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AlfredCamera Isn’t Just For Security: 8 Interesting Ways Users Are Using Video Monitoring Revealed

There’s nothing we love more than getting to know AlfredCamera’s users, and that’s what we’ve spent the last few years doing. It’s not just that we care about the people enjoying our service—it’s also a great way of making us better equipped to meet peoples’ needs in future.

Sure, home security might be the most obvious use for Alfred, but users are always surprising us with new and inventive ways to make the most of the app, from fridge monitoring to bird watching.

Check out 8 interesting uses for Alfred below.

1. Mice Watch

In 2020, an American user of AlfredCamera shared that they lived in a huge house in the mountains with seven other people.

‘There was lots of anxiety when not home.’

Not only did setting up Alfred ease their understandable anxieties, it also helped them catch ‘at least 10’ mice. Our team of city-dwellers can’t exactly claim to be experts in country life, but we’re glad Alfred could make life a little easier, even high up in the mountains.

2. Homeless Security

We pride ourselves on our dedication to the idea that everyone, regardless of financial circumstance or technical know-how, can access simple and easy-to-use security through AlfredCamera.

That’s why we were delighted to hear how one user, a working man living in a tent among other homeless folks, was using Alfred as an extra pair of eyes to protect his property while he worked.

Before he turned to AlfredCamera: ‘I have friends who supposedly keep their eyes open while I’m working. Still, things come up missing.’ 

3. Hospital Stays

A story that really warmed our hearts was that of a husband and wife using the app to monitor their children.

‘I work late nights and my wife is in the hospital. My teenager babysits our younger children. I used to get worried about leaving them, but with the Alfred app, me and my wife can both monitor our children round the clock, and the wife can also speak through the app to my children.’

a waiting area in a hospital

Life loves to throw parents a curveball or two every now and then, and sometimes that’s something as serious as a hospital stay. While it’s a far cry from time spent one-on-one with loved ones, Alfred can connect us even when physical distance stands in the way.

4. Fridge Monitoring

Students and dorm-dwellers, you’ll want to hear this one. Back in 2020, a user shared with us how they were using Alfred for a very particular type of security.

Great app. Especially for students who live in a dormitory. With it, you can find out who eats your food at night.’

a fridge in the dark

No more mysterious pizza disappearances: just prop up an old device in plain view of the fridge, and you’ll catch those cheese-chomping thieves red-handed. Just don’t blame us when it comes to confronting them!

5. Puppy Love

‘Love it! I use it to watch and talk to my dog who has major separation anxiety. Picture quality is incredible.’

6. Bird Watching

While we don’t anticipate professional bird watchers to be adopting our technology any time soon, for the more casual watchers among us, AlfredCamera is a fantastic way to not only observe our feathered friends, but also to protect them.

‘Last year I stepped out to find all the nestlings murdered and strewn across the floor… Thanks to AlfredCamera, I now have already caught our block’s cat, as well as a thieving magpie lurking around the nest.’

Now’s as good a time as any to fix your eyes to the sky (actually, Alfred’s) and protect nestlings that might be settled in your garden. Foxes, cats, and, apparently, magpies—be warned!

7. Emergency Security

AlfredCamera is remarkably easy to set up, with its simple user interface and Android and iOS compatibility. This also makes setting up super speedy, which, as one user shared, can be crucial in a moment of crisis or emergency.

‘I evacuated to an evacuation center when Typhoon No. 19 came, but I was worried about the situation in my room during that time. Therefore, I installed this application so I could grasp the situation of my room even when I was out. It is very convenient because you can check the status of your room for free.’

When life hits us with problems, it usually hits hard and fast. Stay safe with Alfred.

8. #Vanlife

Living on the road isn’t the unattainable dream it once was, thanks to ever-growing online communities based around living in converted vans, RVs, tiny houses, and other forms of alternative living spaces. AlfredCamera’s gained attention as something of a best kept secret within the community.

Do van life the right way by not compromising on safety and security.


We love to learn about how users are enjoying our services, since it helps us to make it better for them.  

Got any interesting stories about how AlfredCamera’s been helping you? Be sure to share them with us, @AlfredCamera.