You Can Schedule Motion Detection Now with Alfred Premium!


You spoke, we listened.

Not long ago, we held a poll asking our Superheroes what new features they want to add to Alfred the most. More than 40% of the participants voted for turning on/off Motion Detection with a schedule. After a series of assessments, planning, and the efforts of our indispensable engineering team, now we can finally present to you, one of the most wanted features: Motion Detection Schedule!

Available To

  1. Alfred Premium members
  2. Devices running Alfred for Android version 3.14.02 and later or Alfred for iOS version 1.12.0 and later

Why Do I Need This Feature?

Do you want Motion Detection to be turned on or off at the same time every day? Are you tired of switching it manually and repeatedly all the time?

Thanks to Motion Detection Schedule, you can now establish the routine for Motion Detection with a simple set, and it will work automatically. Go to the office and let Alfred look after your house at daytime, or monitor your own store every night and weekend to prevent theft. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn Motion Detection on anymore.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it out now!

How To Make It Work?

  1. Tap on the wheel on the Camera’s thumbnail
  1. Go to Motion Detection > Schedule
  1. Select the day you want to apply the Schedule to
  1. Set up the time
  1. Remember to save the changes
  1. You can check the status back on the Camera setting page

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Alfred work overnight if I set the turn-off time earlier than turn-on time?
  • If the turn-off time is earlier than turn-on time, for instance, turning on at 8 pm and off at 7 am, Motion Detection will be enabled at 8 pm today and disabled at 7 am on the next day.

If I set up an overnight schedule within weekdays (e.g. turn on at 8 pm, turn off at 7 am, weekdays), will Motion Detection to be turned off on Saturday?
  • It becomes a bit tricky in this case. Since you choose “Weekdays” in the first place, Motion Detection Schedule wouldn’t work on the weekend. In other words, Alfred will ask the Camera to turn off Motion Detection next Monday instead of this Saturday.

I have set up the schedule successfully. Why doesn't it work?
  1. Please make sure you have saved the changes after you set up the schedule.
  2. You might have changed the date/time on your device after you set up the schedule. This would cause the feature to function abnormally. Please set up the schedule again to fix this issue.
  3. If your Camera’s connection dropped at the time which you’ve scheduled to turn on/off Motion Detection, the setting would not be applied. Please check your Camera’s connection.
  4. If you have an iOS Camera, please allow the notification on the device. (System Settings > Notifications > Alfred and Allow Notifications.) Disabling the notification on iOS Camera might interfere with Motion Detection Schedule’s operation.

I have subscribed to Alfred Premium. Why can't I use the feature?
  • There are two possible reasons for this issue.
  1. Please make sure you have updated all devices to the latest version (Alfred for Android version 3.14.02 and later or Alfred for iOS version 1.12.0 and later).
  2. There might be a temporary glitch. Please wait for a while, relaunch or re-login Alfred to see if the situation persists.

I can't find this feature on my devices and WebViewer
  • For the moment, Motion Detection Schedule is exclusively available in Android version 3.14.02 and later and iOS version 1.12.0 and later. Please make sure that both of your Viewer and Camera devices are well updated. We are also working on adding this feature to Alfred’s WebViewer as soon as we can.

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