Zoom mode not stable


hi, im a premium member and i always set my camera in 2.5zoom mode.

since the latest update when the logo change update, it seems like zoom mode is unstable.

even i set it as 2.5x zoow mode, it automatically back to 1.0x mode.
it happen like once a two days, but also like 2-3times in one day.

it never happened before the update, and there is nothing changed in my phone, camera location, nor the wifi, no new changes in my side at all.

plz fix this critical issue, the camera should stay in 2.5x zoom.


@Ricardo will be able to help you with this issue



Thanks for reporting the issue. First of all, please go to Google Play and update Alfred to the latest version 4.1.4 (build 2008):

Let us know if the issue persists afterward.


are you saying this is kown issue so fixed? or unkown issue so try to update?
when this issue happened, my alfred was the latest version at the time.
anyway i update again, but still wish you to face with this issue seriously since it is a critical issue. the zoom mode should be stable, never to back to 1.0x mode by itself. and it happened multiple times since last update and so it missed lots of motion detect video.




Thanks for sharing your thought with us. Each of our versions includes a couple of new features, optimizations, and also some bugs fixes, and that’s why we suggest you to update all your devices to the latest version.

The problem you’ve been experiencing is identified as a bug in recent versions, so we have reported it to our engineers and asked them to fix it as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for future updates!


i updated both camera and viewer device but errfr still happening. which means the motion detect not working until i manually notice the zoom is reseted again.
plz plz fix this issue.
it never happened before the logo change update!
am the only one who reporting this issue??



We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our engineering team is already working on fixing this bug. Please stay tuned.

Also, to ensure your Camera not deter by other application and reduce app crash, could you please reboot your Camera phone to see if the situation gets better?


i will reboot the camera device, but since the camera device is only used for alfred, i do not think it is app crush.
i checked google service (or google developers service in english?)in settin menu, and noticed the zoom issue is nothing to do with wifi or the alfred app.
i first thought may be it happen when the wifi is disconnected or xhen the alfred app is rebooted for some reason, but the app running time in google service shows the app and wifi was keep running when the issue happened. so i really have no idea what causes this issue.
i hope engineers find some hint from the log and issue to be fixed as soon as possible.
im paying only for the zoom mode…


Sure thing. We will make sure to keep you notified when the fixed version is released. In the meantime, please let us know if you find out anything else. Wish you have a nice day!


hi, the issue still happening, when it will be fixed?
any plan?
am i the only one facing this issue?
is it my device issue or something?



Our engineers are still working on fixing it. We have escalated the priority of this issue, and hope to get it fixed in the next version. Please stay tuned to the future update on Google Play.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.


the issue still happening…

am i the only one facing this issue?


No, I can’t zoom at all, I have an iPhone XMax


hi, still facing this issue.
am i the only one reporting this issue?