Windows version for the Alfred camera app?

Can you use a Windows 8.1 tablet as a camera. Specifically it is a Toshiba Windows 8.1 EncoreMini tablet. I did not see Alfred in the Microsoft store. It would appear that Alfred only works on Android and Iphones, is this correct?

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Hi @i.robot.fennell,

Thank you for reaching out to alfred!

Alfred is only available on Android and iOS for the moment. It doesn’t work on Windows. The great news is the two versions are 100% compatible. Feel free to mix and match devices running these operating systems!

Hope this helps!

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Easiest workaround is to first install Bluestacks on your windows device. From there, you can install the alfred android app within Bluestacks. I’ve been using it that way for some time in order to utilize my semi-niceish USB-based webcam.
Check out bluestacks here:


Thanks for the tip! Ill give that a shot. So frustrating not being able to run android apps Thanks

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if i no in home and i dont so on another devise-how i can know what happend in home?

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