Will you get HD video after paying for premium



Will i be able to download higher res videos that were recorded during the free period if i pay for premium? The videos i made before premium are in a very low res 300*200. I have fiber 100/10Mb connection in the house and a good mesh wifi connection around the house.

similar issue to

Device Model Name: Samsung S6
OS Version: Android
AppVersion: Latest as of 2018-11-01

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Hi Ryan,

Welcome to being a part of Alfred family!

Alfred Premium offers HD viewing/recording, ad-removal, Motion Detection Schedule, 30-day Event storage, Motion Events up to 120-sec long, as well as Zoom! Find out more about the package as well as watching some comparison videos users shared with us here:

The resolution of downloaded video will also get higher after you upgrade to Alfred Premium.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further question.