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Apartment Security: The 5 Devices and Tips You Need to Know

Read on and discover the essential devices and tips you need to know.

5 Affordable Apartment Security Devices

Security for the apartment door is the most important aspect of the home to consider, since it is more than likely the sole access point, especially if the apartment is located anywhere other than the ground floor. 

Below are five of the best apartment security devices that will significantly improve the security of the apartment door.

1. Security bar

Security bars, often known simply as ‘door bars’, lock doors from the inside to prevent forced entry from the other side. 

People who live alone will probably find door bars most useful, since there is no way they’ll end up locking anyone outside once they set the bars in place.

2. Replacement locks

Door locks are an overlooked and affordable way of improving apartment security. A sturdy new lock provides peace of mind.

If replacing previous tenants, double check with the landlord or previous occupants that the locks have been replaced. If not, do this immediately.

An easy, economical way to increase the security of your apartment is simply to change out existing locks every few years, since they will become damaged and less effective over time. If a key is suspected to be stolen, replace the locks rather than cutting a new key.

Can I put an extra lock on my apartment door?

It is possible to put an extra lock on an apartment door. Adding an extra lock can provide additional peace of mind, and will make forced entry a longer process, if not more difficult to achieve.

If renting, occupants must consult the landlord before adding a lock, as this could be in breach of contract as per the rental agreement. Not informing the landlord of structural changes risks the loss of the deposit at the end of the rental period.

3. Apartment security door

Although they sacrifice aesthetics, installing deadbolts and door barricades is a great way to prevent kick-ins and forced entry into the home.

These might be worth considering if the crime rate in your area is unusually high, or the apartment houses a number of especially valuable objects.

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4. Door stop alarms

Door stop alarms are motion detection alarms placed near the inside of the door. If anyone attempts to unlock the door from the outside while armed, the alarm will go off.

The loud siren will alert occupants and neighbors, as well as deterring would-be burglars. The apartment security device will then instantly block the door to prevent it from opening, effectively protecting occupants should the burglar persist in trying to gain entry.

5. Apartment security cameras

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Just be sure to notify the landlord and obtain the consent of roommates beforehand. 

Pro Tip: Placing Cameras in Apartments

Putting a security camera outside of an apartment that’s in a shared apartment building isn’t always a wise idea. It can easily violate the privacy of neighbors, and a secure apartment block may have CCTV up in communal spaces anyway. 

Hardwiring and drilling, whether inside or outside the apartment, risk violating the terms of rental agreements, so always double check with the landlord before installation. To keep security deposits safe, consider positioning cameras in tabletop positions (like AlfredCam can), or use high-strength magnets or stickers to mount to walls without sustaining structural damage.

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5 Ways to Add Security to Your Rental Property

Everyone deserves to feel secure when at home, regardless of where an apartment is located. As they say, home is where the heart is, so apartment safety should never be compromised. 

Consider some simple tips to improve apartment security.

1. Contents Insurance

There are a number of options for ensuring the contents of your apartment. Though this won’t prevent theft, it is a logical way to protect valuables should the worst case scenario occur.

What’s covered by contents insurance and how much it costs will vary considerably. There are options to specify covering tech (which includes mobile phones, cameras, TVs, game consoles) and other specific ‘types’ of contents.

Most importantly, the insurance will have a maximum claim fee, so occupants need to have a clear idea of how much belongings are worth.

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With that in mind, original artwork, historic furniture, couture clothing, luxury bags made of exotic leathers, fine jewelry and watches require specialized insurance.

Proof of purchase and ownership (i.e. receipts, authenticity certificates) is also usually required, as is filing a police report in the event of a crime.

2. Lighting

Likewise, the landlord is obligated to stay on top of any fixes needed in the building, so if disrepaired lighting is outside, in hallways, or in communal areas, have them replace it.

If they continually refuse, contact the local council or seek legal advice since they are in breach of contract.

3. Alarm Security System

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4. Curtains and Blinds

If anything’s going to attract a burglar to an apartment, it’s going to be their existing knowledge of what’s in it.

In the chaos of a move, curtains and blinds can be overlooked. What starts as a couple of days turns into weeks, and, soon enough, occupants are sleeping with no covers over the windows.

Prioritize obtaining some kind of cover for the windows as soon as possible, especially if the apartment is a ground or near-ground level. Even with curtains and blinds, be conscious of keeping valuables away from the windows, where they can be easily snatched.

5. Check Local Crime Stats

Sometimes a move has to happen at breakneck pace, leaving little time for security concerns in the new area to be fully explored.

Apartment safety, and the extent to which it needs to be considered, is dependent on the crime rate.

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Apartment Security Cost

Calculating apartment security costs depends on what you deem necessary for security purposes. Get an idea below of how much some of the essentials to consider can cost on average.

Contents Insurance$57-$242 a month
Security System$100-$500 + monthly fees
Security Camera (AlfredCam)$29.99
Security subscription (AlfredCamera)$29.99 a year
Door bars$20-$100

How much are most security deposits for apartments?

Security deposits for apartments are generally the equivalent of a month’s rent (4 or 5 weeks rent). This shouldn’t be confused with a holding deposit, which is what is paid to ‘secure’ a rental before signing a contract. 

It also isn’t the same as being asked to pay a month’s rent in advance, which is sometimes requested additionally. Always be clear on what sum is required for the security deposit versus other expenses prior to signing a rental agreement.


Can you put up a security system in your apartment?

You can put a security system in your apartment. Installing a security system in an apartment will depend on whether the occupant is renting or not. If renting, review the rental agreement or discuss with the landlord first to determine if installation is authorized.

How can I keep my apartment safe without a security system?

Keep your apartment safe without a security system by considering some apartment security essentials: namely, contents insurance, keeping windows and doors locked, and surveillance.

Use AlfredCamera to create a powerful surveillance system on a budget; users can add as many viewing devices to the app as they wish.

How do I secure my new apartment?

Security for apartment doors is the most important way to secure a new apartment, since, for many apartments, it’s the only viable entry point to the property. Security cameras, door bars and deadbolts, and replacing old locks are key ways to secure the door.

Is an apartment more secure than a house?


Safety and happiness are paramount, not least of all in the place a person calls home. That’s why it’s important to take apartment security seriously, and to do whatever’s within reason to protect both occupants and personal belongings.

This is now more affordable than ever, whether that’s through simple checks of locks and lighting, or through easy-to-use devices and applications like AlfredCamera.