Your ads are ruining your app


Banner ads are blocking my web viewer to the point where it is almost not even worth using it anymore- simply ridiculous


Hi @mike.watkins.73,

Did you adjust the size of the window? If the WebViewer window is full-sized, this shouldn’t happen.

We are sorry about the ads. We know they are annoying. However, they have provided Alfred a way for sustainable development and the opportunity to get better. If you don’t want to see any ads, you can look into upgrading to Alfred HD. It is our new ad removal/HD viewing and recording package.

Hope this helps!


hi @mike.watkins.73
We are really sorry to hear this. Actually, our engineer colleagues are working on this. Don’t give Alfred up yet. The optimized version should be ready in a few days.

To make sure that the solution works for everyone, we can use some little help. Is it possible that you’d share with us a few screenshots? It helps our engineer colleagues to see how the banner ads look in different window size!!