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Mother’s Day Ideas 2024: The Ultimate List

It’s difficult to imagine life without our moms. Unsurprisingly, people from more than 40 countries dedicate an entire day to recognizing mothers. Although we can show our love and respect every day, Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts because everyone thinks about making this special day memorable for the finest woman in our lives. If you’re unsure how to make this day exceptional for your mom, we have several Mother’s Day ideas.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day started before the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865 when Ann Reeves Jarvis established the Mother’s Day Work Clubs. Julia Ward Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in 1870, which would become the blueprint for future Mother’s Day advocates to advance the cause. 

In 1905, Jarvis’ daughter, Anna, started lobbying for a national Mother’s Day holiday, culminating in a service of worship at Grafton, West Virginia’s Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in 1907. 

In 1910, Jarvis’ home state of West Virginia was the first to recognize Mother’s Day as a statewide local holiday. A year later, all states decided to have their own Mother’s Day celebrations. Three years later, in 1914, then-President Woodrow Wilson officially designated every second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

It’s essential to give mom the best present that shows how much you love and cherish them, how you’re thankful for their sacrifices, and how appreciative you are about the life they gave. Here are some things worth getting for mom on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gifts DIY

There’s nothing more meaningful to mothers than things we made specifically for them. That’s why DIY Mother’s Day gifts stand out from commercially-available items. Mothers know you created these items from the heart, using your ingenuity and skilled hands. Moms couldn’t be prouder. Here are several DIY Mother’s Day gift suggestions you might want to try.

1. Canvas Photos

Photos are unforgettable, like a spark plug that instantly triggers a memory flood in the brain. Be picky with the pictures to add to the canvas. It should be something that will always make your mom smile. You can also try multiple canvas photos that look like a jigsaw puzzle on the wall. These photos will bring happy memories of your mom’s life and make her appreciate your show of love this Mother’s Day.

Credit: ethelgloves

2. Canvas Pouch

Pouches are always excellent gifts, regardless of occasions. Your mom will love this for keeping and organizing her daily essentials, including lipstick, makeup, face powder, and other items. You can start with a generic pouch or create something from scratch. Regardless of your choice, it would be best to personalize the canvas pouch. This everyday carry is one item your mom will cherish forever.

3. Cozy Patio Pillows

Moms deserve the love we could give as children. And what better way to show our appreciation for their sacrifices than with a personalized patio pillow. Soft and cuddly, these pillows will make a day in the garden, a walk at the park, or a family outdoor excursion more meaningful. 

Credit: Cityline

4. Personal Journal

Does your mom love to write her thoughts? Maybe reliving her childhood memories communicating in her diary? How about making a personalized journal she can keep next to her heart? We recommend starting from scratch by stitching fifty or so loose bond paper sandwiched by two cardboard ends for a more custom touch. No mother can argue the thought you put into such a Mother’s Day gift.

5. Cozy and Warm Scarf

If you’re good at crocheting or knitting, why not weave your mom a cozy, warm scarf she can use in the winter? You can add a personalized touch by crocheting her name on the scarf. This gift will not only bring warmth to your mom’s body on Mother’s Day. It will also warm her heart all year round.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother-in-Law

Almost everyone feels the need to impress their in-laws, especially moms-in-law. You’ll want a gift that will wow your mother-in-law, something that tells her you’re willing to go the mile to show your appreciation for nurturing your loving partner. Here are several Mother’s Day gift ideas you can give to your mom-in-law.

1. Microwavable Heating Pad 

Credit: The bare Threads

2. Gardening Stool

4. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Credit: James Hoffmann

5. Cookbook Stand

Mother’s Day Gifts for Wife

Your partner-in-crime, best friend, and lifetime love deserves only the best on Mother’s Day. Although some husbands give their wives a brand new car or a diamond ring, not everyone has the paycheck to cover such an extravagant gift. Regardless, the following gift suggestions will still feel like a luxury to the only woman in your life.

1. Relaxation Gift Set

Your wife won’t tell you how much she needs a day at the spa to relax and pamper herself a bit. Unfortunately, work responsibilities, household chores, and kids often prevent her from indulging in a soothing bath. In that case, you can give this relaxation gift set for Mother’s Day. It’s like having a spa experience right in the home. Pitch in for her other responsibilities, and this day will be the best for her.

2. Bamboo Cutting Board  

Credit: ChefPanko

3. Mini Portable Massage Gun

Credit: CNET

4. Washable Silk Pajama Set

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Although we also celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day every July 23rd, our grannies were first moms before they started enjoying the company of grandkids. Hence, they deserve endless love and affection this Mother’s Day. Here are several gift suggestions for your cuddliest, dearest grandmother.

1. Record Player

Credit: Deonna Wade

3. Family Recipes Journal

Credit: ColumbiaFlorist

5. Heated Mug and Warmer

What to Do for Mother’s Day

Anna Maria Jarvis celebrated the first Mother’s Day festivities with a service of worship. Families in the Middle Ages did the same during Mothering Sunday. Other cultures have presentations to commemorate this all-important day. You don’t have to feel left behind because the following activities will surely spice up your mother, wife, or grandma’s special day.

Cooking and Dining

What’s a celebration without good food? The dining table not only fills the tummy but also nourishes the soul and replenishes the memory with more joys. From meals to desserts, brunches, and cookies, here are different recipes you might want to try on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Recipes

Mother’s Day is special for moms everywhere, made more memorable by sharing a feast at the dinner table. Everyone gets to wish mothers good health and more productive years caring and loving the family. These Mother’s Day recipes should make the celebration more unforgettable.

1. Chicken Arrabbiata Stew with Parmesan Dumplings

Credit: Cooking with Tammy

3. One-Pot Roast Chicken with Veggies

Credit: OrsaraRecipes

5. Paella

Mother’s Day Desserts

Finish your Mother’s Day dinner with these fantastic desserts. The best part is you can prepare these desserts a few days before the big event, guaranteeing a wide smile from those who partake in the feast.

1. Red Velour Cake

Credit: Laura in the Kitchen

3. Tiramisu Tres Leches Cake

4. Maple Ricotta-stuffed Crepes

Credit: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Mother’s Day Cookies

Cookies make excellent gift items on Mother’s Day. You can prepare these delicacies in advance and put them in mason jars, complete with decorations and personalized messages. Most families make these cookies on Mother’s Day, filling the air with delicious goodness.

1. Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies

Credit: CupcakeJemma

3. Chocolate Caramel Cookies

5. Candy Bar Cookies

Credit: Tasty

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

You don’t need to wait for dinner to impress your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, or wife. You can always start mid-morning with these delicious brunches, marking an excellent start to a special Sunday.

1. Blueberry Waffles

Credit: TatyanasEverydayFood

3. Crayfish and Avocado on Sourdough

Credit: Gordon Ramsay

5. Goat Cheese Pancakes


Mother’s Day is never complete without doing something worthwhile with super-mom. If Anna Jarvis preferred offering a church service to commemorate mothers everywhere, we have a few ideas in mind you might want to try with your mother.

Mother’s Day Movies

Movies never run out of style because they reflect our lives. And when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, some Hollywood films do a better job at carrying the message across. Bring in the popcorn and get ready with a box of Kleenex because these films will pinch your heart and bring you closer to mom.

1. Mother’s Day

Some of us question our relationships with our respective mothers. Although coming to terms with harsh realities can be difficult, mothers remain a part of our lives. Aptly titled and with an impressive ensemble cast, Mother’s Day is a modern take on the many challenges mothers and their respective partners and kids must face.

Credit: Movieclips Trailers

2. Yes Day

Almost everyone can relate to this film’s storyline. How many of you have moms known for saying “no” every time. This film transfers the power of making rules in the home from Allison to the kids, giving them freedom in an otherwise no-ruled environment. At least for a day.

3. Roma

This 2018 multi-award-nominated film is an emotional and expansive portrait of Alfonso Cuaron’s story. It is engrossing, moving, and thrilling, giving the audience a glimpse of the Academy Award-winning director’s upbringing in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma. It’s in Spanish, but the message is loud and clear.

Credit: Netflix

4. Mamma Mia

A musical like no other, Mamma Mia showcases Meryl Streep’s acting prowess, which is a stark contrast to her role in The Devil Wears Prada. It’s an extravaganza worth watching with the whole family, especially if one wonders who the real father is.

5. Brave

How would you feel if you were Princess Merida casting a spell on your mother, Queen Elinor, just because the latter wanted you to look for a husband? Would you turn your mom into a bear? Although this is an animated film, its message of the unique bond between mother and child is as clear as the blue skies over Scotland.

Mother’s Day Shirt Ideas

Here’s a Mother’s Day idea that will have the special woman in your life feeling proud all year round. T-shirts and other wearables always make excellent presents for any occasion. And if you choose the messaging correctly, you’ll have your mother wearing these t-shirts more often.

1. Custom Retro Mama Shirt

Credit: Behindwoods TV

3. Amazing Step-Mom

5. Mom Low Battery T Shirt

This shirt might be sarcastic and funny, but it encapsulates the state of mothers everywhere. Waking early in the morning to prepare everything and going to bed when everybody else is already snoring, being a mom is physically and emotionally draining. The Mom Low Battery shirt delivers a punchline that strikes everyone.

Mother’s Day Nail Designs

Nail art is en vogue, and many moms aren’t shy about trying on several designs. We recommend the following nail designs for Mother’s Day.

1. Rose Glitter

Moms love roses. And if your nail artist adds glitter to the nails, they’ll sparkle like the stars at night. It should make your mom look glamorous for a Mother’s Day dinner.

Credit: Celina Rydén

2. Floral Pattern

Extend your mom’s love of flowers and gardening with an equally colorful floral pattern on her nails to start Mother’s Day on an exciting note.

3. Black and White Glitter Love

Nothing can be more elegant than a classic black-and-white pairing. It could be a white heart on a black-painted nail or vice versa.

Credit: Dorota Palicka Nails

4. Blue Mom and Baby

Like the Madonna and child portrait, your mother’s nails can display different interpretations of the mother-child dynamic. You can also ask the nail artist to try your mom’s favorite color instead of blue.

5. A Mother’s Journey

Turn your mom’s nails into a canvas showcasing her life’s journey, from being a child to growing up, getting pregnant, and having you as her baby.

Credit: 20 Nails

Cards & DIY

What’s a Mother’s Day celebration without heartfelt messages and other expressions of love? From Mother’s Day greeting cards to outfits and craft ideas, here are several ways you can commemorate Mother’s Day with your mom, mother-in-law, wife, or grandma.

Mother’s Day Cards DIY

It’s tempting to send mom an electronic Mother’s Day card because it’s more convenient. However, the person who brought you to and raised you in this world deserves a bit more than a click-and-send card.

1. String Heart Yarn Card

2. “Treat Yourself” Card

Credit: Crafts and Kutir

3. Paper Flowers Card

Credit: Galina’s Crafts Tutorials

Things to Write in a Mother’s Day Card 

If you’re unsure about what to write in your Mother’s Day card, we have several suggestions.

1. Sweet and Simple

Your mom doesn’t need lengthy messages because she knows you by heart. Saying “thank you” and adding a few more words of endearment are enough to make her Mother’s Day special.

2. Funny Messages

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be solemn and serious. You can add a bit of humor to the occasion, too. Check out cheesy Mother’s Day lines, brilliant jokes, and outrageous puns to get your mom on a vibrant mood.

3. Heartfelt Messages

Here’s where you can convey your heartfelt appreciation for your mom. Whatever you want to write, keep it short. It’s a Mother’s Day card you’re writing and not a letter.

Credit: Magnolia

4. Inspirational Quotes

It’s perfectly OK to put inspirational quotes in your Mother’s Day card. The message might not be original, but the thought embodies what you feel for your mom.

5. Celebrity Quotes

Some might classify these quotes as inspirational messages. However, not all celebrities offer meaningful quotes for your mom on Mother’s Day. Hence, be picky if you choose this route. 

Mother’s Day Outfit

We all love to wear a special outfit perfect for the occasion. Although mothers can choose whatever attire they want to wear on Mother’s Day, we suggest the following.

1. Simple and Casual

The best Mother’s Day outfit is where your mom feels most comfortable. Going simple and casual affords her freedom of expression and ultimate comfort. Add her favorite flip-flops and matching side braid to give this attire a crisp and neat look.

2. Denim Jacket with Maxi Dress

Help your mom unleash the fashionista in her by encouraging her to don a lengthy maxi dress and top it with a rugged denim jacket. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day outfit for forty-somethings, giving them an edgy style with a classic vibe.

Credit: Be Yourself

3. Blouse and Shorts

Take your cue from Jennifer Lopez, walking the streets in a minimalistic attire. It’s a two-piece set accentuating your mom’s hourglass figure without appearing sultry. Make this outfit look more polished with black stilettos and a few pieces of jewelry. 

4. Shirt Dress with Hat

Mom will look dashing and exquisite in this outfit. The hat should complement the dress’s dominant color to create a more elegant look. It’s the perfect get-up for strolling down the streets or window shopping on Mother’s Day.

Credit: Life Style

5. Denim Outfit for Everyone

This outfit never goes out of style. Everyone in the family can wear denim shirts with rolled-up sleeves, complete with dark-colored denim pants for an exciting adventure at the theme park, mall, or other outdoor venues.

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day isn’t only for grownups who want to show their appreciation and love to their moms. It’s for young kids, too. You can help your young child create a personalized craft item to give to their moms and grandmothers. 

1. Handprint Butterfly Photo Craft

Credit: CraftiWorks

2. Heart-shaped Notebook

Credit: Artastic

3. Fingerprint Heart Tree

Credit: Maremi SmallArt

5. Unicorn Flower Pot

Final Thoughts

You can do many things for your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, or wife on Mother’s Day. Whether giving them presents you made or bought from a store, treating them to a fancy dinner, brunch, or dessert, or even accompanying them on a once-yearly family outing, mothers everywhere deserve our love, respect, admiration, and recognition on this special day.