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What To Do If Your Package Is Stolen?

Who is Responsible for Stolen Packages?

Delivery companies create their own guarantees, terms, and conditions which outline responsibility for stolen packages, the most popular of which are listed below. 

Generally, delivery companies do not accept responsibility for a stolen package if it has been a) successfully delivered and b) left in a designated ‘safe place’ with photographic proof.

In either circumstance, buyers have to do the legwork to resolve the issue by contacting the seller or making a claim to the delivery company. Buyers should also contact the police to report the stolen package. 

Footage of the theft is helpful for reporting a burglary to the police because it is proof of the theft. A police report won’t be provided unless sufficient evidence of victimhood is provided. It may also capture what the thief looks like.

break-in footage captured by AlfredCamera
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What To Do If A Package Is Stolen

There’s no denying it—realizing a package has been stolen sucks. But remaining calm and following the steps below will help resolve the situation as fast as possible. 

1. Check the status of the delivery, security footage, and order information

When a package goes missing, it is most likely a mistake in the delivery rather than a theft. With contactless deliveries on the rise, delivery companies like Amazon, UPS, DPD and Fedex require their couriers to provide a photo of packages they leave outside. 

When items are reported missing, often the buyer later notices that they have entered an incorrect address for delivery, so it is also worth confirming the address on the order confirmation receipt.

What do I do if my package says delivered but I never got it?

If a package is listed as delivered but was never received, first check security camera footage captured around the time of delivery. AlfredCamera will store motion detected footage in its ‘Events’ history. 

If there was no delivery, double check that the delivery address provided was correct. Then, contact the seller, who will either redeliver/locate the package, offer a refund, or reject the claim as invalid.

2. Check with neighbors

Couriers are required to provide detailed information in the event that they leave a package with a neighbor. In reality, they don’t always do this. 

If you come home to find a package is missing, check with a neighbor in case it’s with them.

In some cases, even if the package has been left in a designated safe place, a neighbor will collect it in order to prevent it being stolen by porch pirates.

3. Request a refund from the seller

If a parcel goes missing and there is insufficient evidence of delivery, the seller will sometimes give the buyer the benefit of the doubt and issue a refund or send a replacement, especially if the purchase is inexpensive. Find out how in the section below, where we explain the policies of some of the most popular courier companies.

If a package was proven to be delivered and was then stolen, liability is not in the hands of either the seller or the delivery company.

4. Contact the police

Do police investigate stolen packages? They do so long as sufficient evidence of being the victim of a crime is provided. That’s why video footage, which can be recorded for free via AlfredCamera, is so important. Without it, there is no investigation to be made. 

Hopes shouldn’t be high for the return of the package, but by reporting it to the police, an official police report will be made. A police report is usually required  to make a claim under a ‘buyer protection’ policy, which may apply to the purchase in question.

Without an official police report, there likely won’t be sufficient proof of victimhood, so it is worthwhile obtaining one if intent on making an insurance/buyer protection claim.

A google search for your city name followed by ‘police report online’ should turn up the relevant place for filing an online police report for a stolen package. Alternatively, call the non-emergency number for the local police department. Likewise, this can be obtained through a quick online search.

What to do if a package is stolen from apartment lobby?

Many apartment blocks, especially those with a front desk/concierge service, will have CCTV and other security measures in public areas. A package stolen from the apartment lobby may, therefore, require a slightly different response to a package being stolen from the porch or front door.

If there is a concierge/receptionist in the lobby, they will be the first point of contact in the event of a theft. They will be able to search for and provide any video footage of the theft taking place, which can then be passed on to the police.

Informing the landlord or the company that owns and operates the apartment building should also be done immediately, since there’s a reasonable chance that the thief lives inside the building. If it is concluded that the thief is living in the building, their contract may be terminated and notice of eviction will be served. 

Missing Package Policies from Different Providers

Different delivery couriers have different policies that cover what happens in the event of a package going missing, whether it is listed as delivered or not.

Check out the missing package policies for the most popular delivery services below. 

ReplacementRefund or ReimbursementRelevant Policy Pages

A replacement can be requested and sent at no extra cost if entire order is fulfilled by AmazonA refund can be requested and sent at no extra costA-to-Z Guarantee (Third-party seller)

Fulfilled by Amazon 

USPS do not provide replacementsA refund can be requested for Priority Mail Express items 

If an insurance claim is made and accepted, it may be paid out in full or in part
Online help request

Missing Mail Search

Refund request for Priority Mail Express items

Online Claim

Claim filing periods for different services

UPS do not provide replacementsShippers and receivers can both file a claim for reimbursement

Both shipper and receiver will see updates of the claim

A claim can be paid out in full, in part, or rejected
Report missing package via email

File a claim

Claims support


FedEx does not provide replacementsA claim can be filed within 9 months of shipment

A claim will be paid out in full, in part, or rejected
Report Missing Package

File a claim


Does insurance cover stolen packages?

More expensive delivery options may include a kind of insurance that covers missing packages, but if a package is proven to be delivered in the designated safe space, the company isn’t liable for its theft.

Insurance or buyer protection guarantees don’t necessarily account for the entire cost of a lost/missing package. Successful claims may only reimburse part of the cost.

Independent insurance policies should be considered when it comes to shipping very expensive, one-of-a-kind items.

What do you do if someone steals your package?

If someone steals your package, the first thing to do is to check whether the seller will offer a refund. Then, notify the authorities, obtain a police report, and let the bank know, as they may provide cover in instances of theft or burglary. If the delivery was insured or was shipped using a particularly expensive method, coverage may also apply there.


When a package appears to be stolen, it is always important to contact the courier and report to the seller. Often, the missing package will be the result of miscommunication during the delivery.

Obtaining a police report is necessary to make insurance claims, and this is much easier to do with adequate surveillance footage, which AlfredCamera can provide.