About Web of Cam

WiFi (IP) Cam is a great product. It allows people to setup surveillance camera without complex wires and a bulky PC.

But most WiFi cams nowadays are still very costly and not really user friendly. These somehow slow down this great product from becoming popular. They are also the triggers that led us to the creation Web of Cam.


Do we really need to buy new hardware for this purpose?

WiFi Cam = WiFi + Camera

WiFi connectivity and digital camera
are commonly seen on your mobile
phones, even they were bought 4-5
years back. Why don't we try and
utilize these outdated phones for
your new surveillance needs, and
spend no extra money for the same functionalities?

WAN Access

No pain to see real-time video from remote!

It is a great experience to see real-time video of
your house anytime and anywhere. But traditionally
you need to setup uPnP, port-forwarding, and DDNS
(Dynamic DNS) on your router in order to connect to
your IP camera at home. Can we skip these and just
enjoy the result?

Well, we got the solution, thanks to cloud technology. Please forget the lousy configuration on your WiFi routers and firewalls. Now we are able to connect you without hassles. (Version 1.0 supports LAN only)