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A Security Nerd’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2024

At AlfredCamera, we’re big fans of anything tech and tech related. So when there’s security goods under the tree on Christmas morning, we’re not ashamed to admit that we revert right back to childhood.

After all, tech is what we’re passionate about, and that passion motivates our creation of unique security solutions.

Lost for Christmas gift ideas? Check out this tech savvy Christmas gift guide, perfect for security nerds!

Security cameras they’ll love

the front rear of AlfredCam
Image via AlfredCamera.

What better gift for a security nerd than a security camera?

Aside from weatherproofing, Plus introduces 2K live video, advanced motion detection features, and USB C connectivity.

AlfredCam and AlfredCam Plus side by side on a white table.
AlfredCam (left) and AlfredCam Plus (right).

Phones, phones, phones

Galaxy S23 Ultra.
Image via Amazon.

2023 saw the launch of plenty of great new phones (compatible with AlfredCamera, of course). The iPhone 15 Pro Max is practically a DSLR with a phone attached, thanks to the 5x Telephoto 48MP Camera, while the new A17 Pro chip gives you more power than ever before.

For those that ride for Android, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is pretty much as good as it gets right now, with its gorgeous, rich display and 200MP camera. The stylus is also fab for elevating the user experience. 

Stocking stuffers

AlfredCam Plus's white usbc cord.
Image via AlfredCamera.

A little something goes a long way in making Christmas extra special. Not least of all for nerds.

If they’ve just got a new AlfredCam Plus, USB C extensions are a great way to get maximum coverage in massive spaces, and can be used with a whole host of different tech, including the new iPhone.

For those that want more from their security, give the gift of an Alfred Premium subscription! For just $29.99 for a year, they’ll get:

· Ad-free AlfredCamera
· 4 x Digital Zoom
· Supreme & 2K Supreme Video
· Advanced AI Motion Detection features
· Double event storage

Outdoorsy things… but for security geeks

Glitzhome birdhouse, with wooden floral design.
Image via Amazon.

Since the all new AlfredCam Plus works outside, we’ve been feeling uncharacteristically outdoorsy as of late.

Warning signs outside your house are great for increasing the likelihood of deterrence, and are a relatively inexpensive way to potentially increase security.

Security themed coffee?

Elanze Design’s flask.
Image via Amazon.

It’s rapidly getting colder, and we thought this ‘world’s best security guard’ travel tumbler is a fun way to keep your beverages warm on the go.

We might not actually be security guards, but we like to think of Alfred as everyone’s personal security guard, so that’s more than enough reason to enjoy your coffee like you are one!

Security on the move

She’s Birdie personal alarm and keychain lock.
Image via Amazon.

Security needs aren’t just in the home. That’s why we launched AlfredCircle this year, a new free location tracking app.

Aside from GPS tracking, personal alarms are a surprisingly useful, old-school security solution for independent travel. This elegant Birdie Personal Alarm is a super loud, elegantly-designed personal alarm that attaches to your keychain with ease. 

For the kids

Verizon GizmoWatch 3
Image via Amazon.

Oh, did we forget about the kids? The presents you get for them might just be of benefit to you too.