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I don’t like the Beta version’s zoom… I now keep it on the old version. I can pick the location on the picture and zoom in so close with the Galaxy 4. Even the old Huawei phone can zoom in when using the old version… I really like Alfred. I only wish there was some way to get better pictures at night but it’s probably because the phones cameras are not capable of it and no fault of the app.


Hey @jrob977,

Thanks for your feedback!

Would you please tell us more about which part of the Zoom function upsets you? We would really appreciate it if you could share your experience with us.

As for the Low-Light Filter, Alfred still needs a little light to work. Please find some tips for optimizing its performance here:

If you need further assistance, you can always send us a screenshot or a link to an Event so we can take a look and give you more specific advice. Hope it helps!


Thanks for the concern and tips. Your attention to detail and providing the best product and service is why I tell everyone to use your app. It’s kind of hard to explain but when viewing the cameras from my laptop I can zoom both cameras in the old version… Even the basic Huawei. But when I view the cameras from my Samsung s8. I can’t zoom the Huawei phone. When in Beta viewing from my laptop the Huawei doesn’t zoom nor does it zoom in Beta from my phone. My Samsung s4 camera zooms in any version from computer or phone. It’s just the Huawei phone that only zooms on the laptop in the old version. I keep the low light filter on auto. I’m right in the middle of two street lights and neither put off enough light to see much of anything but I’m pleased your motion sensor starts recording when my motion lights are triggered. They put off enough light to see what’s going on. I just switched to Beta to make sure before posting… I already miss the simple plus and minus symbols for zoomin, verses having to double click on the screen. And the Huawei camera isn’t zooming in Beta version.


Hey @jrob977,

Thanks for providing the details! Now we get closer to the issue.

In the old version of our WebViewer, you can see this button:

By tapping the “+”, you can enlarge the original image. It’s different from Alfred’s Premium Feature “Zoom”, which does not simply scale the image up because that makes everything blurry. Instead, Alfred leverages higher image resolution from the camera sensor to preserve more details of the scene. You can read more about it here:

We checked the specification on your Huawei Camera (M660) and found that Zoom is not available since the resolution of the Camera sensor is too low. That’s why you are not able to use Zoom on your phone and WebViewer 2.0. However, if you want to enlarge the image of your Huawei Camera on WebViewer 2.0 like you did in the old version, we have one small tip:

Use “Ctrl + +” (Windows) or “Command + +” (Mac) on the browser. If you are using Google Chrome, tap on the upper right button and you will see this which is basically the same as the button you see on the old WebViewer.

Let us know if it helps!


Yes… That helped a great deal. That’s what I wanted to be able to do. Thanks!