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AlfredCam vs AlfredCam Plus: Which Home Security Camera Do You Need?

AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus side by side on a white table.
AlfredCam (left) and AlfredCam Plus (right).

The Specs at a Glance

Take a look at the table below to compare the key specifications of AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus.

AlfredCamAlfredCam Plus
Video QualityUp to 1080p HDUp to 1440p (2K)
Weatherproof✅ IP65
Field of View130°130°
Infrared LED Night Vision
Power CableMicro USB (5 ft)USB C (10 ft)
Size3.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 in4.4 x 2.6 x 2.6 in
Mounting OptionsDesktop
Mounting Sticker
Magnetic Base
Mounting Sticker
Plastic Ties
Motion Detection
Advanced Motion DetectionPet Detection
Vehicle Detection
(Alfred Premium required)
Person Detection
(Alfred Premium required)

(Alfred Premium required)
24/7 Continuous Recording✅ via microSD (sold separately)✅ via 64G microSD (included)
Two-Way Talk

Inside or Outside?

AlfredCam is designed for indoor surveillance and excels in the home. But it can just as easily monitor small businesses and offices thanks to reliable infrared night vision and super responsive motion detection.

AlfredCam plugged into a USB socket

AlfredCam Plus introduces the possibility for outdoor security with an IP65 ingress protection rating. This makes it well suited for hanging out under the eaves of your home, or on the porch as an alternate doorbell camera, where you can chat to delivery drivers using Two-Way Talk.

AlfredCam Plus.

Desktop viewing is also a breeze when using the camera inside, and with the all new Pet Detection mode, Premium users will love using Plus as a Pet Cam inside the house. 

Small changes, big results

While advanced motion detection and weather resistance creates more usage possibilities than ever—from farms and construction sites to porch and driveway surveillance—AlfredCam Plus introduces a number of smaller changes that make the user experience even better.

AlfredCam Plus is powered by USB C, the new industry standard. The power cable itself is double the length of the original AlfredCam’s, making it much easier to place the camera far from the power source, including outside.

The security camera base is magnetized for even greater flexibility. If your landlord practically faints at the sight of a drill or screws in the wall, you can easily mount the device by simply ‘sticking’ it to a metallic surface without leaving holes in its wake. Plastic ties are included to attach the device to trickier surfaces, like a pole or chair legs.

Basic or Pro?

Three years of hard work went into conceptualizing and producing AlfredCam because the team had a specific goal in mind: to create the perfect all-rounder indoor security camera. 

AlfredCam does everything you need an indoor security camera to do, and it does it well. The sharp image quality and 130° field of view mean you’ll never miss a beat and can eliminate blindspots with ease. 

AlfredCam Plus is the most advanced offering from AlfredCamera so far. It introduces all new motion detection features for Premium users, including pet detection and vehicle detection

A AlfredCam Plus live feed footage showing a fox standing in the backyard of a brick house.

This gives you better car security than ever, while pet owners will appreciate more intelligent notifications about their furry friends (or the thief in the night that’s messing with your backyard). 

Budget Friendly, or Budget Friendlier?

At just $39.99, AlfredCam raised the bar for what’s possible in home security on a budget. Designed for existing Alfred users and newcomers alike, AlfredCam evolves your DIY home security system without breaking the bank.

All AlfredCam Plus security cameras ship with a 64 GB microSD card inside, so you can start recording continuously right out of the box. 

AlfredCamera DIY Home Security Systems – Better Than Ever with AlfredCam Plus

Because we believe everyone deserves to feel safe and secure, AlfredCamera encourages users to mix and match compatible devices to create their own DIY security system.

Use old phones, tablets, and even webcams as security cameras alongside AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus units to create the security system you need. 

Cost effective and simple to set up, AlfredCamera’s expanding services and product offerings are developed with exactly what you want in mind.