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21 Useful Home Automation Ideas (+Our Favorites)

We all want to lead convenient lives, feeling secure in our investments and our loved one’s wellbeing. Home automation gives us a sense of convenience and comfort like no other technology does, with the flexibility to easily add newer and more intelligent devices to our homes.

Sold yet? These 21 home automation ideas will set you on the path to enhanced comfort, convenience, security, and efficiency.

Home Automation Ideas

Smart Security Automation Ideas ⭐️

Home automation can help safeguard your property even if you’re on the other side of the globe. Here are four home security automation ideas you might want to try.

1. Automatic door lock 

Have peace of mind whenever you leave home. Smart door locks empower you to automatically lock the front door when sensors detect you are a few feet from the front entrance. 

You can also link the automatic door lock with advanced geofencing technology (an RFID or GPS technology that creates a digital or virtual geographic boundary). This setup empowers you to program the system to lock all doors and windows when you’re already a mile away. 

2. Leaks Notification 

Nothing is worse than returning from work to a house gutted by fire or water-damaged by a busted pipe. 

Intelligent leak sensors let you monitor gas and water leaks and receive notifications before things escalate. It’s the perfect solution for families going on extended holidays, especially when these sensors connect to a smart security camera.

Credit: Smart Home Makers

3. Making Escape Easier in Case of Fires or Carbon Monoxide Detection

4. Automated Alarms

Automating your home security enables you to go to bed or leave the house with a fully-engaged home security system – doors locked, security cameras on night vision with motion detection, motion-activated alarms, and other advanced home security measures. 

You could create an automatic nighttime security routine that assesses motion sensor function, allowing the system to engage the home security after 15 minutes of checking all sensors.

Smart Lighting Automation Ideas

Almost every modern smart home has an intelligent lighting fixture communicating with a central control and management app. The following ideas should help you maximize the benefits of smart lights in the house.

1. Automated Illumination Controls

Manage lighting fixtures’ brightness levels with your mobile device. You can set the bedroom lights dimmer than those in the living room or turn them off while still vacant. 

Kitchen lights should be brighter during food preparation and cooking, and dim or turned off when not in use.

2. Sunrise Alarm

Ditch the annoying alarm clock and program your smart lights to wake you up with a soft, sunlight-like glow. 

It’s a friendly solution to mimic natural sunrise, stimulating your circadian rhythm and helping to start your day on the right foot.

Credit: Ali

3. Automatic Lights Off

Most people find it tedious to manually turn off light switches in all rooms. And if you have more than five areas to de-illuminate, you’re looking at several minutes of moving across rooms to turn off the lights. 

Smart lighting fixtures connect to a home automation hub you can “speak to” or communicate with your smartphone. You could be watching your favorite TV show, and you could turn off all lights with a swipe on your smartphone screen.

Credit: Smart Home Solver

4. Geofencing Illumination

It’s normal for us to come home to a dark house. Imagine if you can switch the lights on as you’re pulling up to the driveway. 

5. Night Lights

Some rooms or sections in the house do not require continuous bright light during the night. For example, the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway lights can shine less brightly when you sleep. 

This home automation technology relies on motion detection, increasing the light fixture’s brightness when it detects movement and dimming again after a set period of inactivity.

6. Garage Lights

Although your car’s headlights can assist, driving into your garage at night can still be tricky. Home automation systems can turn the garage lights on automatically as you approach. 

7. Landscape Lighting

You can program the smart home system to turn on landscape lights at full brightness at sunset to create a stunning scene for the home. 

If you wanted, you could have the landscape lights turn on automatically at a specific time to help you conserve energy.

Smart Thermostat Automation Ideas ⭐️

Here are several ideas to maximize smart thermostat automation.

1. Geofencing Thermoregulation

You can program your smart thermostat to adjust the house’s temperature settings when you leave and arrive. 

Credit: Smart Home Junkie

2. HVAC Filter Change Notification

Your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system relies on a filter to remove dust, pet dander, pollen, and other air impurities. This component requires periodic replacement. 

Unfortunately, the HVAC filter’s placement can make it too tedious to check its integrity daily. A smart thermostat can sense when an HVAC filter change is necessary and notify you about it. A smart thermostat can sense when an HVAC filter change is necessary and notify you about it.

3. Price Threshold Thermoregulation

Did you know that some intelligent thermostats allow you to program “if this, then that” (IFTTT) commands? 

You can set the thermostat to maintain a constant room temperature for a predetermined time frame based on prevailing electric prices. The thermostat activates this feature if the electricity price breaches a pre-set threshold, helping you to avoid skyrocketing energy prices as much as possible.

Smart Sensors (Motion and Multipurpose) Automation Ideas

A smart home can have many sensors, including water, motion, door, and window sensors. We suggest the following smart sensor automation ideas to help you out.

1. Receive Notifications

A fully automated home notifies you if something is “out of the ordinary.” The alerts can be via push notifications, email or text messages. 

For example, you can get a notification if your refrigerator door is slightly ajar or left open, there’s a leak in the kitchen or basement, you forgot to close the front door, or if somebody opened a cabinet.

2. Door Opening Triggers

You can also connect your smart sensor to activate a flashing light when somebody enters and you’re busy with something. The system can also play loud music to draw your attention.

Credit: Home Automation Guy

3. Trash Reminder

Opening your garage door triggers a flashing light, reminding you to take out the trash. It’s a neat technology that keeps your home stink-free.

Smart Entertainment Automation Ideas

We all love old-fashioned family entertainment in the home, whether listening to music or watching a favorite TV show. Here are some suggestions on how home automation can improve your home entertainment experience.

1. Music

Free yourself from cumbersome wires and enjoy music anywhere in the house with smart speakers. You can control your music listening experiences using a screen device from around the house, or give voice commands.

2. Home Movie Experience

Nobody wants to watch films with the lights turned on. Thankfully, smart lights and remote controllers allow you to dim the lights automatically when you press the “Play” button on the remote.

Credit: Smarter Digs

3. TV Welcome Home

Wouldn’t it be great if your TV turns on and tunes to your favorite channel when the system knows you are parking your car in the garage? An automated home lets you do this. 

4. TV Bedtime

Scientists recommend avoiding blue light exposure at least four hours before bedtime to help you fall asleep faster and sounder. A smart TV connected to a home automation hub lets you turn off the TV at preprogrammed times or reduce blue light.


What things can you automate in a home?

You can automate almost anything with a smart device, internet connectivity, and a mobile app. The essence of home automation is making life more enjoyable, more comfortable, and more convenient while enhancing overall experiences. Hence, you can automate lighting fixtures, home entertainment systems, home security devices, heating and cooling technologies, motorized shading systems (motorized window shades and blinds), media distribution, display and storage solutions, and more.

What is the most popular home automation?

What is the future of home automation?
What things should I automate?

If you’re a homeowner, automating the security cameras, door locks, lights, window blinds, and heating and cooling systems is a must. On the other hand, business owners should automate email responses, customer onboarding, and phone call follow-ups. Social media posts, consumer communication data collection, abandoned shopping cart notifications or reminders, business processes, customer satisfaction surveys, and chatbots can also improve organizational efficiency through automation.

What things can I automate?

You can automate almost any routine aspect of your life. Examples are bill payments, extreme couponing, shopping, cooking, and email correspondence. At home, you can automate turning the lights and HVAC systems on and off, playing music, powering the entertainment system on and off, and updating grocery lists. You can also automate security systems, door locks, window blinds, cooking appliances, and more.

What is the simplest form of automation? 


Home automation empowers individuals and families to enjoy life to the fullest, offering convenience, comfort, and peace of mind like no other technology. These 21 home automation ideas are only a glimpse of the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning in modern homes. 

Of the 21 home automation ideas forwarded here, we find smart security and smart thermostats hold the most promise. After all, we want to live comfortably and peacefully in our homes. How about you? Which of these home automation ideas interests you the most?