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When Do Most Burglaries Occur?

Most burglaries happen at times of the day when the house is empty, while home invasions occur when people are likely to be home.

In this article, we’ll explain when most break-ins happen and the strategy behind it, as well as how to protect a property from common break-in strategies.

break-in footage captured by AlfredCamera
Break-in footage captured by AlfredCamera.

When Do Most Break-Ins Happen?

Most break-ins happen between 10am and 3pm. Burglars assume the house is unoccupied at these times and will attempt a break-in. To confirm no one is home, burglars might knock on the door.

Properties are more vulnerable to break-ins if they are obviously vacant, unkept, or lack proper home security measures (like cameras).


What Month Has the Most Break-Ins?

This is likely because home security measures are at their weakest in summer. People leave ground-floor windows open, which accounts for 23% of break-ins.

Homes are left vacant during the summer months as people go on vacation, making them an easier target.

Do Burglaries Happen At Night?

It’s more likely for burglaries to happen during the day, but they still happen at night.

Most burglaries are opportunist, which is why they take place during the day when homes are more likely to be vacant. 

Break-ins that occur during the night tend to be premeditated. Night-time robbers watch and target a house specifically before breaking in. 

A burglar is more likely to target a property at night if it’s in a remote area, vacant, or is home to a vulnerable person.

When Do Most Home Invasions Occur?

A home invasion tends to be more severe and traumatizing than a burglary. Most home invasions take place when someone is home.

In a burglary, criminals stay less than 10 minutes. A home invasion lasts much longer. 

Once inside, criminals may blackmail family members into granting access to a safe, sending large sums of money, or giving codes/passwords to important accounts. Assault is also very likely to occur during a home invasion.

What are the Odds of Being Burgled?

Unfortunately, the odds of being burgled in the US are high.

To minimize the risk of being burgled, homeowners can:

  • Install home security cameras
  • Keep up with home maintenance
  • Fit floodlights on motion sensors
  • Repair faults that make a property vulnerable quickly
  • Avoid advertising when a property is vacant (e.g., posting on social media during vacations)
  • Close and lock windows when not in the room
  • Lock doors, including interior garage doors that connect to the house
  • Secure garage doors
  •  Join a neighborhood watch scheme


Properties are vulnerable to break-ins when homeowners are away. Typically, this means during office hours and school finishing times.

Summer is a prime time for burglaries to occur as people leave doors and windows open and/or unlocked. Plus, summer is vacation season, leaving plenty of properties vacant and vulnerable.