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This Hilarious Porch Pirate Trap Puts an End to Package Theft

When it feels like more of your packages are going missing than actually being delivered, you might have a porch pirate problem on your hands.

Read on to learn how to DIY a porch pirate trap that’ll get rid of porch pirates for good.

5 Steps to Making a Glitter Bomb

A simple glitter bomb costs virtually nothing, is easy to make, and is wonderfully effective at throwing the surprise back in the porch pirate’s face. 

When they open the package, they’ll end up covered in glitter!

Follow the 5 steps below to make a glitter bomb.

1. Buy glitter 

Glitter can be obtained from most arts and crafts stores. Amazon will also suffice.

A pot of gold glitter spills over against a pink backdrop

2. Save an old package 

If you end up ordering the glitter from Amazon, save the package to use as the decoy product! 

Don’t rip the package open. Carefully cut the cardboard so that the tearable seam is easily glued back on, and conceal any gaps with tape.

3. Lay down a large old cloth 

Glitter gets messy, fast.Cover whatever surface you’re working on with a large, disused cloth to collect the spillage. Large plastic sheets or trash bags do the trick.

4. Pour glitter into package 

Slowly pour plenty of glitter into the package. Fill it as much as possible so that each corner of the package is packaged with glitter.

5. Place on the porch and turn your security camera on

Credit: XenoContent

Other Ideas for Porch Pirate Traps

Porch pirate traps aren’t just limited to glitter bombs. Here’s some other harmless and fun ways to deter repeat offenders from stealing packages left on your porch.

1. Glue on the package 

If glitter seems like too much effort, try the decidedly less festive route of glue slathered on a convincing fake package. Minimum effort for you, maximum annoyance for the porch pirate.

2. ‘Warning’ alarm signs

AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus side by side on a white table.
AlfredCam (left) and AlfredCam Plus (right).

3. Stink bombs 

4. Rocks and sand 

If you just want a simple solution to your porch pirate problem without sacrificing any more of your actual deliveries, decoy packages filled with rocks and sand can be a great way to capture the footage of an attempted theft on your security camera.


Are porch pirate traps legal? 

Only non-violent porch pirate traps are legal, like packages filled with glitter, stink bombs, and simple decoy packages designed to catch theft in action using a security camera.

Anything planted or concealed to cause bodily harm is illegal. 

Do porch pirates get caught? 


While security cameras are the most important means of stopping, preventing, and catching package theft, there are some fun and harmless ways to deter porch pirates, like glitter bombs and decoy packages.

If you capture repeat porch piracy in your neighborhood using a security camera, take the footage to the police so that they can open an investigation and find the thief.