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What Security Cameras Work with Google Home?

Ok, Google, I Need a New Security Cam.

Nothing quite says 21st century like a decked out smart home, and what better way to do that than with the king of tech itself, Google?

Debuting in 2016, Google Assistant, the company’s namesake virtual assistant housed within the Google Home app and Nest-affiliated products has been making it easier for us to order pizza, check our heating, and turn off the lights from bed for a while now.

Find out what security cameras work with Google Home, including our picks for best Google security cameras.

Why a Google Compatible Camera?

Voice assistant features are now pretty commonplace in the home security camera market. What makes Google so good?

  • Voice commands are natural and responses adapt well to context.
  • View all your security cameras in one place through the Google Home app.
  • Nest speakers and screen devices are attractive, looking chic and modern in the home.
  • Receive alert notifications from all linked devices in one convenient place.
  • Speak to trespassers, delivery drivers, and friends alike through devices that support two-way audio.

What Security Cameras Work with Google Home? Top 5

The Google Home App isn’t just for Nest products. Now, many security cameras from all kinds of brands support Google Home and its native Voice Assistant. What security cameras work with Google Home, and which is best?

·       Best doorbell camera – Nest Doorbell (battery)

·       Best budget camera – Wyze Cam Outdoor

·       Best indoor camera – Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

·       Best quality camera – Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight

·       Best Google Security Camera – Nest Cam with Floodlight

Nest Doorbell (battery)

Best doorbell camera

From $156.97. Available from Walmart, Google Store, and CVS.

Nest Doorbell (battery)
Image via Google

Formerly known as ‘Google Home’ (which is now what Google calls its entire home automation products and services), Nest boasts a number of great camera products at reasonable prices. Naturally, if your home is already populated with some Google products, the Nest Doorbell will seamlessly allow you to peep packages and thieves alike in 1080p HD. 

Smart alerts allow you to get on with your day without constantly checking your device. If you miss something, you can view everything from the last 60 days with a Nest Aware subscription.

What’s Hot

·       Switch between 3:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios so you can view things how you want to.

·       Two-way audio lets you chat with visitors even when you’re away

What’s Not

·       A Nest Aware subscription is essential for unique, best features, like facial recognition

·       Busy streets and homes (25-30 recorded events a day) will drain the battery in 1 month

·       Moderate delay in motion detection recording (around 4-5 seconds)

Wyze Cam v3

Best budget camera

From $35.99. Available from Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.

Wyze Cam v3
Image via Amazon

For those looking for a security camera with an unbeatable price, look no further than Wyze’s ever popular Cam v3. IP65 weatherproofing makes this budget friendly camera perfect for indoor and outdoor use, where it can capture up to 1080p footage. 

Low-light mode, easy mounting, and two-way talk are some of the standout features, but perhaps most surprising is the built-in mini siren. Don’t let the price scare you—this discreet camera packs a punch and can be controlled with the simplicity of Google Assistant.

What’s Hot

·       Local storage via microSD card

·       Great price

·       Mounts in 3 ways: magnets, screws, or into an existing mount

What’s Not

·       Advanced AI detection and unlimited video storage available only with a Cam Plus subscription

·       Google Assistant doesn’t currently support streaming on the Google Home App

·       Wired power might make for inconvenient outdoor installation

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

Best indoor camera

From $42.99. Available from eufy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24
Image via Amazon

What’s Hot

·       Up to 2K video quality

·       No subscription fees

·       AI knows the difference between humans and animals, recording only what you need

What’s Not

·       As with all eufy cameras, you’ll need a HomeBase (sold separately) to connect the camera to wi-fi, save and access footage

·       Doesn’t come with a microSD card

·       Streaming limited to 1080p

Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight

Best Quality Camera

From $289.99. Available from Best Buy, Arlo, Lenovo.

Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight
Image via Best Buy

Though it’s by far the most expensive option on the list, it’s somewhat understandable when you learn what the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight is capable of. Industry leading 4K video, with up to 12x zoom and a 180-degree field of view, means you will be able to capture absolutely everything in sharp, crisp detail—even in the dark, thanks to its enhanced color night vision. 

Easily welcomed into your Google home, you can control the built-in siren and spotlight wherever you are just by using your voice.

What’s Hot

·       Motion-activated spotlight and built-in siren can warn off unwanted guests

·       4K video and 12x digital zoom

·       Option for hardwired or rechargeable battery power

What’s Not

·       Expensive

·       Requires a monthly subscription to store video and access the useful false alert reduction features, like motion zones

·       The highest resolution is only accessible with Arlo Secure Plus, the highest paid monthly subscription Arlo offers

Nest Cam with Floodlight

Best Google Security Camera

From $279.99. Available from Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target.

Google Nest Cam with floodlight
image via Best Buy

If your home is already decked out in Google Home app supported products, you might prefer to go straight to the source rather than trying out a third-party device for the sake of setup and aesthetic uniformity. 

The best in the Nest line at present is the Nest Cam with floodlight. Somewhat more affordable than Arlo’s floodlight offering (though still pricey), the LED lights themselves are the star of the show; there’s two of them, making them highly effective at illuminating the outdoors. 

You can adjust the brightness in real time or schedule it. Like all its functions, including two-way audio, they are easily controlled with your voice. Sure, 1080p doesn’t compete with the Arlo Ultra 2’s 4K, but most of us aren’t looking for unbridled perfection when it comes to the quality of our security cams.

What’s Hot

·       Two totally adjustable LED floodlights

·       Intelligent alerts notify you when something is spotted, distinguishing between people, animals, and vehicles

·       Minimal, modernist design

What’s Not

·       Hardwired, meaning you might have to add on fees for professional installation

·       No built-in siren

·       Nest Aware subscription needed if you want features like facial recognition

Why a Google Home?

‘Google Home’ was once the name of the speakers that put Google Voice Assistant on the map. Since rebranded as Nest, ‘Google Home’ now simply refers to everything under the home automation umbrella that Google either manufactures or supports, from light bulbs to coffee machines, and the namesake Google Home app.

Evidently, Google’s vision is to create a truly automated home environment for the average person. As such, the prices of their Nest devices are reasonable, and the designs are particularly appealing; small, chic, and modern, they slip subtly into the home and avoid becoming a cluttered eyesore.

Pretty much identical to Amazon’s Echo line (its chief competitor), the Nest/Google Home line utilizes Google Voice Assistant while Echo utilizes Amazon Alexa. The differences are, at this point, very slight. Google Assistant does remain slightly better at contextual changes, like using alternate phrases or words to operate named or grouped devices, so you’ll likely find yourself speaking more ‘naturally’ to Google Assistant than you would Alexa.

A Google Nest Mini speaker sits between a glass of black coffee and an iPhone

But, then again, you can’t change the wake word (‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Hey, Google’) as you can with Alexa. Aside from that, expect Amazon-owned apps with Alexa and Google-owned apps with Google Assistant.

In other words, the choice as to whether to make Google or Alexa the leader of your home will simply be down to personal preferences, and which items and apps from the respective companies that you already have and use. For many, Google Assistant’s native YouTube support that Alexa devices (aside from Fire TV) lack will be a big decision maker.

One thing’s for sure: you definitely don’t need both!

How to Add a Security Camera to Google Home

As one would expect from a technology built to make your life easier, getting your security camera hooked up to Google Assistant is quite simple. Though you should always read the product manual since different brands will require slightly different setups, here’s a simple guide to a general security camera setup.

1. Download the Google Home app to a device you want to view and interact with your camera from. This could be a Nest tablet, a Nest speaker, or a smartphone.

2. Setup your security camera. It must be connected to the internet. If you’re using a Nest camera, it will automatically be added to the Google Home app, which you will be required to have to use any Google Home-affiliated product or service.

3. Open the Google Home app (you can do this via a voice command if you aren’t using a screen device).

4. Check that the account and home listed is correct.

5. After confirming the account/home is correct, tap ‘add’ at the top left. Then tap ‘set up device’, then ‘works with Google’.

6. Locate your camera brand from the list and select it.

7. If you have multiple cameras from the same manufacturer, ask Google to ‘sync my cameras’, and it will automatically add them to the device.

8. Use voice commands thereafter to check your cameras as and when you wish, create schedules, and so forth.


Can you connect any camera to Google Home?

Do Arlo cameras work with Google Home?

Yes, all Arlo cameras work with Google Home. This includes the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight, which we recommended as the best quality camera. Arlo cameras also support Alexa.

Does SimpliSafe camera work with Google Home?

Though it was originally only compatible with Amazon Alexa, SimpliSafe now works with Google Home and Google Voice Assistant.

Does EUFY camera work with Google Home?

Yes, all eufy security cameras work with Google Home.

Can you connect a Ring camera to Google Home Hub?

No, Ring cameras aren’t compatible with Google Home.


By getting Google-supported security cameras, you’ll be able to get a handle on all your security concerns in the same way you control the movies you watch and condition your air: with an almost absurd level of convenience.

Deciding which of the tech giants’ voice assistants to go with might be the most inconvenient thing about it, but we’d recommend choosing whatever you already have in your home anyway, so that you can experience the ease of true smart home automation.