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10 Inexpensive Tricks to Secure Your Back Door from Break-ins

Read on to discover ten inexpensive tricks to secure your back door from break-ins.

10 Ways to Make Your Back Door More Secure

Homeowners looking to secure their back doors and lower the risk of home break-ins should consider the following ten tips. 

1. A deadbolt lock

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2. Security window film

Although it won’t make the glass totally shatterproof, it deters burglars by significantly extending the break-in process. Aside from that, it’s also just a great way to extend the lifespan of glass fixtures.

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3. Privacy window film

Some think a privacy window film and a security window film are the same. They aren’t. Although they have  a similar installation method, the purpose is different. 

As the name implies, a privacy window film has an opaque or frosted coating that obscures the view inside the house.

Much like a two-way mirror, people inside the house can see outside, but people outdoors cannot see in. It’s the perfect solution for a security door with glass because burglars can’t assess the location for items to loot. 

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4. Laminated security glass

Homeowners can also protect their glass security door by replacing the glass panel with laminated security glass. It’s similar to tempered glass, except it doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces when broken. 

the back door glass windows of a house

Although it’s not a foolproof way to strengthen the back door, laminated security glass can deter burglars by delaying forced entry.

5. A security gate and screen door combination

Some of the best back doors for security feature a stainless steel screen covering the door and a steel gate guarding the exterior. It’s like having three separate doors for a single entry point.

The stainless steel door should protect the entrance against force using weapons like axes, machetes, and saws, while security gates make it impossible to break the door knob.

a back door is locked

6. More secure and heavy-duty door replacement

Upgrading to heavy duty security doors may be worthwhile if the homeowner is especially worried about the contents of their home.

Although hardwood looks elegant, it might not be as secure and tough as fiberglass and steel. Custom-ordered heavy duty doors can still retain modern and attractive aesthetics. 

A steel security door is ideal because it is far more resistant to damage. It’s also more affordable than fiberglass (unless the door in question is a bank vault-like contraption, but that would be rather unattractive).  

Regardless of choice, homeowners must install a back door with a solid core to make it more challenging for burglars to break in.

7. Back door-focused security camera with alarm system

Position the device in the back yard or through a second-floor window to observe the back door.

Enable motion detection, and it will notify connected phones when movement is detected. Users can then contact the police and sound sirens to warn the intruder off.

‘I got this service after a break-in. I pointed cameras at both of my only doors. I was able to record the burglar coming back and when I was at work. The footage was sent to the police. They caught him.’

One AlfredCamera user

‘Yes I used the Alfred cameras at home in the front door and back door. Very handy.’ –

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8. Smart lighting fixture with motion detection

‘Motion-activated lighting is a good choice. But don’t make the mistake that some people do. Some people aim the lights out into the yard, only to leave the area right next to the house relatively dim. An intruder is going to be right next to the house if they are breaking in, so that’s where you want the light aimed.

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9. Blocking bar

Homeowners with a sliding glass back door should consider installing a back door security bar or “blocking bar.” People place this device at the bottom track to stop the sliding door from opening.

Some blocking bars wedge the doorknob against the floor, while others bridge the door frame to prevent it from opening inwards.

 ‘A properly installed bar across an in-swing door will stop anything short of a crew of men bearing a battering ram.’

Kv603 (Reddit user)

10. A guard dog

a dog sticking his head out of a window

Breeds that naturally make excellent guard dogs include the Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Komondor, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, and German Shepherd.


How can I make my back door more secure?

Homeowners can make back doors more secure by replacing them with a solid-core or steel-reinforced fixture. They can also install a secondary security screen outside the door and an exterior steel security gate to make it much more time-consuming for burglars to break-in. 

Adding a deadbolt lock can also improve back door protection, because deadbolts are far more secure than standard handle locks. 

What’s the more secure back door?

A more secure back door has different protective elements working together to create an almost impenetrable entrance. The door must have a solid core or steel reinforcement, while deadbolts, multiple locks, a security screen, a steel security gate, and a blocking bar improve overall protection. Adding motion-activated smart lighting and a security camera also helps in making the back door more secure.

Are glass back doors safe?

No, glass back doors aren’t safe, especially clear options. Burglars can see through the translucent panel and scope out what valuable items to loot. They can be broken with relative ease with enough force. Add a security film over the glass or replace it with security glass to make it a one-way panel (people inside the house can see the exterior, but looking in is impossible).

What type of exterior door is best for security?

Steel provides the best security for an exterior door. Burglars must use heavy-duty hand tools (i.e., angle grinders with metal-cutting discs or oxy-acetylene blow torches) to cut through steel. They could try banging it, but the door would only receive a dent or scratch. These breaking-in processes take a long time, and would create so much noise that the entire street would be well aware of what was happening almost immediately. 

How do you secure a door from being kicked in?

Homeowners have many ways to secure a door from being kicked in. Replacing the door with a solid core or steel-reinforced unit and installing a heavy-duty deadbolt strike plate can make it challenging for burglars to kick in the back door. It’s also possible to strengthen the doorframe, install a security bar or door barricade, and add multiple locks. Consider replacing glass doors with thick tempered glass or security glass while welding solid bars to the door.

What type of door is strongest?

Steel doors are the strongest. Although hardwood doors are sturdy, they are easier to break into than steel units, which do not warp or crack. Realistically, the only damage a steel door might suffer is a dent, perhaps a few scratches. It would take an acetylene blow torch or an angle grinder with a metal-cutting disc to cut through steel, which would be highly impractical, time-consuming, expensive, and super risky for a criminal to attempt. 

How do you burglar-proof a front door?

Burglar-proofing a front door requires replacing it with a more robust unit, preferably with a solid core or steel reinforcement. Strengthening the door frame by adding thick steel plates should also make the front door impenetrable even to the most cunning of burglars. Multiple security locks, deadbolts, a security gate, and other security measures can transform a front door into a Fort Knox-like entrance.

Which is more secure, steel or fiberglass door?

Steel doors are more secure than fiberglass options. This material is nearly impossible to damage or cut without specialty tools that are super expensive, super loud, and difficult to use. Although steel can get dents and scratches, these are largely aesthetic issues and easy to fix. On the other hand, fiberglass doors are excellent for homes in humid climates and harsh weather.


Although burglars can enter a house through any opening, securing the back door reduces the risk of break-ins. The tricks presented here aren’t only applicable to back doors. Homeowners can also observe them at other entrances. Implementing multiple techniques can boost home security against burglaries and other crimes. 

Whatever back door security improvement methodology you choose, we recommend complementing them with a reliable security camera system such as AlfredCamera.