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Location Tracking Apps Are Surprisingly Useful Among Friends – Here’s How

As it turns out, being able to keep an eye on each other isn’t just useful for families, but also for friendship groups.

Before adding your day-ones to your Circle, consider some of the following ways that friends can make use of AlfredCircle.

5 Handy Ways to Use AlfredCircle Among Friends

Below, discover five creative and practical ways to make the most of AlfredCircle’s GPS location tracking while creating unforgettable memories with your friends.

1. Unfamiliar Places

Hanging out with friends at a place that none of you have been before can be a little stressful, to say the least. 

Not to mention, someone’s always late. Before you head out, add the address to your list of Places to make it easier to navigate to. 

Since you’ll see the rest of your Circle’s live location on the map, you’ll know if any of your friends are nearby. 

2. Clubs & Bars

If you’re out for an evening, adding the venue to your Places is a great way to make everyone feel safer. 

The live map can be checked at any time to relocate the group, which is particularly handy when stepping away for a moment to use the bathroom or grab a drink.

3. Getting Home Safely at Night

Traveling alone at night is far from ideal, but a necessary evil when your friends live in different areas. 

By adding your friendship group to a Circle, you can significantly ease the anxieties of moving around the city at night. 

Notifications automatically send to your friends when you arrive home, letting everyone know you’re safe and sound. 

4. The Regular Rendezvous

All friend groups have that one spot they’ve hung out at for years and, for whatever reason, always return to when it’s time for a catch-up. 

Adding your local haunts to your Places means you’ll be notified anytime one of your pals are there. 

5. Conquering Festival Season

Festival season means, aside from fun times and great music, getting woefully lost for extended periods of time in large crowds. Instead of enjoying what you came for, you might even find yourself miserably glued to your phone trying to find everyone…

Glancing at AlfredCircle’s live map, which displays each member’s location in real-time, can sort that out in no time. 

Add a designated meeting point as a Place so you can easily find your friends if you get separated. Or, if the gang is splitting up to go see different artists at the same time, add the Places you’re going to on the map, so you can painlessly reunite after the set is done.