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AlfredCircle Unlocked: 5 Ways Teens Can Make The Best of the New Location Tracking App

Alfred’s mission has always been to bring peace of mind to everyone, and that includes teens and young people.

Stay effortlessly connected to your friends and know their locations in real-time, no matter what you get up to, or stay connected with family members to keep them in-the-know. 

Below, discover some of the great ways teenagers and young people can get to grips with AlfredCircle. Managing your daily life just got a whole lot easier. 

5 Ways to Use AlfredCircle That Young People Need to Know

Below, discover five useful ways for teenagers to get the most out of AlfredCircle’s GPS location tracking and make life as a young person less stressful.

1. Safer Dating

Dating is an exciting way not only to meet new people, but to explore your own identity. But it’s not a risk-free pursuit, especially because of the dangers associated with dating apps. 

Stay safe by starting a Circle with people you trust, so that they know exactly where you are in real time when heading out on a date. Let a friend know your plans, and they can check in on you via the live map.

2. Mom’s Taxi, Upgraded 

Getting lifts everywhere just got that much easier. Whether mom, dad, or someone else is the driver, adding them to your Circle allows them to meet you with ease, since they can see your real-time location. 

Add your location as a Place if you want a notification the second they arrive (think Uber, but completely free).

3. Local Haunts 

Keep tabs on the places you go most often by adding them to your list of Places, and you’ll be notified when one of your friends turns up or leaves the location—handy for hang outs organized on a whim. 

Spots where lots of people hang out, like skate parks and malls, are ideal to keep an eye on, especially when you’re bored and want a quick way to see who’s around. 

4. Parties 

If you’re just starting to attend house parties, parents are likely to be extra cautious about your safety. 

Maintain a private life while keeping their concerns to a minimum by joining a Circle with family members, so that they’re able to see where you are if going out for the night. 

5. Easy Navigation

Exploring the city is kind of daunting, especially when you’re still new to going places without your parents around.

The AlfredCircle live map is a super reliable way to see exactly where you are in real-time, so you can feel more relaxed when you’re out and about.