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Your Guide to the Expanding AlfredCamera Universe!

If you’ve been an AlfredCamera user for some time, you might have noticed something—we don’t rest. As the Alfred family grows, so does the variety of surveillance needs they have. That’s why we constantly evolve our services to make AlfredCamera bigger and better.

Whether you’re new to DIY home security or a long time AlfredCamera user, let’s explore where our products and services are at and what they offer you.


The namesake app that started it all, AlfredCamera is the biggest free security camera app with more than 70 million downloads.

Just as when it first launched nearly a decade ago, AlfredCamera transforms your old phones into free security cameras. Tablets and webcams are also fair game. You control and view them via the app on your current phone, or on the web using Alfred WebViewer.

AlfredCamera gives you:

  • Motion detection
  • Push notifications
  • Two Way Talk
  • Low light mode
  • Siren
  • Saving to internal storage
  • App & Web control

Alfred Premium

To help users begin fleshing out entire home security systems using AlfredCamera, Alfred Premium was created.

It brings users a richer, deeper experience, and continues to add new and intuitive features to tailor your home surveillance.


the front of AlfredCam

We proved that old phones make fabulous security cameras. But some things (cough cough, night vision) just aren’t possible to achieve with a spare device. After all, phone hardware has its limitations.

This motivated the launch of our first hardware security camera, AlfredCam. A jack-of-all-trades designed to flesh out existing AlfredCamera setups and welcome new users without spare devices, AlfredCam is the perfect indoor security camera. Lightweight, easy to set up, and beautifully designed.

AlfredCam gives you:

  • Up to 1080p HD video
  • Superior infrared night vision
  • Responsive motion detection
  • Siren
  • Two Way Talk
  • Easy mounting
  • Super affordable price point 

AlfredCam Black

Please welcome the youngest member of the pack, AlfredCam Black. Folks are big fans of AlfredCam, and expressed appreciation for the fact that we provided something they’d been asking for.

Well, we also heard the Alfred fam wanted an all black version of AlfredCam. As always, your wish is our command. Chic, monochrome surveillance let’s users that prefer more lowkey surveillance do it their way. 

Combine black and white cameras to maximize their effects; white sticks out, which is great as a deterrent at windows. Black is more lowkey, which makes it perfect for darker interiors.

AlfredCam Plus

AlfredCam Plus waterproof.

A year after launching the original AlfredCam came AlfredCam Plus, an advanced indoor/outdoor security camera that retains an unbeatable price point. Plus goes the extra mile while remaining true to our intentions–to create affordable security for all.

2K QHD footage is super sharp, while the IP65 rating means you can safely take Alfred outside for outdoor security. Premium users also get AI-powered Pet and Vehicle Detection for even more niche surveillance. 

AlfredCam Plus gives you:

  • Up to 2K QHD video
  • IP65 for outdoor use
  • Pet and Vehicle Detection (Premium only)
  • Superior infrared night vision
  • Responsive motion detection
  • Siren
  • Two Way Talk
  • Wide variety of mounting methods
  • Affordable price point 


alfredcircle app screenshots

Security isn’t just about surveillance. Our global security surveys revealed that Alfred users face all sorts of security risks in their daily lives, including in their neighborhoods.