Why won't this app run in the background?

I was trying to check on something when the camera got cut off when I switched apps! I thought this app would run in the background, but i guess not, is there any way to keep the camrea going while doing somethingelse, and i know that this app is supposed to be for used phones but i only had my new one, any ideas?

I use my camera device as a media player also. I just start Alfred then press the home button then open the media player. Alfred runs in the background whilst I use the device as a media player.

beesos_9321, it’s a great question about this app. I would also add feature for background running processes.

I have not had any issues with Alfred running in the background. I use a few old Amazon Fire tablets throughout the house. One of them I run a small DAKboard on so we can view the weather, calendar, etc. and the camera is running in the background. Another is used as a digital photo frame with the camera running in the background. They are great to have cameras in plain sight without anybody noticing they are cameras.

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Mine runs in the background