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What To Do If Your Package Is Stolen?

What To Do If A Package Is Stolen

1. Check the status of the delivery and your order information

In the instance that a package goes missing or is lost, it is more often due to a mistake in the delivery than theft or burglary. Often delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS, DPD and Fedex will require their couriers to provide a photo of your package when they leave it in a safe place, particularly as contactless deliveries are on the rise. 

If a photo is provided, you can confirm whether the parcel was delivered and has been picked up by a neighbor or possible thief, or if the package was never delivered in the first place.

This will help you decide whether you need to chase the matter up with the delivery company, or investigate a possible robbery. You should also double check the information you entered when you placed your order. 

Often when items are reported missing, the buyer later finds that they have entered an incorrect address for delivery, be that an incorrect house number or a former address, so it is always good to confirm whether the package has in fact been stolen or not. 

2. Check with your neighbors

Usually, couriers are required to provide detailed information in the event that they leave a package with a neighbor, however with their workload constantly increasing, this is not always the case. 

If you come home to find your package is missing, you should always check with a neighbor in case it has been delivered to them and you haven’t been informed by your courier. 

3. Request a refund from the seller

If a parcel goes missing and there is insufficient evidence of delivery, the seller will often give you the benefit of the doubt and issue a refund or send a replacement. 

While there is no guarantee they will do this, particularly in the event that the item was photographed, it is always worth inquiring. 

You are also typically entitled to a refund if your package was not left in a safe enough space, or the specific safe space you requested when you placed your order. 

4. Contact the police and your bank

While the police typically won’t be able to help you retrieve your package, they will file an official police report. 

Many banks will offer buyer protection in the event of stolen packages, however this is usually only offered when the theft is verified by a police report. So it’s very important to obtain one of these first. 

The police will also investigate any nearby CCTV in an attempt to verify if your package has in fact been stolen.  

How To Report My Package As Stolen

In the first instance, you should always report a missing package to the seller in case they are able to provide more information on its whereabouts, or even a replacement. More often than not, the seller will resolve the issue in one way or another meaning you typically won’t need to contact the police in the event of a missing package. 

If it becomes clear that the package was taken by porch pirates, you should report this to the police and obtain an incident report, which will validate any insurance claims you make. Insurance payouts and refunds will depend on the type of shipping you received and the policies of the respective seller or business.


Who is responsible if a package is stolen? 

This depends on how the delivery was carried out. If a courier leaves the package in the safe space requested by the buyer and according to their instructions, then the seller will usually not accept responsibility for the theft. However, if no instructions were provided and the courier leaves the parcel in a place you deem unsafe and are not happy with, you will probably be entitled to a refund. This also applies if your delivery instructions were not followed. 

Does insurance cover stolen packages?

This entirely depends on your individual insurance policy. Whether or not content insurance covers items delivered by couriers is something of a gray area and is handled on a case by case basis, however it is always worth processing a claim with your provider in any case. Some buyers also provide insurance from theft, although this is usually on an opt-in/opt-out basis when the purchase is made. 

What do you do if someone steals your package?

Do police investigate stolen packages?

To an extent, yes. The police will typically look for any evidence of theft by checking nearby surveillance footage and interviewing any neighbors who may have witnessed the theft. It is unlikely that they will be able to recover your package, but they will be able to issue a police report which will be useful in any attempts to get a refund from the seller, or to make a claim for financial cover with your bank. 


When a package appears to be stolen, it is always important to contact the courier and report to the seller before any further action. Often, the missing package will be the result of a lack of communication during the delivery, and even in the event of theft, the seller may choose to refund you or replace your package anyway. 

While obtaining a police report is necessary to make insurance claims, the police should really only be contacted as a last resort.