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A Day with AlfredCamera

If there’s one thing AlfredCamera is known for, it’s versatility. Whether continuous recording is enabled or motion detection is doing the legwork, Alfred keeps an eye on what’s going on at home all day long.

Since an unlimited number of viewing devices can be paired with the user’s phone, Alfred’s workload can be pretty jam-packed. 

Here’s what 24 hours with AlfredCamera looks like.

7am – Rise and Shine

The sun’s peaking through the curtains, and just before the alarm goes off, a notification from Alfred arrives. Person detection noticed something–it might be a restless toddler wriggling in its cot. Open up the camera feed and you’ll soon find out what’s up. With two-way talk, you can talk to whoever’s on the other side through the viewing device. Even if no one else in the house is, Alfred happens to be both a morning person and a night owl.

9am – Time for Work, Time for School

After a quick browse at the breakfast table of footage picked up during the night, it’s already time for work and school. Tap two-way talk to yell at the kids to grab their bags. Wherever you’re heading for the day, instantly arm all your Alfred devices using your phone to keep the house safe while it’s absent. This might be the viewing device that keeps an eye on the pet food bowls, or the one pointed out the window to observe the front door or garage. 

12pm – Pet Patrol

The crawl toward lunchtime seemed especially slow, no doubt because of all those work emails flooding the inbox. Even if you’re too busy to grab a bite away from the desk, it’s easy to check in on the pets to make sure that they are eating properly and drinking enough water. Just open up the live feed of the device aimed at the food bowls. Soothe them with your voice using two-way talk if they seem lonely.

2pm – You’ve Got Mail

At some point during the day, the mail should’ve arrived. Rest assured, you’ll know as soon as that delivery you expected finally makes an appearance. The Alfred device pointed out the window will notify you as soon as it spots the delivery person, and you can make sure that they put the package in the correct safe spot should no one be home. Maybe your significant other is working from home and didn’t hear the door–send them a quick text, or give them access to your Alfred home surveillance setup so that they can also stay in-the-know.

4pm – School’s Out

School’s out, but only for the kids! Envy hits like a knife in the heart. Anxious to make sure they got home ok? If kids are new to walking home from school by themselves, check out the live feed when you have a minute. Activate two-way talk to touch base and see how their day went (and make sure that homework gets done).

6pm – Dinnertime

The day is done and everyone’s headed home. That means that you may want to disarm some of the devices around the house, namely those monitoring the pets or shared interior spaces. Doing so will help free up the Wi-Fi, allowing everyone to stream, tweet, and game to their hearts content without incurring sluggish performance. 

8pm – Evening Review

If you didn’t have much time to check out some notifications throughout the day, now might be the time to do so. If you’re more the old school continuous-recording type, have a quick skim through the day’s footage, and delete anything you don’t need. Exhausted and can’t be bothered? Alfred will do it for you. Turn on motion detection tomorrow to keep you in the loop as and when you’re needed.

10pm – Time for Bed

Time to hit the hay—or kick back with a glass of something nice beforehand. Alone time as a parent is hard to come by, but Alfred can make it happen; check on them when necessary and enjoy the peace and quiet. AlfredCam’s infrared night vision can produce super clear images even in pitch black darkness, making it perfect for viewing vulnerable points like entryways. Arm all the necessary devices, like those that are viewing parked vehicles, the front and backyard, and ones being used as baby cams. Sleep tight.

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