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Track Your Car Without a Tracker Using AlfredCircle

Explore how to track a car with GPS with free and dedicated tracking options, including tracking your car without a tracker by using AlfredCircle.

How Can I Track a Car’s Location?

The easiest way to track a car is using a GPS tracker already installed in the vehicle. But there’s actually a few ways to track a car’s location—some costly, some completely free. Let’s break down the various ways to track a car with and without a GPS tracker.

1. Built in GPS Tracker

The easiest way to track a car’s location is with a GPS system built into the vehicle. The majority of new cars are manufactured with GPS built in. 

The driver accesses the GPS map both inside the vehicle (on a touchscreen display) and on their phone or tablet via an official app.

Not sure how to track a car with GPS?

If you’ve bought a new car within the last ten years, it’s very likely to have GPS built in. Access built in GPS using the touchscreen display inside the car. Check with the manufacturer or the vehicle manual if you’re unsure if your car has GPS.

2. Aftermarket GPS Car Tracker

Cars more than a decade old might not have GPS built in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t track them. Aftermarket GPS car trackers are small, relatively inexpensive devices that typically attach to the car’s battery. 

Some GPS car trackers use SIM cards and are recharged periodically, which is preferable for those worried about draining the car’s battery. A corresponding app lets the driver track their car’s location wherever it is.

No, an old Sat Nav won’t do the trick.

Aftermarket car GPS trackers aren’t the same thing as Sat Navs. While hooking up your dusty old Sat Nav might seem like a good way to track your car and repurpose a defunct technology, Sat Navs are designed for navigation, so they don’t work as tracking devices. 

GPS car trackers do not have a display of any kind, and slip away somewhere undetected. Discover the best aftermarket GPS car trackers.

3. Smartphone Tracker

We hear you: ‘but how can I track my car without a tracker?’. Smartphones, of course!

Location sharing via phones is easy and commonplace, and services like Find My iPhone (iOS) or Find My Device (Android) make decent rudimentary car trackers. The best way to track a car for free is with AlfredCircle. Find out how below.

Where do you put car trackers?

GPS trackers are small devices that are easily concealed. Ideal places to put car trackers include:
· Engine bay
· Glove box
· Car boot
· Under the seat
· Behind the radio

Hardwired car trackers might require professional installation, which is guaranteed to completely conceal the device. 

4. Car Insurance Telematics/Black Box

Some car insurance policies include fitting a ‘black box’ inside the boot of the car. This is a telematics device that tracks vehicle behavior, including its location, to make the policy more affordable. 

Sometimes, a black box provides location tracking features that the driver takes advantage of. Consult your policy provider to see if they support telematics.

5. Fleet Management Services

If the vehicle belongs to a business, big or small, fleet management services help keep tabs on the vehicle’s location. It’s particularly handy if there’s multiple cars that need tracking.

Popular services include Fleetmatics from Verizon and Geotab. Specific features vary between providers, but all fleet management services include real-time GPS tracking.

Can I Track a Car Without a Tracker?

While a dedicated GPS tracker is the best way to track a car, it’s easy to use a spare old phone to track a car without spending a dime on a tracker.

AlfredCircle is a free location tracking app that displays location information on a private map. While Circles let you stay connected with family and friends, add your spare phone to your Circle and conceal it in the car to use it as a car tracker.

alfredcircle app screenshots
AlfredCircle app.

Add Places to monitor specific locations. Everyone in the Circle gets notified as soon as a device enters or leaves a Place.

How to Track a Car with GPS for Free 

Track your car with GPS at no expense by using AlfredCircle. So long as you have a spare device you can use to hide in the vehicle, it’s easy to get started in minutes. Here’s how to track your car for free in 5 steps.

1. Download AlfredCircle to your phone, as well as a spare device (an Android or iOS device).

2. Sign up or log in on both devices, and create a new Circle using your phone.

3. Invite others to join the Circle, including the account used on the spare device.

4. If you want geolocation notifications, add Places to monitor specific locations.

5. Hide the spare device somewhere in the car, like the boot, so that it is well concealed.

Combine AlfredCamera with AlfredCircle for Maximum Peace of Mind

Car security isn’t just about tracking the car’s location. Security cameras are an essential part of enhancing your car’s security.

AlfredCam Plus being used to monitor the driveway.

Combine AlfredCamera and AlfredCircle to maximize your car’s security, so you can keep tabs on both its location and its condition 24/7.


Can an AirTag track a car? 

Apple AirTag can’t track cars because AirTag uses Bluetooth rather than GPS. Bluetooth is very short range, meaning the signal is lost easily. 

How to track a car with Google Maps?

Tracking a car using Google Maps is a reliable way to keep tabs on where you’ve parked. It’s handy if you frequently lose your car or forget where it’s parked.

In the Google Maps app on your phone, tap the blue pin (your current location) once you’ve found a parking space. Tap ‘Save parking’ to add the parking space to the map. It’s then easy to navigate back to the exact location of the car via the app.


Knowing how to track a car is a generally neglected way to vastly improve your car’s security. In addition to using car cameras and other security methods, incorporating GPS tracking means that in the event of a car theft, you know exactly where the car is located and can pass the information on to the police.

While dedicated GPS trackers are most useful, you can track your car for free using AlfredCircle and a spare Android or iOS device. Combine this with car surveillance to thoroughly maximize the security of the car and your own peace of mind.