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Are Fake Security Cameras Effective? Our Top 5 Dummy Security Cameras

Do Fake Security Cameras Deter Thieves?

However, choosing fake security cameras over real ones isn’t advisable. Real surveillance should always be prioritized because the positive effects of fake security cameras are primarily anecdotal, whereas surveillance is crucial in the event of a theft or break-in.

Thankfully, the cost of modern surveillance solutions isn’t far from that of fake security cameras, not least of all thanks to AlfredCamera, a freemium surveillance service that provides viable security for everyone.

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Our 5 Picks for Best Dummy Security Cameras

Ready to trick some burglars? Below is a list of the five best fake security cameras that can be used as decoys around the exterior of the home alongside real security solutions like AlfredCamera.

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Security Camera

Available on Amazon. RRP $29.99. 

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security Camera
Image via Amazon


  • High quality materials make it a convincing dupe
  • Painless installation
  • LED lights and warning stickers to trick trespassers


  • No panning
  • Light blinks constantly, while the lights on most real security cameras do not.

WALI has a wide range of fake security cameras available, so the choice ultimately comes down to a matter of what looks best. These silver-colored bullet cameras are a convincing replica of conventional CCTV cameras.

Each package comes with four dummy cameras, which can be screwed to the wall much like a real device. Warning decals are included, and each device takes two AA batteries to power the fake flashing LED.

What others are saying…

‘I can’t say whether it will actually be a deterrent, but I can say that I like the idea. No massive costs and a little peace of mind.’ – April via Amazon, July 2016.

‘Too funny to see my neighbor waving at the camera as they think I can see them from these fake cameras.’ – JustlilOme via Amazon, December 2022.

Credit: DarkStoneCastle

WALI Dummy Fake Security Dome Camera

Available on Amazon. RRP $16.99.

WALI Dummy Fake Security Dome Camera
Image via Amazon


  • LED light
  • Wall screws included
  • Contemporary look and feel


  • No panning
  • Not especially good value

This dome shaped option from WALI might be a better fit for some spaces, including for porches and above front doors. After all, it’s pretty rare to see bullet-shaped security cameras around an average-sized home these days.

Sadly, this is significantly worse value for money than the four pack of bullet cameras. Still, the camera looks great, and comes with a warning decal and LED. The white casing is also chic and modern.

What others are saying…

‘I like the fact that after it’s mounted it looks like it is wired in. The red “recording” light is another plus. I mounted mine above my front door and placed a “This Property is Under Surveillance” sticker close to it. Looks like the real thing!’ – debbe via Amazon, February 2023.

GE Interior/Exterior Simulated Security Camera

Available on Lowe’s. From $12.99.


  • Deters unwanted intruders with its fully functioning LED lights 
  • Wall mounting is simple
  • Rotatable bullet  means it can be moved horizontally and vertically


  • No automatic rotation 

Another convincing bullet camera option is this sleek black design that looks equally realistic indoors and out. Black is a somewhat more low-key look than silver or white, that, for some properties, may serve to heighten the realism. Just make sure it is visible!

As with other options, there’s a flashing red LED, a fake wire, and the camera can be mounted to walls. It can also be tilted horizontally and vertically to best suit the location it’s mounted in.

What others are saying…

‘Looks pretty good. I was pleased. So realistic-looking, even I believe it’s real. Red LED looks like the real thing. Nice product for little cost.’ – Karl J Jalbert via Amazon, July 2019.

SZYAN Dummy Security Cameras

Available on Amazon. From $10.99.


  • Highly realistic look 
  • Blinking red LED lights run on three AA batteries
  • Super cheap


  • Battery life is, by many accounts, poor.
  • Rotation is limited to up and down.

You’d scarcely find this type of dome camera in an outdoors location, but if you’re looking to make a small storefront or office space appear as if it has more security cameras than it does, perhaps consider this option from SZYAN. 

The chic, modern design is highly realistic, and the lens can be posed vertically (unfortunately, there’s no horizontal rotation, so keep this in mind when mounting the device to optimize its realism). LEDs and warning stickers come alongside the two dummy cameras.

What others are saying… 

‘I’ve had several of my neighbors notice them since I installed and not one of them asked me if they were fake. I think they look real and the included warning stickers are an added bonus.’ – Amazon customer via Amazon, March 2022.

BNT Solar Powered Fake Security Cameras

Available on Amazon. RRP $29.99.

BNT Solar Powered Fake Security Cameras.


  • Functioning solar panels add realism
  • Convincing red LED Comes in pack of two


  • Though it adds a degree of realism, the LED light is only visible at night. 
  • Sun-exposure necessary for power.
  • Still requires two rechargeable AAA batteries to function.

What others are saying…

‘The light blinking works well when it’s dark as long as they are in direct sunlight all day. I’d buy them again!’ – Slick via Amazon, November 2022.

‘They work great. Most people can’t tell they’re fake. I would definitely recommend the brand as well as the item.’ – Jedediah Lewis via Amazon, February 2023.

Red Lights on Security Cameras

What does it mean when a security camera flashes red?

Security cameras usually have a status LED light on them, which, depending on what color it shows and whether it flashes or is static, communicates to the user different things about the status of the camera. 

The red lights that are sometimes visible inside the lens, on the other hand, are infrared bulbs. These bulbs flood the lens’ field of view with infrared light to create an image in the dark when there isn’t sufficient visible light.

Real vs Fake Security Cameras: Are Fake Security Cameras Effective?

Fake security cameras look like their real counterparts, but are in reality just decoys designed to deter would-be burglars. 

While a real security camera can stream and save video footage with or without audio, a fake security camera cannot. It has no microphone, speaker, or camera lens.

Dummy cameras usually take AA batteries, which power lights made to mimic either the status LED or the ring of red lights used for infrared night vision in a real security camera.

A good fake security camera will also feature convincing cables, which can be plugged into the device and fed inside the house to make it look like the device is hardwired.


Is it illegal to have security cameras?

It is not illegal to have a security camera on your property. That being said, they should abide by privacy laws relevant to where you live. In general, they should not record neighboring properties in an invasive way.

Do real security cameras have blinking lights?

Some real security cameras have blinking lights, but most modern IP security cameras do not. Most best-selling fake security cameras feature blinking red lights to make the trespassers assume they are being recorded.

How to make a fake security camera real?

How to spot a fake security camera


Fake security cameras are something of a curiosity. While there is no hard proof that they ‘work’, there certainly is strong evidence to indicate that they may have some positive influence on dissuading or deterring burglars. 

They are an inexpensive, simple way to quickly improve your home’s security, but other useful alternatives exist. By transforming your old phone into a fully functioning security camera, AlfredCamera gives you all the benefits of a modern security camera in a convenient and costless package. 

Combining different deterring tactics, like fake security cameras, with the highly conspicuous app may make for stronger security overall.