step away for a second. Motion Detection will notify your phone device as soon as something passes by.

2. Staying in a hotel

Webcam security camera software significantly eases the anxieties of leaving your things in unfamiliar accommodation. Let Alfred WebCamera keep an eye on things while you’re out for the day.

Tap in periodically, get motion detection notifications, and keep much needed evidence in the event of a theft

Always check relevant consent laws around recording in your location before doing this. 

3. Staying in Airbnb

While they are generally safe, it is also true that Airbnb has less regulations governing how properties operate than conventional hotels and rentals do. 

There are no prohibitions on guests using surveillance while they stay (assuming the host isn’t also present), so webcam security camera software is a useful way to keep an eye on things if you feel suspicious.

4. At home

Building a DIY home security system can be troublesome when multiple camera devices are needed to cover all your bases. 

5. If you don’t have an old phone for Alfred

While old phones are excellent security cameras thanks to AlfredCamera, a webcam works just as well if you don’t have any old phones or tablets lying around.

Simply leave Alfred WebCamera online on a laptop or computer and the webcam security camera software will do its thing.   

External webcams with large USB cables can be surprisingly effective alternatives to hardware security cameras.

How Do I Use my Webcam as a Motion Detector?


Do I need any special software to use my webcam as a security camera?

How can I connect my webcam to my computer to use it as a security camera?

Can I use my smartphone or tablet as a remote monitor for my webcam security camera?

Can I use my webcam security camera to monitor multiple rooms or areas in my home or office?

There’s no limit to how many camera devices can be allocated to an AlfredCamera account, so any and all webcams, phones, and tablets can be used to monitor multiple rooms. If you have multiple laptops, for example, the webcams on all of them can be allocated as camera devices. 


Webcams are a little known secret in your security arsenal that are useful in a number of different circumstances.

Pro Tip: What does a webcam allow you to do?

With a webcam, you can:
1. Skype and Zoom video conference for work
2. Stream video games live
3. Use it as a security camera with Alfred WebCamera
4. Set up Face ID
5. Remotely catch up with family and friends