😣Wish this app worked with small camera

I haven’t heard or seen any yet & I really do wish this app would work with Alexa devices like it does the Google assistant but. I’d rather see the developer expand this amazing idea & make or partner up with a great & affordable company that makes small cameras operated by a long lasting small battery (should run for a couple of hours at least before going dead) a camera for $10-$20 wouldn’t be too bad & nothing any fancier than a smartphone camera & have a couple sd card ports & a usb to charge the little camera & If this could be a possibility then that would make this app perfect for me

@adws1981 you can already get the sort of device you are referring just with different software as Alfred doesn’t support other camera devices as yet just iPhones and Android devices.

Hi April,

Thank you for your feedback! We truly appreciate it.

Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing ip cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

The great news is Alfred’s iOS and Android versions are 100% compatible. Even if you find devices running different operating systems, you can connect them together!

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

As for integrating with other physical small cameras, this is something we are looking into. We will take your advice into account and discuss it with our engineering team.

Hope this helps!