Zoom Support for Alfred Premium



After a lot of sweat and tears (pretty sure there was no blood, although the engineers might disagree), we couldn’t be more proud to present you the latest Alfred Premium feature, Zoom! We just know you are as excited as we are, so read on for more info!

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What Do I Need to Make Zoom Work?

  1. You must be an Alfred Premium member.
  2. Alfred for Android version 1440 and up.
  3. Alfred for iOS version 832 and up. (You devices must be iPhone 5 and up, RAM>1GB)

What Makes Alfred’s Zoom Different

Alfred’s zoom feature does not simply scale the image up, because that makes everything blurry. Instead, Alfred leverages higher image resolution from the camera sensor to preserve more details of the scene. Simply double tap on the area you want to zoom in on when you are watching live feed, and double tap again to zoom out.

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What You Need to Know

  1. Zoom is now available for both Android and iOS version.

  2. Depending on the resolution of the camera sensor, the image will be enlarged 1.5 to 2.5 times. For the best result, it is recommended to place what you want to see in the center of the screen.

  3. Once the image has been enlarged, you will see a circle on the upper right corner of the screen indicating the scale of the current image. You can also zoom out by tapping on the circle.

  1. If you zoom in on an area and exit the live-viewing session without zooming out, the feed will stay zoomed-in next time you watch live feed. Motion Events generated during this period of time will be zoomed-in as well.

  2. On the WebViewer, you can also zoom in on an Camera. Just double click on the area to zoom in, and double click to zoom out.

Known Limitations

We tried our best to make the feature work on as many devices as possible. However, there are still some technical difficulties we were not able to overcome.

  1. Please note that zoom is not available on all devices and/or lens. In most cases, this happens because the resolution of the camera sensor is too low (for example, the front-racing lens on older models).

  2. Depending on the supported resolutions of the camera sensor, you might notice the center of the area you want to zoom in is a bit different from what you anticipated. This is because converting different aspect ratios causes some bias.

The list of devices that do not support Zoom include but are not limited to:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 5th

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Let Us Know What You Think

Have you tried zoom? What do you think? Share your thoughts here!

Need further assistance? Go back to the list of frequently asked questions, check out the tips, start a new thread, or fill out the issue report form!

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