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Apartment Security 101: DIY, Deadbolts, & Smart Devices

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If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, apartment security is going to be on your mind. As any apartment-dweller (or theft victim) will tell you, cutting corners is really not an option when it comes to apartment security, especially if crime is a particular concern in the local area.

As it turns out, as many as 60% of burglars confess to being deterred by an alarm system when choosing a property to enter, so not only will robust apartment security give you peace of mind, it will greatly increase the chances of stopping thieves from breaking in in the first place.

But in the age of smartphones—where apps like AlfredCamera can turn your phone into a fully-functional apartment security camera for free—can you simply ‘do it yourself’ with affordable new alternatives?

4 Must-Know Apartment Security Tips

You and your loved ones deserve to feel secure when at home, regardless of where your apartment is located. As they say, home is where the heart is, and you should never feel that you are compromising your safety within the walls of your own home. 

First, consider some simple tips to improve apartment security.

1. Locks

Evidently, even the most quintessential of security devices can be easy to overlook: a whopping 30% of all burglaries are actually facilitated through an unlocked door or window! 

Always double check to make sure everything is locked before you leave your apartment unattended, and have your landlord regularly check the locks to make sure they don’t need replacing.

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2. Renters Insurance

Variously known as ‘renters’, ‘tenants’, or ‘contents’ insurance, there are a number of great and affordable options for insuring the contents of your apartment. Though this won’t, of course, prevent theft, it is a logical way to ‘protect’ your valuables in the event that a theft does occur. 

Check with your landlord to make sure your contract doesn’t already include an insurance scheme, and plan the rest of your apartment security around any potential loopholes in what’s actually covered by the insurance.

3. Lighting

A well-lit entrance way is a tried-and-tested means of deterring would-be thieves. Simply put, if the lights are on, it looks like someone’s home. That being said, be cautious not to illuminate too many precious valuables that might be visible through a window. 

Your landlord is obligated to stay on top of any fixes needed in the building, so have them replace any hallway lights as soon as you notice they are broken.

4. Alarm Security System

Apartment security systems (i.e. alarms) are available with a range of different features dependent on your budget. The cheapest option is simply an audible alarm (a great way to accidentally wake the neighbours at 4am!). 

More expensive options might include features like auto-dialing, pre-recorded messages, center monitoring, and self-monitoring.

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5 Affordable Apartment Security Devices

So, you’ve decided you need an apartment security system in order to protect your valuables, deter thieves, monitor your home remotely, lower your insurance in case of a burglary, and give you peace of mind. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank? Below are five of the best devices that will significantly improve your apartment security.

1. Security bar

Security bars, often known simply as ‘door bars’, lock doors from the inside to prevent forced entry from the other side. People who live alone will probably find door bars most useful, since there is no way they’ll end up locking anyone outside once they set the bars in place.

2. Replacement locks

Door locks are an affordable, overlooked, and failsafe way of improving apartment security. A sturdy lock will give you a sense of security and peace. 

If you’ve just moved, double check with landlords or previous tenants that the locks have been replaced. If not, do this immediately. 

An easy, economical way to increase the security of your apartment is simply to change out existing locks on a semi-regular basis, since they will become damaged and less effective over time.

3. Apartment security door

Although they certainly sacrifice aesthetics, installing deadbolts and door barricades to your swinging doors are great ways to prevent kick-ins and forced entry into your home. These might be worth considering if the crime rate in your area is unusually high.

4. Apartment security cameras

Security cameras are likely the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating ways to improve apartment security, and with good reason. You can place security cameras around your apartment to closely monitor the movement of people within the building. Just be sure to notify your landlord and check that the privacy of your neighbors isn’t violated in any way. Read more on security cameras for apartments.

5. Door stop alarms

Door stop alarms are a more advanced form of alarm placed near the inside of the door. If anyone attempts to unlock your door from the outside, the alarm will go off. 

The loud siren will alert you, the neighbors, and in most circumstances, frighten the burglar away. The apartment security device will then instantly block your door to prevent it from opening, effectively protecting you should the burglar persist in trying to gain entry.

Is DIY Security Here To Stay?

Money talks, and while there’s no denying that parting with great sums will afford you the most advanced security systems, that doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice apartment security if cash is tight. 

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Thanks to smartphones and even smarter homes, it is totally possible to do it yourself. There are a number of great, budget friendly all-in-one security systems on the market, each designed with simple setups and ease-of-use in mind. These robust systems combine simple interfaces with modern design, and feature a price tag that won’t mercilessly shake every last penny from your purse.

A Cost-Effective Way to Improve Apartment Security

AlfredCamera is a do-it-yourself home security camera that you can set up in minutes, with zero technical expertise required. It’s currently being used by 40 million people across the globe. Users love its ease of use and affordability. 

AlfredCamera connects directly to your WiFi network so you can stream live video from anywhere. View the footage on another device in real time, and even voice-chat with whoever is on the other side of the camera.

Built in motion detection allows AlfredCamera to alert you with push notifications should it detect any unusual movement. Learn how this can be useful in situations when you need to deal with a dangerous ex.

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AlfredCamera is available now for iOS and Android devices. Download today and experience a simple, effective way to improve your apartment security.


Can you put up a security system in your apartment?

Yes! However, installing a security system in your apartment will largely depend on whether you rent or own the property. If you’re renting, you should review the rental agreement or discuss with your landlord first to determine if installation is authorized.

How can I keep my apartment safe without a security system?

You can keep your apartment safe without a security system by considering some apartment security essentials: namely, keeping valuables in a safe or locked drawer, not putting spare keys under the mat, reinforcing your windows, keeping your windows and doors locked, etc. Ultimately, implementing an apartment security system is not a guarantee that you will be break-in free, but a wise precaution to take if you’re in the financial position to do so.

How do I secure my new apartment?

Although having your security system installed by a professional expert has numerous advantages, there are a lot of DIY apartment security systems and devices you will find easier and more economical to install, like AlfredCamera, because no technical expertise (or extensive wiring) is required.

Is an apartment more secure than a house?

Though it depends on location, single-occupant houses, particularly those that are isolated, are generally regarded as the easiest target for burglaries. But a lot of apartments are more at-risk than houses – especially those on the ground floor. This is because individual houses are often far more visible than an apartment building, where potentially several dozen people could be entering and leaving all day. Being conscious and proactive around apartment security measures should therefore be of great importance to both landlord and tenant alike.


Your safety and happiness are paramount, not least of all in the place you call home. That’s why it’s important to take apartment security seriously, and to do whatever’s within reason to protect your belongings. 

And while this might have once been a privilege only the wealthiest of us could afford, it’s now more affordable than ever to make significant improvements in apartment security, whether that’s through simple checks of locks and lighting, or through easy-to-use devices and applications like AlfredCamera.