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Unboxing AlfredCam Plus: Advanced Outdoor Security Made Budget Friendly

Discover how AlfredCam Plus balances outdoor security, AI based motion detection, and budget friendly pricing in our overview below.

Main Features

  • Up to 2K QHD Live video
  • IP65 (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
  • Motion detection
  • Continuous recording via microSD
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Built-in siren

Why you’ll love it:
· Affordable
· Suitable for outdoor security (IP65)
· Advanced Motion Detection features (Premium only)
· 64 GB microSD card included
· USB C power adaptor
· 3 meter (10ft) cable
· Magnetic mounting
· Super fast setup with AlfredCamera app
· Improved infrared night vision range


Like its predecessor, the AlfredCam Plus box is small, and the device is well protected.

AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus packaging put side by side on a white table.
AlfredCam Plus box (left) AlfredCam box (right).

Peek inside the box, and you’ll find the camera, USB C power cable, charging adapter, mounting sticker, alignment sticker, screws and wall plug, cable ties, and a 64 GB microSD card, which can be used for continuous recording.

A Quick Start Guide demonstrates how to set up the device in just a few minutes, while a warning sticker is also included if the user wants to increase visual deterrence. 


App Setup TimeMounting tools included?Drilling? 
3-5 minutesScrews x 2
Wall plugs x 2
Magnetized base
Plastic Tie
3M Mounting Sticker

A subtle overhaul of the setup process makes getting started faster than ever. 

Prior to pairing AlfredCam Plus, users need to download AlfredCamera from the App Store or Google Play Store if they haven’t already. 

From the main ‘Camera’ tab of the app, users need to scroll down to tap ‘add a new device’. Select AlfredCam from the menu, then AlfredCam Plus. 

AlfredCam Plus setup is streamlined.

Ensuring that the device is plugged in, the plastic lens cover is peeled off, and the status LED is flashing green, pairing involves having Plus scan a QR code generated by the app.

For users with an existing Alfred account, pairing is complete in just a couple of minutes.

While AlfredCam Plus comes with screws and wall plugs for traditional wall mounting, AlfredCam Plus introduces a magnetized base, which makes it easier to mount quickly or on-the-go (especially useful if your landlord forbids drilling into the walls). 

AlfredCam Plus has a magnetized base

The included mounting sticker can be used to similar effect if drilling isn’t an option but there are limited metallic surfaces, while the plastic ties are great for trickier surfaces, like table legs or chair legs. Simply thread the ties through the underside of the base, and the camera can be attached to pole-like surfaces.

The magnetized base is strong, but requires a sturdy metallic surface to cling to, particularly if being used outdoors. 

The magnetized base means AlfredCam Plus can be easily mounted to metallic surfaces indoors or outdoors.

In very bad weather, like a hurricane or storm, it’s recommended to mount the device with screws for optimal safety or to take it inside temporarily. 

Take extra caution when mounting magnetically outdoors, particularly if the weather is bad.

Mounting the device upside down, like from a ceiling, makes exceptional use of the camera’s delightfully wide field of view. Rotating the image is done on the fly in the live feed.

AlfredCam Plus live feed livingroom.
AlfredCam Plus makes the most of its wide angle lens when mounted upside down from a high location.

Plus can also be used desktop-style, which is great for easy indoor surveillance and pet cam use.

AlfredCam Plus 6


Weatherproof?MaterialLocal Storage?
✅ IP65White matte casing
Metal ball joint
Glass lens
✅ 64 GB microSD included

AlfredCam Plus mimics the minimal look and hardy feel of the original AlfredCam, but is slightly bigger than its older brother.

AlfredCam Plus is rated IP65, meaning it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use

microSD cards up to 256GB are supported, though a 64 GB microSD card is already included for users to get started straight away. The microSD is inserted into the side of the camera head, where a soft plastic covering maintains a uniform look. 

The right side of AlfredCam Plus with a sdcard slot.
The microSD card slot and reset button are hidden beneath a plastic covering, serving to protect it from the elements and to keep the camera looking sleek and chic.

Pull it out to reveal the microSD card slot, insert it, then replace the cover to keep it protected from the elements. The reset button is also accessed here.

The camera head sits on a ball joint that allows for easy and versatile posing. Unlike AlfredCam, the ball joint is made from metal, which is more appropriate for outdoor use and for supporting the heavier head.

The camera is powered by USB C, which has established itself as the new industry standard for powering electronic devices. Since it can be used outside, the cable is inserted into a small plastic ‘hood’ that keeps it protected from rainfall.

The cable itself is double the size of AlfredCam’s, making it better suited for outdoor use. 

For larger houses and outdoor areas far from a power source, USB C extension cables can be added with ease as needed. 


With over 70 million downloads, AlfredCamera has long established itself as the most popular home security app. 

The app maximizes ease of use. 

Add, remove, and name an unlimited number of camera devices whenever. In the live feed, easily switch between different quality and night vision settings, record manually, talk through the camera, and trigger a siren.

AlfredCamera is well regarded by users for its ease of use and simple interface.

Further exploration of the settings menu allows adjustments to motion detection sensitivity and the ability to create a Trust Circle—a group of invite only contacts that get access to the feeds (without compromising passwords).

Settings allow users to better tailor their Plus device to their needs.

Infrared night vision returns from the first AlfredCam model and is just as reliable. Manually operate it, or allow it to automatically turn on when insufficient light is detected, and it will illuminate a well-balanced image.

Infrared night vision is impressive and well-balanced. It can be activated automatically or manually.

Existing Alfred Premium features return, like 4x digital Zoom, AI-based Person Detection, and custom detection zones & scheduling, while AlfredCam Plus introduces two exclusive new features: Pet Detection and Vehicle Detection

Pet Detection makes AlfredCam Plus an excellent pet cam option, enabling Premium users to get notified whenever their pet makes an appearance in the frame. 

Once you’re notified, you can check out the live feed and soothe them over Two-Way Talk.

Alternatively, a surprisingly practical way to use it is to monitor outdoor areas, like vegetable gardens, that are prone to (unwanted) nightly visitations. 

Once notified, you can sound the impressively loud siren right from the live feed to scare off any pests hanging about your yard.

While AlfredCamera is widely used to bolster car security, AlfredCam Plus takes this up a notch with the dedicated Vehicle Detection feature. 

As the name would suggest, motion detection (and the push notification it automatically sends) is only triggered when AI detects movement coming from a vehicle. 

This makes positioning Plus so that it views the driveway especially advantageous.

Premium users get notified if a vehicle in the frame starts moving, meaning you can leap into action in the event of a car theft (or greet your partner at the door once their car’s pulled up to the driveway).

While it’s far from a necessity for users on a strict budget, Alfred Premium appeals more than ever with its increasing array of features that make the overall security experience, well, more premium. You can get a year of Premium for $29.99, which works out at $2.49 a month.


QualityField of viewInfrared
2K QHD130°

2K video streaming, the highest quality supported by any AlfredCamera compatible device, is introduced by AlfredCam Plus. It’s clear, sharp, and well-balanced, even when using ‘standard’ quality. 

Overall, the camera performs brilliantly in a variety of contexts, including in low light. Even as twilight falls, infrared night vision doesn’t need to kick in until there’s total darkness. 

A AlfredCam Plus live feed footage showing a fox standing in the backyard of a brick house.
AlfredCam Plus livefeed showing footage of a backward with wildlife.

AlfredCam Plus is impressively detailed and clear in outdoor and indoor settings. It adapts well to changes in ambient lighting to create strong, bright images even as night falls.

2K enables greater detail to be captured and improves the clarity of footage captured outside, but it will be taxing on routers with several devices connected to it at once. 

As such, there’s 3 quality settings users can choose from to find the sweet spot.

Premium users also get access to ‘2K Supreme’ quality, which maximizes detail and sharpness.

Much like AlfredCam, Plus captures a great deal with its deceptively small lens. Indoors or outdoors, vast areas can be captured in a single shot, reducing blindspots as well as the need for additional cameras in a single space. 

The field of view is nothing short of impressive, and colors pop. 

AlfredCam Plus livefeed showing a footage of a stuffed cat on a white table.

The frame rate achieved in the live feed will largely depend on the user’s internet speeds and signal strength. 

If the internet is poor, reducing the quality increases the frame rate, so, again, it’s worth a little experimentation. 



Two-Way Audio and Siren, both mainstay features of AlfredCamera, return to AlfredCam Plus loud and clear thanks to the built-in speaker, which projects clearly enough to be heard at some distance.

Water resistance means AlfredCam Plus is a solid alternative to a doorbell camera. Mount it near the front door to talk to delivery people and anyone approaching the property. 


The advanced motion detection features that Plus introduces make Alfred Premium more compelling than ever, especially if pet cam use or car security is of particular concern. 

Premium works out at just $2.49 a month for an annual subscription, making it one of the most affordable security camera subscription plans.

AlfredCam PlusSubscription Service
RRP $49.99From $2.49 a month ($29.99/year)