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What Security Cameras Work With Google Home? The Best Picks

Google Assistant has made it easier for us to order pizza, check our heating, and turn off the lights from the comfort of bed since 2016. 

Discover what security cameras work with Google Home, including our picks for best Google security cameras.

Why Choose a Google Compatible Camera?

  • View all security cameras in one place through the Google Home app alongside all other smart home devices.
  • Receive alert notifications from all linked devices in one convenient place.
  • Easily automate security cameras in the Google Home app.
  • Speak to trespassers, delivery drivers, and friends alike through devices that support two-way audio
A Google Nest Mini speaker sits between a glass of black coffee and an iPhone

What’s the Difference Between Google Assistant and Google Home?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant technology. It’s found across all of Google’s products, from smart speakers and Echo tablets to the original Google web browser.

Many third-party security cameras controlled by Google Voice Assistant via a Home Hub or Chromecast device are not compatible with the Google Home app. Below, find out which devices that can be added to Google Home.

What Security Cameras Work with Google Home? Top 6 Cameras

The Google Home App isn’t just for Nest products. Many security cameras support Google Home and its Google Voice Assistant. What security cameras work with Google Home, and which is best?

  • Best doorbell camera for Google Home – Nest Doorbell (battery)
  • Best budget camera for Google Home – Wyze Cam Outdoor
  • Best indoor camera for Google Home – Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24
  • Best outdoor camera for Google Home – Arlo Pro 4
  • Best wireless camera for Google Home – Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight
  • Best wired security Camera for Google – Nest Cam with Floodlight

Nest Doorbell (battery)

Best doorbell camera for Google Home

Available from Walmart, Google Store, and CVS. From $134.

Nest Doorbell (battery)
Image via Google


  • 3:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios for optimal viewing
  • Two-way audio lets users chat with visitors even when absent
  • Battery-operated


  • Nest Aware subscription is essential for unique features like facial recognition
  • Busy streets and homes (25-30 recorded events a day) will drain the battery in 1 month
  • Moderate delay in motion detection recording

Smart alerts allow users to get on with their day without constantly checking devices, while a Nest Aware subscription provides up to 60 days cloud storage.

Key Specifications

  • 1.3 megapixels
  • 3:4 aspect ratio
  • 145-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • Intelligent motion detection
  • Wire-free
  • Infrared night vision
  • IP54 weatherproof

Wyze Cam v3

Best budget camera for Google Home

Available from Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. From $35.99.

Wyze Cam v3
Image via Amazon


  • Local storage via microSD card
  • Great price
  • Mounts in 3 ways: magnets, screws, or into an existing mount


  • Advanced AI detection and unlimited video storage available only with a Cam Plus subscription
  • Google Assistant doesn’t currently support streaming on the Google Home App
  • Wired power might make for inconvenient outdoor installation

IP65 weatherproofing makes this budget friendly security camera a great choice for indoor and outdoor use, where it can capture up to 1080p footage.

This discreet camera packs a punch despite its modest price and can be controlled easily with Google Assistant, though it isn’t currently possible to view camera feed on the Google Home app.

Key Specifications

  • 1080p HD with color night vision
  • 130° field of view
  • 2 in x 2 in x 2.3 in
  • 102g
  • Two way audio
  • Motion detection & sound detection
  • Continuous recording via MicroSD (not included)

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

Best indoor camera for Google Home

Available from eufy, Amazon, and Walmart. From $42.99.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24
Image via Amazon


  • Up to 2K video quality
  • No subscription fees
  • AI knows the difference between humans and animals, recording only what users need to see


  • HomeBase (sold separately) required to connect the camera to wi-fi, save and access footage
  • Doesn’t come with a microSD card
  • Not fully compatible with Google Home app (no video streaming) 

Eufy Solo IndoorCam is Google compatible and shows up on the Google Home app, allowing it to be controlled via voice commands over Chromecast or a hub. But video can only be streamed on Eufy’s dedicated app.

Key specifications

  • 2K video
  • 125-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • MicroSD card support
  • Powered by USB
  • Infrared night vision
  • Built-in siren
  • Person detection

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight

Best outdoor camera for Google Home

Available from Arlo. From $199.99.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera


  • Weatherproof for wire-free outdoor use
  • Person, vehicle, package, and animal smart motion detection
  • Spotlight improves visibility at night


  • Expensive
  • No free storage

Night vision footage looks great, but the integrated spotlight above the lens (one of the standout features) is powerful enough to make nighttime viewing outside appear bright and colorful.

Key specifications

  • 2K HDR video
  • 160-degree field of view
  • 12x digital zoom
  • Two-way audio
  • Wire-free
  • Infrared night vision
  • Built-in siren
  • Built-in spotlight

What others are saying …

The Arlo Pro 4 is an excellent security camera packed full of useful features. Activated by movement, the camera records clear, bright footage during the day and at night. You can install it anywhere because it’s weather-resistant, and it has a spotlight built-in as well.

Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight

Best wireless camera for Google Home

Available from Best Buy, Arlo, Lenovo. From $249.99.

Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight
Image via Best Buy


  • Motion-activated spotlight and built-in siren ward off unwanted guests
  • 4K video and 12x digital zoom
  • Option for hardwired or rechargeable battery power


  • Expensive
  • Requires a monthly subscription to store video and access the useful false alert reduction features, like motion zones
  • The highest resolution is only accessible with Arlo Secure Plus, the highest paid monthly subscription Arlo offers

Industry leading 4K video, 12x zoom, and a 180-degree field of view allows users to capture absolutely everything in sharp, crisp detail—even in the dark, thanks to its enhanced color night vision. 

Key specifications

  • 4K HDR video
  • 180-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • Spotlight
  • Weather resistant
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Built-in siren
  • Person detection

Nest Cam with Floodlight

Best wired security camera for Google

Available from Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target. From $279.99.

Google Nest Cam with floodlight
image via Best Buy


  • Two adjustable LED floodlights
  • Intelligent alerts notify users when something is spotted, distinguishing between people, animals, and vehicles
  • Minimal, modernist design


  • Hardwired, so expect additional fees for professional installation
  • No built-in siren
  • Nest Aware subscription needed if you want features like facial recognition

Another great option for outdoor viewing is the Nest Cam with floodlight, particularly if you have a preference for hardwired devices. The LED lights themselves are the star of the show, effectively illuminating the outdoors. 

Adjust the brightness in real time or schedule it via the Google Home app. Like all its functions, automations are easily controlled with the voice.

Can You Connect Any Camera to Google Home? 

Not all cameras connect to Google Home. While many camera brands are compatible with Google Voice Assistant and can be added to the Google Home app, live feed footage is usually not accessible on the app.

Below, discover which camera brands are compatible with Google Home and Google Assistant. 

Google HomeGoogle Assistant
Wyze❓ (no live stream)✅ (US only)
Eufy❓ (no live stream)
Kasa Smart (TP-Link)
Arlo✅ (selected models only)
Ring❓ (no live stream)

How to Add a Security Camera to Google Home

As one would expect from a technology built to make life easier, getting a security camera hooked up to Google Home is simple. 

Even if the camera model doesn’t support live streaming on Google Home, it can still be added to the app to use voice assistance through Chromecast or a Nest Speaker, so long as it is ‘Google Voice Assistant compatible’.  This is specified on the box.

Find out how to add your security camera to Google Home below.

Adding a Camera

1. Download the Google Home app (available on Android and iOS) to the phone or tablet that will be used to view and interact with the camera. This could be a tablet, a Nest speaker, or Chromecast.

2. Setup the security camera, ensuring it is connected to the internet. If using a Nest camera, it will need to be added to the Google Home app to be used as part of setup anyway. Other models will require regular setup to be completed before attempting to pair it to Google Home. 

3. Open the Google Home app.

4. Tap ‘+’, found at the top left of the screen. Then tap ‘set up device’, then ‘works with Google’.

5. Select the correct ‘home’.

Google Home app choose a home screen

6. Locate the camera brand from the list and select it. Use the search bar at the top to avoid scrolling through hundreds of products.

Google Home app add devices screen
Choosing ‘works with Google’ will present the user with a list of all the associated brands.

7. If setting up multiple cameras from the same manufacturer, ask Google to ‘sync my cameras’, and it will automatically add them to the device.

8. Use voice commands to check paired cameras, create automated schedules, and more.

Adding a Google Voice Assistant Device (e.g. Chromecast, Google Nest Speaker)

1. Open Google Home

2. Tap ‘+’  at the top of the screen. Then tap ‘set up device’, then ‘New devices’.

3. Choose the correct ‘home’.

Google Home app choose a home screen

4. Wait for the device to be found and follow the onscreen instructions.

Google Home app looking for devices screen
For Google devices like Chromecast and Nest Speaker, the Google Home App will automatically search for it.

5. Once the Google Voice Assistant device has been added to the same ‘home’ as the security cameras, they receive commands through it.


Does Eufy camera work with Google Home?

Eufy cameras support Google Voice Assistant and therefore can be added to Google Home, but camera feeds cannot be viewed on the app.

Does Reolink NVR work with Google Home?

Does Ring camera work with Google Home?

Ring cameras can be paired with Google Home to enable Voice Assistant, but live footage from Ring devices cannot be viewed on the app. 

Nest cameras work best with Google Home because they are manufactured by Google. Nest cameras must be paired with Google Home as part of setup, and users can access the camera’s live feed via the app. Many other brands don’t allow live stream viewing from Google Home even when they support Voice Assistance.

Which security camera is owned by Google?

Do Google homes have security cameras?

What was originally called ‘Google Home’ is now generally thought to refer to the ‘Nest’ line of devices, of which several are security cameras. Google Home is now the name of an app.

Does Google own Ring or Nest?

Google owns Nest. Ring is owned by Amazon, which acquired the company for $1 billion in 2018.


Google Home supported security cameras give users a handle on all their security concerns greater convenience, much like when choosing a movie to watch or conditioning the air.

Deciding which of the tech giants’ voice assistants to go with might be the most inconvenient thing about it, but we’d recommend choosing based on whatever is already in the home anyway.