Zoom for the camera



i wish if you can add zoom for the camera
and make the browser view more smooth and the login process more faster and smoother
thanx alfred


You can do this in online version.


Hi @fernandodtg,

Thank you for pitching in!

Actually, you can use Zoom on your Viewer Phone by double-tapping the area you want to zoom in on! Please read more about the feature here:


Hi @eg3004mail,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

We made Zoom available a while ago! Please read more about it here:

What seems to be the problem you encounter when you use the WebViewer? Let me know so I can help you figure it out!


but the problem with the WebViewer
is when i sing in with my google account
the page still like this for hours


Hi @eg3004mail,

Thank you for reaching back out!

Would you please check out the initial troubleshooting steps here and let me know if you need further assistance?