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AlfredCircle Is Here. This Is How You’ve Been Using It

The concept is deceptively simple: add people to your Circle to view each other’s live location on a private map, then add different Places to get arrival and departure notifications when Circle members enter or leave them. 

The ease-of-use is precisely what makes AlfredCircle brilliant in all kinds of situations, making life a little more convenient and a little more secure for you, your friends, and your family. 

Here’s how lucky early users have been using AlfredCircle.

Anne, 39. Office Worker.

Day to day, AlfredCircle’s let my family keep an eye on each other, which is a great help in different ways depending on what we’re doing. 

Recently, I went to a festival, so I set up a Circle among my friends just for the day. There were thousands of people there and it was a massive space, so having the live map with all our locations on was reassuring. 

When someone wanted to grab a drink or some food, it was easy to find each other again. Usually, trying to explain where you are with bad cell reception would be a nightmare.

Although we didn’t need it, the festival had a designated ‘meeting point’ so we added that to our Places. 

Gabe, 31. Driving Instructor.

My wife and I just welcomed a son. When you become a parent, the focus of your life completely shifts overnight. Your baby is on your mind all the time.

We’ve been using AlfredCircle to share our locations with each other. So if my wife is out on a walk with our child, I know where they are, and vice versa. 

I can even go meet them in the park when I’m on my lunch break. My son’s grandmother’s been an amazing help as we find our feet, so we added her to the Circle as well. In a word, it makes things more convenient for us.

Elaine, 22. Student.

I use AlfredCircle to see what my twin sis is up to all the time. I like seeing her moving on the map, especially when we’re meeting up at a place, and our profiles are moving closer and closer to each other. It’s literally the cutest thing ever, I screenshot it every time that happens!

One way we’re using the app is to know when each other gets off work (kudos to the notifications). Whoever gets home first that night is in charge of making us food.

So when my sis is at home, she can know where I’m at and when to start cooking dinner! No more messaging back and forth. Easy and simple.

Marc, 25. Writer.

Getting home after a night out is a hassle. There’s anxiety, particularly for my female friends, who don’t feel safe at all late at night in the city. But we all live in different places, so it usually means splitting up and making the journey home alone. 

You can make Circles fast, so I decided to get my friends in on a test run of AlfredCircle one night. We put in our home addresses as ‘Places’, as well as the bar we were at. 

It was really helpful. When someone got briefly separated from the squad, I glanced at the app to see where they were on the map.

When everyone went home in the early hours, AlfredCircle notified everyone as soon as each member of the Circle got home safely. You can easily exit/disband the Circle when you don’t need it anymore.

When you’re out for the night, you want to have fun, but there’s no denying the anxieties that come with it. I think AlfredCircle took the sting out of it and was reassuring.

Simon, 52. Product Designer.

I use AlfredCircle to make sure my son’s arrived at school. The school’s address is one of the ‘Places’ in our Circle, so I get notified when he turns up to school and when he leaves. 

He’s doing cram school as well, so I’ve also set that as a Place. It’s reassuring to see his location when he’s making his way home at night, because the classes end pretty late.

Aileen, 43. Office Worker.  

My husband and I are both busy with full-time jobs. He always picks me up after work. Some days either of us might do overtime, so the time we’re done changes sometimes.

Instead of interrupting each other’s workflow by texting or calling (super annoying when you’re in a meeting), I get a push notification from AlfredCircle as soon as he leaves his office in the evening, so I know that he’s on his way to pick me up. 

One time, he seemed to be taking ages to arrive so I was a little worried. I opened the app and could see from his position on the map that he’d gone to the store to pick up the groceries we needed for dinner, which I had forgot about.

AlfredCircle really shines in small moments like that.

Dave, 28. Supermarket Assistant.

If I’m going on a date or meeting a friend, I’ll drop a pin to share my location so that we can meet up easily. Instead of doing that, I tried using AlfredCircle and found it more convenient because you can designate a ‘Place’ to monitor. 

So my girlfriend and I started a Circle together and then set the meeting point (a small cinema we had never been to before) as the Place. When I arrived, she was notified straight away that I was there.

She overslept and was running late. She said as soon as she saw the notification pop up, she ran to the station!

Emily, 61. Consultant. 

My mother came to visit me (she lives abroad). We set up a Circle before she arrived and put the airport as one of the Places. Flying makes me anxious so it was more for my peace of mind rather than hers. 

Anyway, the flight touched down earlier than what she told me, but because I was notified that she’d arrived the second she turned Airplane mode off, I was able to get a cab out to the airport straight away.

I was there before she’d even got her luggage. 

How Are You Using AlfredCircle?

The team is enjoying discovering the new ways AlfredCircle can be used every day, and we hope you are too. We’d love to hear how you’ve been making use of the all new location sharing app!