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problem is the camera, i think. camera is an Alcatel ideal 4060a android 5.1.1 viewer is a Samsung galaxy j7 android 7.1.1. it’s telling me that the time is wrong on the camera. which is on WiFi and has no sim card but i set the date manually to the correct time same as my phone. but recorded vids saying it was 12:04 today but event happened at like 930

Hi @bustthatass69.kw,

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Alfred’s system has a mechanism to not upload videos if the time/date setting on the Camera Phone is incorrect. A small margin of error is allowed, but it’s a matter of minutes. In other words, it is impossible for Motion Events that took place at 930 to be marked as 12:04.

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Im sorry but it’s not impossible. For instance my brother leaves for school at 7:50 my tablet recorded him and my mother leaving but it said the time was like 11:30. I’ve got the message before about wrong time and security or something but it only came up a couple times and every since then and has not but the time is still not correct.

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Hi @ramsgrly2815,

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From what we can see, one of your Viewer Phone has set to the wrong time zone. Please go to Setting -> Date and time -> enable Automatic date and time.

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!

This is NOT helping. I have 3 cameras all have the time stamps around 5 hours incorrect. Recordings clearly are not local time. My phones are a mix of android and iphone, all have automatic time set.
I’ve done multiple tests where I can see the time on the phone say something like 11:36, yet recordings consistently say 16:30. A clear discrepancy. I’m going to guess that local time means nothing and all recordings are GMT or UTC. If so they should be marked as such. As I write this I made another test. Android phone time Fri, Feb 21, 2020 11:49 AM, the RECORDING time marked in details Fri, Feb 21, 2020 4:49 PM. How is this helpful?

So after I went and tried another “top security cam” app, and found it lacking in every way possible, I came back to Alfred thinking, it has the wrong time on everything, but at least it works!
I deleted all my cameras and created “new” ones in the app.
Low and behold, all the correct time. I don’t know why it was broke in the first place, nor do I care.
I just thought I should post so that others having this issue might be able to fix it with this solution.
Delete all cameras, the setup and name all new cameras. It might just fix it.

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