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Your Guide to Setting Up AlfredCircle, The Brand New Family Locator App From AlfredCamera

AlfredCircle, a GPS locator app created by the team that brought you AlfredCamera, is here. 

By connecting you to your friends and family on a private map that updates in real-time, AlfredCircle makes it easier than ever to navigate life together. Push notifications keep you in the know, and give you greater peace of mind outside the home.

Getting to grips with AlfredCircle is fast and easy. Here’s how in 5 simple steps. 

1. Download & Sign Up

AlfredCircle is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Download it to your phone and sign up in minutes.

2. Enable Location Sharing

AlfredCircle is a GPS locator app, so location sharing needs to always be enabled to use the app effectively. 

3. Create a Circle

Once you’ve signed up and enabled location sharing, you’ll be prompted to create your first Circle. A Circle is a group of up to 4 people.The location of each member is shared in real-time on a private map that only members can see.

4. Share Invite Code

If you’ve created a Circle, you can add family members immediately by sharing an Invite Code. Circle Admins can add new members at any time by going to Settings > Members > Add a new Member. Alternatively, admins can tap Add a new Member directly from the map by dragging up on the My Circle menu. The person invited will need to enter the Invite Code on their device to join. 

5. Add Places

The live map can be enhanced by adding Places, geolocations highlighted on the map that, when entered or departed from, will trigger a push notification to all Circle members to notify them of movement in or out of the space. For families, your home is an essential first Place to add. Friends may want to add local meetup spots, stations, and unfamiliar locations.