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Watching Over Your Kids with AlfredCamera

5 Reasons Why You Need an Indoor Camera

Home security is probably the first thing that jumps to mind when considering indoor surveillance. 

Sure, it is a fantastic way to improve the safety and security of both your family and your possessions, but it pays to think outside the box about how you can use indoor surveillance to make small, meaningful improvements to your life as a parent.

Here’s five ways an indoor camera can simplify parenting.

1. Keep watch over newborns

Whether you’re a first-time mom or seasoned baby-popping veteran, the immediate postpartum period can be extraordinarily stressful.

As any new parent will tell you, any way the load can be eased is more than welcome. Setting up a camera in the crib is a game-changing way to make those first few months a little easier. Take some much-needed time for yourself without losing sight of your baby.

And while baby cameras have been around for some time, they’ve come leaps and strides. AlfredCamera is a perfect option; set your phone up above the crib using a grip, and let Alfred do its thing. With two-way audio and push notifications, it’ll let you know immediately when your baby awakes or needs something.

2. Easy communication

Notice some misbehavior? You won’t miss a beat; in fact, you can get a head start on scolding them virtually!

Young boy learning from home, online schooling

The best thing, of course, is that it’s two-way, so your child can also contact you as and when they need you, allowing you to respond quickly to accidents, tears, and tantrums quickly even if you aren’t in the room.

3. Leave the house

Having kids is an enormous sacrifice, particularly because of the anxiety that comes hand-in-hand with being a parent. 

After having a child, you suddenly understand exactly why your mom or dad was constantly in your ear about where you were going and what you were doing. In many ways, your life rewrites itself around the needs and safety of your child. Particularly for new parents, or parents with prepubescent kids, it can be difficult to leave them out of your sight for a while. 

A great way to ease into leaving kids home alone is to have a camera watch over them. It’s not a permanent solution, especially once your kids start pushing into the teen years, they will naturally want you to trust them with being left alone. But for those first few endeavors into leaving the house, let Alfred give you peace of mind by keeping an eye on things.

4. Nap Time

Nap time goes both ways—it’s not just for the kids!

We know how exhausting parenting is, and it’s important to stay on top of your sleep schedule. Of course, when raising kids, sometimes you take what you can get, when you can get it. With AlfredCamera, you don’t need to have eyes on the kids 24/7, so you can afford a moment’s rest. 

Relax: push notifications and Two-Way Talk will let you know when something requires your attention, like if your child is restless or up to no good.

5. Security

Parent uses an iPad alongside her two young children

With their iPads and video game consoles, kids nowadays are building up quite the net-worth; protect it with security cameras.

4 Types of Parents Who Will Benefit From Indoor Cameras

No two parents are the same. As such, the way they use their indoor cameras for child monitoring, and what they need it for in the first place, will differ. 

We’ve identified four types of parents that we think will benefit from monitoring their kids, albeit in slightly different ways. 

Which are you?

Remote Working Parents

For many parents, remote working felt like a blessing in disguise. It allowed parents to spend more time with their loved ones, saving on the nuisance and cost of constant childcare needed to deal with poor work-life balances.

Still, it’s not without its problems. 

Indoor cameras can really ease the shift into a work life spent with children running around the house, allowing you to keep an eye on things and chat with your loved ones while focussing on work.

SetupChild’s room, living room
Features you’ll rely onLive, Two-Way Talk
When to useThroughout the day

Introverted Parents

Online Shopping. Cute Little Girl And Her Mom Using Smartphone At Home, Happy Middle Eastern Mother And Preteen Daughter Relaxing On Floor With Mobile Phone, Enjoying Purchasing In Internet

By no means is a camera a way of treating mental health problems, but it can help introduce some much-needed distance as your child grows. Though parenthood can hit hard, your identity does not need to be completely thrown under the bus. 

Enjoy occasional instances of down time by deploying AlfredCamera to cover the night shift. Always consult a mental health expert for professional advice on postpartum depression.

SetupChild’s room, crib, living room
Features you’ll rely onLive, Motion Detection, Low-Light Mode, Two-Way Talk
When to useCheck Live before bed time, or throughout playtime

Busy Parents

No parent in the world can say they aren’t busy, but some happen to be more so than others. Bills need to be paid; meetings need to be attended. Life does go on. Trustworthy childcare is, of course, paramount for young children, and they should never be left unattended. 

Keeping an eye on babysitters through a camera is also a very wise idea. But as your children age, you’ll want to begin to leave them alone without supervision.

An indoor camera can be the perfect middleman for situations like this, allowing you to go about your busy lives with greater peace of mind.

SetupChild’s room, living room, out the window in view of the garden
Features you’ll rely onLive, Two-Way Talk
When to useCheck periodically on Live

New Parents

Though some might argue toddlers are the most challenging age a child goes through, newborns definitely give them a run for their diapers. And if this is your first time, it will inevitably be even more of a challenge. A fun challenge, that is.

An indoor camera will take a lot of the edge off first-time parenthood. This is primarily because of how much sleep affects your quality of life. Things can become tough, fast, when you’re getting next to no sleep.

The key is to sleep when the baby sleeps, and having an indoor camera attached to a crib, with Two-Way Talk and push notifications, will help you re-establish some kind of balance, and allow you to do things other than watching over your baby 24/7.

Features you’ll rely onLive, Motion Detection, Low-Light Mode, Two-Way Talk
When to useCheck before bedtime and periodically throughout the night; two-way audio can wake you up when the baby begins to cry.

What Parents Are Saying About AlfredCamera

Even the team at Alfred are often surprised by the smart ways people are using AlfredCamera to make their lives easier and more peaceful, not least of all the users who are parents.

Here’s some of our favorite ways parents are using AlfredCamera.

This parent uses AlfredCamera as a security solution, noting that it’s been a game changer for them as a parent. The security of our children is the most important thing for a parent, so it’s important to find a reliable way to look out for them. With AlfredCamera, that solution can be your phone.

AlfredCamera can be used as a middleman as children begin to come of age. This parent wanted to test the waters in a safe way, leaving their child home alone but using the app to keep a virtual eye over the house. If anything had occurred, the child could quickly and easily notify the parent through two-way audio.

Dealing with toddlers while working remotely can be challenging, but this parent manages it brilliantly with AlfredCamera. Interestingly, they use Alfred as a means of solving arguments! Like they say, the camera never lies…


Being a parent is one of life’s greatest gifts, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Luckily, the challenges that faced parents even a hundred years ago are nothing more than a memory, and with affordable, accessible consumer technologies, the bumpy, unpredictable road of child-rearing can be made a little smoother.

AlfredCamera is increasingly being used by parents as a way to keep a watchful eye on their kids, whether newborns or on the cusp of adolescence, while giving them peace of mind.