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Use This Hilarious Porch Pirate Trap to Put an End to Package Theft

When it feels like more of your packages are going missing than actually being delivered, you might have a problem on your hands. While there’s nothing that will confirm it other than a security camera, there’s a chance that your porch has caught a case of piracy. 

Read on to learn how to DIY a porch pirate trap that’ll get rid of porch pirates for good by making your very own glitter bomb package. 

Step By Step Guide to Making a Glitter Bomb 

Simple Glitter Trap 

A simple glitter bomb has no mechanisms involved in it, meaning it’ll cost virtually nothing, will be easy to make, and are still pretty effective at throwing the surprise back in the porch pirate’s face. 

1. Buy glitter 

Glitter can be obtained from most arts and crafts stores, but if you don’t have one in close proximity to you, Amazon will suffice. 

A pot of gold glitter spills over against a pink backdrop

2. Save an old package 

If you end up ordering the glitter from Amazon, save the package! This can be used as the decoy product. Carefully cut the cardboard so that the tearable seam can be easily glued back on. Don’t rip it open; no thief will steal a package that looks like someone else got to it first. Make sure there’s no gaps or tears, in which case, conceal with tape. 

3. Lay down a large old cloth 

Glitter gets messy, fast, and you don’t want to be the butt of the joke. Make sure you completely cover whatever surface you’re working on with a large, disused cloth to collect the spillage. Large plastic sheets, like bike covers, or disposable bin liners will also do the trick. 

4. Pour glitter into package 

Slowly and carefully pour plenty of glitter into the package. Since it won’t be ‘exploding’ on whoever is unlucky enough to open it (see the Advanced Glitter Trap below), put in as much as possible so that each corner of the package is filled. 

5. Place on the porch and turn your security camera on

Credit: XenoContent

Advanced Glitter Trap 

For those of you with possibly too much time on your hands, there is a far more satisfying type of glitter bomb package you can create. With a little patience and ingenuity, you can make exploding packages for porch pirates (or just a fun prank on your friends). A word of warning, this’ll be a little messy. 

1. Purchase a simple DC motor 

2. Use alligator clips to connect the DC motor to some batteries 

3. Add a limit switch to your circuit 

4. Create a cone shape for glitter dispersal 

Trace a small circle a couple of inches in diameter onto a piece of card and cut it out, slicing a line into the center of the circle so that you can fold the paper in on itself to create a cone shape. Tape the sides together so it holds. You can also cut a couple of small rectangular pieces of card to tape upright onto the cone to help better disperse the glitter.

5. Place the cone onto the motor 

Poke a hole through the middle of the cone. Then, making sure the circuit is broken, push the motor through the hole. Either tape or glue the cone to the motor, making sure not to put too much that it stops it from rotating. 

Credit: Science Buddies

6. Put the motor-cone into the box


Put the motor-cone into the box, ensuring it stays upright. To do this, you may want to glue it to the bottom so that it stays up, or you can use another piece of card to create a stand for it by poking holes for the cables to go through. 

7. Put the limit switch in place 

Glue your limit switch to one of the interior sides of the box, making sure that it is as close as possible to the top as it can be. When you fold down the lid flap above it, you should hear a clicking noise, which means the lid is successfully pushing down the switch.  

8. Pour in glitter 

Still keeping at least one of the crocodile clips unattached so that you don’t accidentally become a victim of the glitter bomb, carefully pour the glitter into the cone shape, filling it as much as possible. 

9. Reconnect the circuit 

Once you’re confident that there’s ample glitter, fold and hold the lid flap directly above the limit switch so that the circuit doesn’t activate when you re-attach the crocodile clips. Then re-attach them so that the circuit is complete.  

10. Tape up the box 

Immediately begin taping the box, making sure not to accidentally let go of the flap lest you become covered in glitter. 

Other Ideas for Porch Pirate Traps

Glue on the package 

If glitter seems like too much effort, try the decidedly less festive route of glue slathered on a convincing fake package.  

‘Warning’ alarm signs

Credit: Rich Ferguson

Stink bombs 

Rocks and sand 

Perhaps you aren’t such a mean-spirited person and just want a simple solution to your porch pirate problem. Decoy packages filled with rocks and sand can be a great way to capture the footage of an attempted theft on your security camera, which you can then take to the police.  


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