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Perception of Home Security

A home is the most private place in a person's world. It should be a space where they can feel comfortable.
If a person's home is burglarized, it’s less likely that they’ll feel safe again in it unless certain measures are taken. Perceptions of security in the home reveal peoples’ needs for home security solutions.

How many homes were burglarized in the past year?

Perceived home burglary rate by country

As many as 25% of surveyed Americans said that they have experienced a burglary or attempted burglary in the last year, while in Japan the rate was only at 4%.
30% of the Mexicans experienced burglary or attempted burglary, the highest rate among ten surveyed countries. This indicates that Mexican respondents are particularly vulnerable to burglary.

Unsafe neighborhoods create a stronger motive to improve home security

People who live in an unsafe neighborhood showed stronger motives to improve their home security, according to the survey.

A correlation was found between confidence in neighborhood safety and respondents' motivation to improve home security

Survey respondents in all three Latin American countries strongly favored the idea of improving home security, with more than 92% of Mexican respondents saying that they had thought about improving home security in the last year.
45% of Japanese respondents still expressed interest in improving home security despite having the ‘safest’ neighborhoods. For those that did not use any home security products, home security cameras are the top priority for future purchases.

Security cameras are the top priority for respondents looking to improve their home security
Key Conclusions

A quarter of all US respondents experienced home burglary in the past year, compared to just 4% of Japanese respondents. The survey also found that people living in neighborhoods with a higher level of crime are more motivated to improve their home security.