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We Found the Best Home Safe to Protect Your Valuables

Perhaps the unsung hero of home security, home safes are a fantastic way to take your home security to the next level by giving specific valuables extra protection.

Keep documents, jewelry, and other valuables as safe as possible by discovering the best home safe for documents and for jewelry, as well as the best fire and waterproof home safes.

What Are the Best Home Safes for Home?

· Best small home safe – Yale Small Alarmed Value Safe
· Best home safe for jewelry – SentrySafe Digital Security Safe
· Best home safe for laptop – Viking Security Safe VS-38BLX 

Yale Small Alarmed Value Safe

From $59.

Yale Small Alarmed Value Safe.

Even safes designed for the home are expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable home safe to house an item or two, Yale’s got you covered.

This affordable small home safe is just 7.87″ x 12.20″ x 7.87”. There’s no fire protection, but it does boast an integrated alarm that triggers if the safe is messed with. The electronic passcode lock runs on AA batteries.


  • Small home safe
  • Affordable
  • Built in alarm
  • Electronic passcode

SentrySafe Digital Security Safe


SentrySafe Digital Security Safe.

When it comes to home safes for the home, the most common need for them is to store jewelry. Although it’s always worth insuring expensive items, luxury watches, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are better protected when inside a safe.

This small SentrySafe home safe is California DOJ certified for firearm storage with a carpeted interior, making it equally perfect for jewelry and watch storage. The digital lock and solid steel construction keep expensive goods safely concealed.


  • California DOJ certified for firearm storage
  • Carpeted interior
  • Digital lock
  • Steel construction

Viking Security Safe VS-38BLX


Viking Security Safe VS-38BLX.

If you’re anything like us, your life is on your laptop. A stolen laptop can be surprisingly life changing.

This Viking home safe is built specifically for laptops, hence its extra wide shape. It’s made of super solid steel, boasting a motorized deadbolt locking system that opens with the touch of a finger thanks to the biometric sensor. 

See everything inside clearly with the built in LED light. If you accidentally forget to shut the door, fret not—it’ll beep at you until you lock it!


  • Laptop safe design
  • Biometric fingerprint sensor
  • Warning beeps for unlocked door
  • Steel construction

What Are the Best Fireproof Safes for Home?

· Best home safe fire and waterproof – SentrySafe Digital Fire/Water Safe 
· Best home safe for documents – Honeywell 1103 Molded Fire/Water Chest
· Best large home safe – Yale Extra Large Safe

What is the highest fire rating safe?

The highest fire rating of safes for homes is 120 minutes or more of guaranteed protection. This means the safe will survive in fire for at least 120 minutes. 

This is an uncommon guarantee even for the best fireproof safes for home, which usually guarantee either 30 minutes or an hour of protection.

SentrySafe Digital Fire/Water Safe

From $314.99.

SentrySafe Digital Fire:Water Safe.

For the best home safes that are fire and waterproof, prepare to spend! 

SentrySafe’s extra large Digital Fire/Water Safe provides the maximum amount of protection a home safe can provide, with up to 1 hour of protection in 1700°F fires and 24 hours of protection in 8 inches of water.

Solid steel construction, live locking bolts, and keypad lock make this home safe ultra secure, while interior lighting lets you see your belongings clearly.


  • UL certified fire protection
  • ETL verified water resistance
  • Keypad lock
  • Steel construction
  • Interior lighting

What material is best for a fireproof safe?

The exterior of a high quality fireproof safe is typically made of steel, which is noncombustible. 

Inside that is a layer of fire resistant material like gypsum or vermiculite, which are widely considered the best materials for fireproof safes for home use. 

This is typically covered with a felt or carpet-like lining in the interior of the safe.

Honeywell 1103 Molded Fire/Water Chest

From $129.95.

Honeywell 1103 Molded Fire:Water Chest.

Home safes for documents are rarely fireproof, but this heavy duty security chest designed for documents and small items boasts UL certified fire protection for up to 30 minutes at 1550°F. There’s also 100 hour waterproof protection up to 1 meter deep.

It has a key lock and a carry handle, so it’s easy to take it from place to place.


  • UL certified fire protection
  • 100 hour waterproof protection
  • Key lock
  • Double wall plastic
  • Carry handle

Where should I put a fireproof safe in my house?

Fireproof safes should be put upstairs, or as far from doors and downstairs windows as possible. 

In general, valuables in your house must be kept far from the door and windows to avoid encouraging burglars.

Home safes aren’t the most charming thing to look at, so try putting it inside a closet or in the attic.

Yale Extra Large Safe

Yale Extra Large Safe.

This extra large safe from Yale measures 404x514x440mm and is made of galvanized steel. It carries more than 36 liters and boasts up to 1 hour of fire protection for documents.

The digital lock has a touchpad interface, giving it a modern and chic feel as well as completely eliminating noise when unlocking it.


  • Fire protection
  • Digital lock with touchpad
  • One time user codes for guests
  • Extra large size

Do fireproof safes work when houses burn down?

Fireproof safes work for a specified amount of time even when houses burn down, unless they are crushed under excessively heavy weight. ‘Fireproof’ means noncombustible and insulated, so it won’t burn or conduct excessive heat, thereby protecting the contents.

If the house or apartment block collapsed, the safe might not withstand the pressure. But steel exteriors are very strong and heavy, as are fireproof materials like gypsum.


What is the best brand of home safe?

The best home safe brands include SentrySafe, Viking, and Yale. Amazon brands are also popular for producing affordable home safes.

Where is the best place to keep a safe in your home?

The best place to keep a safe in your home is upstairs, away from doors and windows. Since they are eyesores, it’s common to keep a home safe inside a closet or in the attic. 

What is the best fire prevention for your home? 


The best home safes for your home are fireproof and waterproof, since these offer maximum protection to your valuables in the event of flooding and leaks or a fire.

Although they are rarely seen as a necessity by homeowners and renters, home safes are a great way to keep your most precious belongings, like watches, jewelry, and important documents, protected.

Home safes with keypad systems are difficult for burglars to get into, and the hefty weight of a safe means it’s more than likely to be left behind even if an intruder entered the house to burglarize it.