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AlfredCircle Is Making Life Safer For This University Student from Colombia

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AlfredCircle by AlfredCamera.

Simon’s Story

‘I’m from Medellín, and spent my life there until I moved to Bogotá last year to attend university. I’m studying law and really enjoying it. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to studying, so it suits me well. But I also love to go out and party when I can. It’s a great place to party!’’

Like most students, Simon made friends fast by attending lectures, dorm parties and clubs in the city, although the latter is anxiety-inducing at times. 

‘It really depends on where you go, but it can be dangerous at night in rougher neighborhoods. People stick together. When they don’t is when it gets scary. The thing you worry about most is thieves. I’ve had phones and wallets stolen from me in the past, both here and in Medellín. One time was at knife point.’

SImon became aware of AlfredCamera after first moving out of his parents’ place in Medellín. 

‘I didn’t go straight into university after school. I moved out and worked as a barista for two years, living in a place with six other people. So it made sense to download AlfredCamera to watch over my room. I didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on a security camera. It worked really well, and fortunately I didn’t experience anything bad during that time.’

Staying Safe at Night

Simon continued to use AlfredCamera after getting accepted into a university in Bogotá, taking a disused Android with him to be employed as a security camera in his dorm room. 

‘It made sense to keep using it even after I moved into university housing. This year, I’m in a new apartment with some friends, mostly from the law school. When I was told about AlfredCircle, I was looking forward to trying it out.’ 

Simon was familiar with location tracking, and felt it made sense to integrate it into his life at uni.

‘I knew AlfredCircle would be useful for me.’

‘It’s not that uncommon, at least among my friends, to drop pins and stuff to know where everyone is. Like on WhatsApp or Snapchat. It’s handy at night if you’re going partying. So I knew AlfredCircle would be useful for me.’

Simon created a Circle for his housemates, since they enjoy hanging out together.

‘Compared to the place in Medellin, my housemates now are all close. We hang out all the time, so even though I thought we would use it at night, it’s been great during the day to see where everyone’s at. 

We’re taking different classes so we’re on campus at different times. It’s fun to open it up when you’ve just finished a lecture and you see someone in the library, so you go study with them. Surprise them with a coffee.’

After realizing that AlfredCircle would be useful to them during the day, they added the campus library as a Place, a monitored geolocation on the live map that triggers arrival and departure notifications when Circle members enter or leave it.

‘Our apartment is a Place, but we also ended up trying out campus locations to get notified whenever someone is around, whether they’re just hanging out or studying. It’s motivating working with someone else.’

Partying Made Safer

‘The workload is worse now, but we still make time to have fun on weekends, so we use AlfredCircle at night. We keep one of the ‘Places’ free so that we can add the location of wherever we’re going for the night.’

By swapping out Places based on their changing needs, the household has felt easier about going out at night.

‘It makes a difference.’

‘It makes a difference, for sure. Some of the girls in the group feel very uneasy on the street at night. It’s reassuring to know where everyone is at all times.’

‘We get annoyed at each other when someone wanders off, but it happens. You meet someone new, you hit it off. With AlfredCircle, we at least know exactly where they are the whole time, so it really makes it easier to look out for each other. And the notification when they get home is always a relief. If they stay somewhere else for the night, we can see their location on the live map.’

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