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The 5 Best RV Security Cameras, Plus The Features You Need to Live Your Best Van Life

RV security cameras are essential for a safer life on the road.

Compared to a house or apartment, an RV is subject to different security risks. Hence, RV security cameras need to handle a bunch of different features to effectively monitor the vehicle.

Discover our picks for the best dedicated RV security cameras, as well as the essential features to look out for to protect your mobile home or converted van.

What Security Do I Need For My RV? RV Security Camera Features Checklist

Whether you’re a van life convert or about to hit the road for a few months in an RV, living in a mobile home presents unique security risks.

1. Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Mobile Data)

AlfredCam Plus live feed livingroom.
Keep an eye on the interiors of your home or RV with AlfredCamera.

Wi-Fi cameras are common and more than sufficient in most places, like campsites, cities and towns. For those traveling far from the beaten path, consider an RV security camera that supports 4G/5G data with a SIM card. Mobile data overcomes the lack of public Wi-Fi in more remote locations.

2. Reliable weather resistance & operating threshold

With an RV security camera, consider operating temperature more than you might for a security camera in the home.

The environment an RV security camera experiences is more prone to dramatic increases and decreases of temperature, especially if you venture into extreme environments, like mountains or deserts.


Even if a security camera is marketed as ‘weatherproof’, it doesn’t make it completely immune to water ingress. Steam might accumulate in a small environment like a van or RV and damage the camera as it condenses.

Reddit user, eutychus83, posted this image of their ‘outdoor’ security camera with condensation clearly visible inside the lens. This can totally obstruct the image and be difficult to remove.
Reddit user, eutychus83, posted this image of their ‘outdoor’ security camera with condensation clearly visible inside the lens. This might totally obstruct the image and is difficult to remove.

3. Deterrence (loud siren)

When living on the road, you might encounter vandals or thieves. Hence, RV security cameras need a loud siren feature.

If parked in a busy place, like a city or a campsite, loud sirens attract attention from the people nearby, which might suffice in deterring criminals.

The more remote the location, the less useful a siren is. By attracting as much attention as possible, the user is less likely to be targeted.

The more remote the location, the less useful a siren is. If the attention of as many people as possible is attracted, the user is less likely to be targeted. 

4. Ease of installation and maintenance

A security camera that’s difficult to install and set up is a hard sell in any context, let alone when the space is small like in an RV or van.

That’s why fast setup and easy use are essential features for an RV security camera. Some people hit the road on a whim before realizing they aren’t prepared. Swiftness is especially important in such situations in order to stay safe and secure.

an alfredcam mounted on a wall.
AlfredCam is easy to be set up for various placements.

5. Mobility

Permanent positions for RV security cameras aren’t usually beneficial. More than likely, users need to move the device around as they change locations. 

For example, if the vehicle is parked against a wall on one side, a camera permanently positioned to observe through the window on that side becomes pointless.

Instead, it’s more worthwhile to move the camera to new positions when needed. The ability to dismount the camera with ease when on the move is also important, since it could fall and break as the vehicle moves.

5 Best RV Security Cameras and Alarms

In alternative living, there’s an emphasis on being outdoors as much as possible, meaning the ‘home’ isn’t occupied nearly as much as a conventional house is. 

Don’t leave the space unattended. Check out our picks for the best motorhome camera systems and alarms that help keep vehicles and tiny homes safe and secure.


Best RV Security Camera

Available within the AlfredCamera App. From $34.99.

the front of AlfredCam


  • Super affordable
  • Wide angle lens for maximum observation
  • Loud built in siren and two-way talk for deterrence


  • Sudden light shifts can falsely trigger motion detection
  • No third party voice assistants

Aside from that, super easy mounting (use the provided 3m sticker instead of drilling) and setup make it well suited for fast indoor surveillance in mobile homes of all kinds. At night, infrared night vision kicks in to keep a watch over things.

Key Specifications

  • 1080p HD video
  • 130-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • MicroSD card support
  • Powered by USB
  • Infrared night vision
  • Built-in siren
  • 7 days cloud storage
  • Unlimited devices per account

Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm

Best Motorhome Alarm System

Available on Amazon. From $11.99.

The Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm with remote
Image via Amazon


  • Super loud 105 dB alarm
  • Suitable for windows and doors
  • Peel and stick install is fuss free and fast


  • Uses a remote instead of an app, which feels a little outdated
  • Batteries not included

Although a security camera should be prioritized, it’s also worth kitting out RVs and other alternative living spaces with door and window alarms. An alarm system for RV use is handy, since there are more entry points than a car.

Dedicated alarms are a loud way to get attention and deter crime. Wsdcam’s super affordable alarm works a charm, with an extremely loud 105 dB alarm sound triggered when the surface (door or window) is opened.

Arming it when leaving the vehicle or home unattended is a wise way to improve security. 

Key Specifications

  • 105dB alarm
  • Arm/Disarm
  • Panic Mode
  • Doorbell
  • Magnetic trigger for windows and doors
  • 2 x AAA battery powered

Arlo Go 2 3G/4G

Best RV Security Camera without Wi-Fi

Available on Arlo, Walmart, From $272.39.

Arlo Go 2
Image via Arlo


  • Mobile Data via SIM card (not included)
  • Battery-powered, so it’s super mobile
  • Voice assistant integration


  • Expensive
  • 1080p HD is a low resolution given the price

Mobile data is a useful feature for many people living on the road, particularly if they favor locations sorely lacking in Wi-Fi.

Arlo Go 2 is certainly expensive, but it’s versatile for alternative living situations thanks to it being 100% wire free with battery charging. It’s also got an IP65 rating, meaning it’s suitable for outdoor use.

Key Specifications

  • 1080p HD video
  • Battery/solar powered
  • Night vision
  • Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Motion detection
  • 130 degree field of view
  • Spotlight
  • SIM card slot
  • microSD

Reolink Solar Panel for Argus, Go, Go PT

Best Solar Wireless RV Security Camera

Available on Amazon. From $32.99.

Reolink Solar Panel
Image via Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Convenient way to avoid camera down time
  • Eco friendly


  • May be impossible to mount to some vehicles, so better suited for tiny homes

Attaching a dedicated solar panel to a security camera is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to charge it for those with an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Reolink’s solar panel is among the more affordable ones. It’s designed for use with the Argus line (2, Pro, Eco, PT) and the Go line (Go, Go PT), which are all solid cameras.

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Reolink battery cameras
  • 4m long power cable
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Weather resistant

AlfredCam Plus

Best Outdoor Security Camera for RV

Available on AlfredCamera and Amazon. From $39.99.

AlfredCam Plus waterproof.


  • Super affordable
  • Wide range of mounting options included
  • IP65 weatherproof


  • Person, pet, vehicle detection require subscription
  • No voice assistant support

AlfredCam Plus is an ideal RV security camera, combining affordability and more advanced features for those that need them. It’s a breeze to set up, with desktop, magnetic, sticker, and zip tie mounting all possible in addition to typical screw mounting.

2K video, motion detection, and infrared night vision are all here. Plus, if you’re doing van life with a furry friend, Premium users can take advantage of all new pet detection to check in on them throughout the day.

Key Specifications

  • 2K QHD video
  • 130-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • 64 GB microSD card included
  • Infrared night vision
  • Built-in siren
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Unlimited devices per account


The security risks that van life poses are different to living in a conventional home. That’s why it’s important to seek out security devices with the features you need for a safe alternative lifestyle.

Living on the road, or in unique accommodation, doesn’t mean you have to just grin and bear a lack of security. Like conventional homes, there are plenty of things you can do to help you feel safer—starting with introducing RV security cameras to the space.