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Renovation Burglaries: 8 Ways to Prevent Burglars During Renovation

It’s easy for contractors to leave front doors open while they’re moving goods back and forth. It’s also easy for them to not hear if a burglar sneaks into your home and starts rummaging around your belongings!

Renovation burglaries can occur when a property is under construction, particularly when the home is temporarily vacant.

In this article, we’ll explain how to stop renovation burglaries and how to protect a house from burglars during renovation work.

How to Protect House From Burglars During Renovation

If you’re embarking on home renovation work at some point, it’s important to know how you can go about protecting your home from burglaries since it is more vulnerable.

Here’s 8 must know ways to protect a house from burglars during renovation.

1. Ask contractors to keep doors and windows shut when not in use

One of the most important things you can do to prevent renovation burglaries is to ask contractors to keep a property secure before they begin work. That includes keeping most doors and windows shut when they’re not in use.

Renovation burglaries are usually impulse crimes, meaning criminals break in when the opportunity arises.

If contractors are working in the yard, they may need to keep the front door open while they’re bringing tools through the house. However, once done, the door should be closed immediately.

Otherwise, a burglar walking past can easily slip in and steal visible items, like car keys, handbags, or laptops.

2. Install home security cameras

an alfredcam mounted on a wall.
AlfredCam by AlfredCamera.

With motion detection alerts, users are notified as soon as someone walks into the frame, giving you peace of mind while contractors are at work on your property. 

break-in footage captured by AlfredCamera
Break-in footage captured by AlfredCamera.

You’ll be able to talk with the contractors at any time, wherever you are, and sound an alarm to alert their attention if a trespasser appears. 

3. Move valuables upstairs or into closets

For some renovation work, contractors have no choice but to leave doors and windows open for ventilation or when clearing up.

Don’t make it easy for opportunist thieves to steal your possessions. Move valuables upstairs, into locked cupboards, and away from front doors or open windows.

If a thief walks into your house and can’t immediately see anything valuable to steal, they’re more likely to just turn around and leave.

4. Close curtains or block out windows

Thieves are likely to peer through the windows to see what they can take. When renovation work is being done, they’ll look out for workers’ tools, as well as any expensive personal possessions. 

Keep downstairs curtains or blinds closed at night. If the curtains have been taken down for the renovation work, block out the windows instead.

Block out windows by using window protection film, or smear Windolene over the windows to stop people from seeing inside. These can be removed easily once the renovation work is complete.

AlfredCamera app Motion Detection Schedule setting
AlfredCamera app Motion Detection Schedule setting.

5. Get insurance

Another way to protect your house from burglars during a renovation is to check your home insurance policy and ensure you have suitable cover.

Contractors should have their own insurance to cover them for injury on your property and damage/theft of their own tools while working on the site, but the contractor’s insurance won’t extend to your possessions.

That’s why it’s important to check your own home insurance and what it covers. Make sure it covers thefts during renovation work and accidental damage caused by contractors if you’re concerned.

6. Check windows are locked

When work is being carried out inside a house, windows are opened frequently throughout the day for increased ventilation.

In the AlfredCamera app, you can easily change the quality settings by tapping ‘Quality’ in the bottom right corner of the live feed.

7. Display deterrent signage

Signs can be purchased for a few dollars on Amazon and displayed in windows and front yards to deter trespassers.

Common deterrent signage used on properties to deter burglars include:

  • CCTV in Operation
  • Private Property – No Trespassing
  • Trespassers will be prosecuted
  • 24-Hour CCTV in Operation
  • Video Recording in Progress
  • Security Cameras in Use
  • Caution: Guard Dogs on Patrol

8. Ask neighbors to keep an eye out

Not everyone works from home or can take time off when renovation work takes place. Most people leave contractors alone in a house. 

This can be a risk for homeowners, as it leaves your property unlocked and open at all hours of the day.

If you get on well with your neighbors, ask if they can keep an eye on your home while you’re at work and the builders are in. Have them text you updates on when they leave. 

What Do Burglars Hate the Most?

Burglars only target homes that are easy to break into. Because they want to burgle a home quickly and without repercussions, there are some things they hate to find on a property.

Things burglars hate the most include:

  • Home security cameras – Burglars don’t want their faces on camera or for you to be notified of their presence (via motion-activated alerts).
  • Motion sensor lighting – Lights wake up occupants and make illegal activity visible to anyone driving by, as well as improving footage captured by security cameras.
  • Guard dogs – Barking dogs wake up owners and create a sense of threat to potential burglars.
  • Security signage – Signage makes homeowners look like they take precautions to protect a property, and may help in deterring potential burglars. 
  • Hidden valuables – Burglars like to be in and out of a property quickly, and they like to know what’s for the taking.
  • Protected letterboxes – Doors can be opened via a letterbox, which can also be used to peer into the property. .
  • Remote workers – Burglars prefer breaking into a vacant property, but homeowners working from home make this difficult.


When a property is under renovation, it’s more vulnerable to certain crimes, including thefts and break-ins.

The best way to prevent renovation burglaries is to ask contractors to monitor a property while they’re working and to install security cameras like AlfredCamera to watch over vulnerable entry-points.