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Perception of Personal Fulfillment

Ultimately, the goal of security is to ease safety concerns as much as possible.
That’s why it’s important to understand how satisfied people feel about their life in general.
Does being in a safer environment have a positive impact on personal fulfillment?

Culture, Safety and Fulfillment

The lack of confidence in safety has no perceivable impact on American respondents’ ability to enjoy life, indicating that safety level isn’t related to life fulfillment and enjoyment.
Likewise, Taiwanese and Japanese respondents enjoy life the least out of all surveyed territories. Only 21% of Japanese respondents and 9% of Taiwanese respondents said they enjoyed life ‘very much’ despite both countries expressing high confidence in both neighborhood and global safety.

In two surveyed Asian countries, respondents were less content with their free time

Asian and Latin American respondents had more conservative answers about whether they enjoy life or not. Most respondents expressed ‘moderate’ enjoyment.
In contrast, more than 71% of respondents in both Canada and Sweden said they enjoy their free time ‘very much’ or for ‘an extreme amount’. This was followed by the UK (66%), US (65%), and Germany (58%).

Key Conclusions

Neither economic development nor sense of security can be said to be expressly tied to the enjoyment of life. Security products do not cater specifically to personal fulfillment or enjoyment, but instead fulfill a more basic need—the need to feel safe. However, surveillance products can be used in ways that aren't directly linked to that need, like for communicating with an elderly relative or keeping an eye on a pet.