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Should I Put Cameras Inside My House? What You Need to Know

Below, we鈥檒l explore the benefits of indoor cameras and why you should put cameras inside your home. 

Should I Put Cameras Inside My House?

Usually, homeowners install indoor cameras for security reasons, but there are many other pros to indoor cameras, particularly for pet owners and new parents.

With an indoor camera, you can:

  • Capture what pets get up to during the day
  • Keep an eye on elderly relatives that require care
  • Capture intruders on camera and monitor what they steal
  • Check on sleeping newborns
  • Monitor renovation work when contractors are alone in a house
  • Track unusual sleep behavior (like sleepwalking)

Is It Wrong to Put Cameras Inside the House?

There鈥檚 nothing wrong with placing cameras inside the house, and it is a common security solution that鈥檚 widely adopted. Many people choose to install indoor security cameras as an additional measure to protect a property.

Based on US privacy laws, most states require consent from the people living in the house before installing cameras. Therefore, provided everyone in the property agrees, it鈥檚 OK to install cameras inside the house.

Is It Better to Have Cameras Inside or Outside?

Whether having inside or outside cameras is better depends on what a homeowner鈥檚 priorities are.

Outdoor cameras act as a deterrent to burglars. In fact, research suggests that criminals are three times more likely to walk away from a property with visible cameras.

Indoor cameras have other benefits. They capture intruders once a property has been broken into. Users get mobile alerts when motion is detected, so the police can be called.

Should an intruder spot an indoor camera, they may leave the property immediately to avoid being caught.

Plus, indoor cameras can be used as pet cams, baby monitors, or to keep an eye on elderly relatives. They can also be used to monitor a property when contractors are completing renovation work. 

When using an indoor camera in an elderly relative鈥檚 home, users can:

  • Get notifications if the person goes toward or opens the front door
  • Check if the relative is locking the front or back doors at night
  • Monitor if intruders get into or are let into the home
  • Check on the relative if they are not answering their phone
  • Ensure care staff have visited the property

As a pet cam, an indoor camera can keep an eye on:

  • A dog with separation anxiety
  • A new cat or kitten
  • A pet after moving house
  • Pets doing cute things (capturing the footage so it can be saved and shared)

Using an indoor camera as a baby monitor enables parents to:

  • Keep an eye on the baby when out of the room
  • Check the baby is being tended to by a babysitter when out for the evening
  • Talk to the baby via two-way audio

Below, check out some of the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor cameras.

Pros of Indoor Cameras

  • Capture anyone entering the property
  • Spot someone attempting to break in via a window, cat flap or letterbox
  • Keep an eye on contractors
  • Multiple uses, including as a pet cam, baby monitor, and elderly care monitor
  • Monitor garages and driveways

Cons of Indoor Cameras

  • Don鈥檛 deter intruders from breaking in (unless the cameras are visible or deterrent signage is placed)
  • Won鈥檛 capture everything approaching the property

Pros of Outside Cameras

  • Deter criminals from breaking in
  • Capture intruders as they approach the property
  • Alert homeowners immediately to an intruder鈥檚 presence

Cons of Outside Cameras

  • Can鈥檛 be used as a pet cam, baby monitor, or elderly care monitor
  • Can be covered or destroyed by professional criminals during a home invasion if poorly placed


There鈥檚 no such thing as securing a property too much. Any security measures that protect a home and the people in it are worthwhile. Putting cameras inside a property is a good idea for many reasons.

When installing indoor cameras, it鈥檚 important to get consent from everyone living on the property. This ensures that everyone鈥檚 wishes are respected.