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How AlfredCircle Helps a Nurse in the City Carry Out Her Important Work

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AlfredCircle by AlfredCamera.

One of those early users is Andrea, a nurse based in Houston, Texas, who specializes in providing at-home palliative care.

Andrea’s Story

‘I’ve worked as a nurse for about twenty years. It’s definitely stressful but I find it deeply rewarding. Before my current job, I was working in a hospital in Atlanta. My husband’s job meant we had to move to Houston at the end of 2019, and after working in the hospital for so long, I took it as a sign to make a change.’

Not long after the move, COVID-19 hit, and life as we knew it came to a stand still.

‘I was between jobs when COVID happened, which was a humbling time. All my old colleagues back in ATL were literally on the front line while I was looking for work in a new place.’

It was around that time that Andrea discovered AlfredCamera, and started using it in the new home.

‘To be honest, I didn’t have time to research security cameras. We never had them before, but since we moved to a house from an apartment, we wanted them, especially for keeping our kids safe. So I put AlfredCamera on my husband’s beat up iPad and it worked great. I bought some old refurbished Androids as extra cameras.’ 

Circles in the City

Fast forward to 2023, and Andrea’s enjoying her role as a palliative care nurse. With the launch of AlfredCircle on the horizon, we asked her to be among the first users to try it out.

‘I never heard of locator tracking apps so I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, but we’re big fans of AlfredCamera so I gave it a try. Turns out there’s actually plenty of ways it’s made life easier for me.’

Andrea first created a Circle with her husband.

‘It’s made life easier for me.’

‘He’s kind of a worrier anyway, and we’re apart quite a lot because of our jobs. I go from house to house to care for terminally ill patients, which means working unsocial hours. I might help prepare dinner for one patient, grab a bite for myself somewhere, then drive to a different home to assist in getting another patient ready for bed. It’s normal for me not to get home until past 11pm.’ 

AlfredCircle gave Andrea’s husband better peace of mind about her being out and about during the night.

‘He’s able to see where I am on the live map, which I think gives him a sense of reassurance. I’ve added some of the houses I go to frequently as Places (life saver, I have a lot of addresses to remember) which lets him know when I’m there and when I’m heading home. Sometimes I don’t have a chance to eat between visits so he’ll put dinner on for me when he gets the notification, things like that.’ 

Location Tracking for a Patient

‘One of the people I care for in Houston is actually a great aunt of mine, so I provide care for her more informally outside of work. One afternoon, she saw me on the app as I was about to leave and she was asking about it, so I explained it to her. 

She asked me to help her download it and wanted to join my Circle so she could see where I was. I was happy to oblige and removed my husband from the Circle (I’m the admin!).’

Although she wasn’t usually confident in using her phone beyond texts and calls, Andrea found that her great aunt was able to use the app with ease so that she could check her location prior to scheduled visits. 

‘It’s a peace of mind thing’

‘Again, it’s a peace of mind thing, I think. I’m often pretty late arriving at her home, which she understands because I have to juggle the needs of my patients. Plus H-Town traffic is really something else.’

‘But since she knows where I am, as soon as I get to the door she’s got fresh coffee or sweet tea ready and waiting for me. She’s a sweetheart.’ 

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