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AlfredCamera Announces the Launch of Its First Hardware AlfredCam

Introducing the newest member of the Alfred family.

From day one, we’ve been guided by the belief that home security should be made accessible to everyone. We started out by offering a solution that turns your old phone into a security camera. 

Since then, this simple but powerful idea has become the go-to security app for more than 50 millions families worldwide. But we understand that your security needs are always evolving. So are our solutions. 

You asked for more powerful solutions. We listened. 

As we continue to strive for better user experience, we realized it was necessary to address the limitations associated with repurposing old smartphones. That’s why we’re announcing the launch of AlfredCamera’s first hardware product, AlfredCam. 

For the team, it’s not a brand new product, but the result of years spent discovering exactly what users want, refining our technology, and learning about everything that goes into a top-notch home security camera.

AlfredCam is inspired by the simplicity and ease that made our app so successful, offering a seamless experience that will feel familiar to new and existing AlfredCamera users alike. As such, we’ll continue to improve our app to serve all our users regardless of the devices that you choose to use.  

Look no further for your one-stop security solution.

As we begin a new chapter today, we’re renewing our vow to be the brand that supports your security needs every step of the way. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know how you can get your hands on AlfredCam.

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Alex Song
Founder & CEO of AlfredCamera