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AlfredCam Plus: First Users, In Their Own Words

To celebrate the arrival, we invited longtime AlfredCamera users to try out all the new features for themselves.

Find out what they had to say about AlfredCam Plus. 


Across the board, users appreciated the overhauled AlfredCamera pairing process. Set up is faster than ever, finessing the set-up-and-go formula existing Alfred users are familiar with. 

Power on the camera, tap ‘add a camera’, and use the camera to scan a unique QR code generated on the app. And that’s it. Outdoor security, at your fingertips.

Clear, concise instructions. Beautifully packaged, easy pairing.

Keith Magnon

The instructions are clear, not too many steps, worked good. Everything was great for the pairing process. Even the help section.

John Lindsay

In my opinion this is a giant step up for ease of pairing and set up for AlfredCam Plus.

Jason Blair

There was no tape to cut just standard packaging that was easily accessible.

Matthew Hamilton Walton

You have made setup bulletproof.

Paul Nash

Pairing is very quick compared to other products.

Brad Frank

The packaging was super easy to open and find all the items that came with the camera. It was nice to have the items for set up in one package and the camera in its own package.

Michael Liby


To complement the easy pairing process, users are given a variety of options to mount AlfredCam Plus so that it’s ready to be used as a reliable surveillance solution as soon as you need it.

Screws and wall plugs are included, as is a super strength 3M mounting sticker. The base is magnetized so it can be attached to metallic surfaces with ease. Much like the original AlfredCam, it’s also suitable for desktop use.

I like all the options available with the new designed base.

Kevin Kiser

Positioning sticker was very helpful.

S Green

The magnets are strong enough to keep the camera in the right position.

Julio Cesar Irra

I used the magnetic base to mount the camera as I wanted a non-destructive mounting option. I fabricated a metal plate that I can use to temporarily hang the camera on. That way I can try it in different locations on my house.

Roy Allen

Best position for seeing the front yard and sidewalk leading to my front door. Screws provided most reliable mount as the front of my house has wood shingle siding.

Brian Rialti

I mounted with a magnet temporarily but I plan to screw it to the side of my house in the future. The removable bottom will definitely make this task easy.

Jason Blair

I typically move cameras so a permanent mounting is not what I prefer. I like the magnetic base and will likely use that as well.

Eric Ashley Michael

Camera Experience

AlfredCam Plus supports up to 2K QHD video for Live viewing, giving users great detail and excellent overall performance, even in diminished light. 

The wide field of view lets you capture everything you need in the frame, minimizing the need for multiple cameras in a single space.

Infrared night vision has a longer range, making it more appropriate for outdoor use. Motion detection makes all this easy to use, while Premium users get access to new advanced motion detection features, including person detection, pet detection, and vehicle detection. 

The field of view is wider than the first generation, which is important for a security camera.

Phil D.

Better resolution, better night vision.

John Lindsay

Received a delivery from FedEx today. Using camera data I could see when the driver arrived and left and could see how he treated my package. I also got a clear shot of his face. Good info to have if there had been a theft or delivery problem to report to FedEx management.

JT Martin

AlfredCam excels at being able to be viewed from a web browser and phone app. Also doing a good job of detecting people and alerting on movement.

Brian Rialti

Very impressed that I’m not getting false triggers (e.g. from moving vegetation or lighting) in motion detection.

Jennifer Rousseau Reigel 

A guest arrived and we didn’t hear him knock but the motion detection told me he was here.

Amy Baldwin 

Misc. Fixes

The success of AlfredCam encouraged the development of Plus, a model that addresses the need for outdoor viewing and ‘pro’ features while retaining an affordable price.

We treasure the dialogue we’ve developed over the years with our expanding user base. We took the time to implement some smaller changes with AlfredCam Plus based on your feedback.

The micro USB cable of the original model is now a USB C cable. Doubled in size, it’s more appropriate for outdoor use. The magnetized base makes on-the-go mounting much easier, and we took the liberty of including a 64 GB microSD card for users that want continuous recording at a moment’s notice.

I just want to say how excited I was to see the long power cable!

Amy Lynn

Also, inclusion of the micro SD was a nice touch, and much appreciated.

Phil D.

The camera has many options for mounting which is great. The longer power cord helps as well.

Roy Allen